​Here"s just how to ​​Drain and Backwash Pools Legally*:

When you should backwash your pool filter or drainpipe the pool, shot to usage the water to irrigate landscaping. Do not drain water right into the street, alleyway or various other city that rememberingsomer.com best of way.*

Take treatment when utilizing pool water ~ above landscaping because it contains much more salt and also chlorine than tap water. Bermuda grass and Oleanders have the right to be watered without much problem, but avoid utilizing this water top top citrus, hibiscus, or other salt-sensitive plants. Also, protect against spraying the water straight onto pipeline or watering the same area repeatedly.

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If you have to drain a big amount of water - such as emptying the whole pool - put it under the home"s drain clean-out. The clean-out typically is located next to the home at the suggest closest come the city sewage system line and usually outside a toilet or the kitchen. On part older homes, the clean-out is located in the wall. On various other homes, it is in ~ ground level, however may be surprise by landscaping. Older dwellings usually have only one opening, while new ones have actually two clean-out pipes causing the drain line. A threaded cap, typically black and also 3 come 4 inch in diameter, covers the opening. If your ar has alleys, your clean-out most likely is in your ago yard. If there is no alley, it might be in the former or side yard. If girlfriend cannot locate it, or a sidewalk or a patio has covered it, top a plumber around installing one.

Caution: utilizing a clean-out in the wall is risky and the potential because that water backing up into the house is great.

The maximum recommended discharge price is 12 gallons every minute (720 gal/hr). However, the safe circulation rate may be less, depending upon the size of the drainpipe line, distance to the drain main, and also the problem of the pipe. Many pool filter pumps will discharge too much water as well fast and may cause water to back-up into the garden or the house. The safest technique is to rent a submersible pump, attach it come a garden hose and slowly empty the pool. Refer to the "Hours forced to drainpipe a Pool" chart to learn more. A pump the operates in ~ 700 gallons every hour is about the right size.

Use the graphics listed below to recognize the clean out at your home, then follow the outlined procedure  





Procedure for making use of the sewer clean-out

Locate the clean-out. If there room two, usage the one closest come the home.

Remove the cap and insert the drain hose a few inches right into the pipe.

Secure the drainpipe hose so that won"t pop out.

Turn on the pump.

Immediately check to make certain no water is backing up right into the house. Drains because that showers and also tubs room the very first places to check.

If the water backs up, turn off the pump immediately. You may have actually a blockage, or the flow rate is too high.

​Note: perform not install the pool drain line together a long-term fixture. This might violate the city plumbing code or county health and wellness regulations and could contaminate the water once you refill the pool.

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* City Code, section 31-8 and Section 23-33 prohibits discharging or permitting water come escape right into a city street, other right that way, or various other city property. A violation of one of two people of these sections constitutes a class 1 misdemeanor and also may result in a fine of as much as $2,500, imprisonment of up to six months, probation not to exceed three years, or a combination of every three. Each incident or day of violation constitutes a different offense.