How lot Weight is the huge Fig Mattress Designed to Hold?

Many conventional mattresses case to have actually no weight limit or are crafted to just support those world weighing 250 pounds or under. But when us say the big Fig Mattress is specially engineered and crafted to organize bigger-figured sleepers, we typical it.

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The large Fig Mattress is soft and also comfy when still being bouncy, supportive, and also strong. The high-quality materials are right for long-lasting assistance whether you sleep on her back, side, stomach, standing up, or upside down—whichever friend prefer!

Our mattresses all come through weight specifications to offer you a far better idea the the level that support, comfort and durability you can expect v a big Fig Mattress.

Does the huge Fig Mattress have a weight recommendation?

The big Fig mattress is design to support up to 1,100 lbs. Through two sleepers (in queen, king or California king mattress sizes) or as much as 550 lbs. With a solitary sleeper (on any kind of mattress size).

If you’re searching for an ext information on exactly how many human being (or pets!) can fit comfortably on one mattress, our friends at have created a beneficial mattress dimension chart. Keep in mind that this chart was designed through the average customer in mind, so we recommend big Fig customers size up.


Will the big Fig Mattress accommodate two different sized sleepers?

You might be reasoning that the huge Fig would be the perfect fit because that you, yet what about your partner who is not plus size? No worries! Thousands of blended size couples love their big Fig Mattress! below are several of our favourite examples:

Natalie and also Terry


Natalie Craig, Natalie in the City

“When my boyfriend Terry—who is 6’2", tall and thin—moved in with me last fall, ns wondered what he would think that the huge Fig, and if the would discover that it offered him the exact same benefits that comfort and also sound sleep.

Together, us sleep comfortably! If either among us turns over or moves in the middle of the night, it doesn’t wake up the other person due to the fact that the mattress is therefore supportive. We room confident that the big Fig Mattress will certainly last us for decades, and also we are so glad due to the fact that we’re right now having the best sleep we have ever before had, even though we have various body types.”

Miranda and also Kevin


Miranda Shultz, The to add Life Blog

“When mine husband, Kevin, and I were recently in search of a brand-new mattress, my number one issue was detect something that met both of our needs. Ns am short and also plus size and my husband is tall and thin... Ns knew indigenous the first night that this to be the PERFECT mattress for me and also my husband was persuaded by the 3rd night.”

Alysse and Gio


Alysse D’Alessandro: all set to Stare

“If friend sleep ~ above a constant mattress through a sleeping companion who is smaller sized than you, the not uncommon for the mattress come dip down on that one side. You have the right to flip the mattress, yet your mattress basically has a irreversible dip in it. Ns love resting on my big Fig Mattress with Gio because I know that we won’t ever before have to worry around that issue. Mine side has the very same firmness together his side.”

See what we mean? when we to speak the big Fig Mattress support 1,100 pounds v two sleepers, we median any combination of sleepers! You and also your partner can both get better sleep regardless of her body types, since everyone deserves a great night’s rest.

Do I need anything besides the huge Fig Mattress?

The huge Fig Mattress is only one part of a finish sleep assistance system. The mattress have to rest top top some combination of a bed, foundation, box spring and/or bed structure designed particularly to correctly support larger Figured people.

Our matched huge Fig foundation (included v your mattress purchase) and large Fig Bed frame (available together an option) will provide the appropriate support for your big Fig Mattress. If you choose to use one more box feather or bed frame, girlfriend will must make certain it can provide the important support. If you don’t double check, you might mess v the comfort and durability that your big Fig. As well as being super uncomfortable, this have the right to also affect your 20-year warranty.

The full big Fig Mattress sleep assistance system

To offer you a better idea of just how the sleep mechanism works, we’re breaking down each piece and pulling the end the magnifying glass to gain the nitty gritty details top top what renders it important.

Bed frame

The big Fig Bed structure is the Superman that bed frames. It’s made of recycled railroad steel, an interpretation it’s virtually indestructible, and also it deserve to hold approximately 2,000 pounds!

It’s smart leg style provides stable footing, also if the surface ar of the frame rests on is uneven. This design likewise prevents tipping if you like to sit at the foot that the bed to placed your socks ~ above every morning. The foot support even becomes stronger if much more weight is applied to it.

If you favor to keep your room under the bed free, climate you’re in luck. The huge Fig Bed frame has 5.75 customs of available room below it, accessible to it is in filled by apparel storage, shoes, monster or pets during a thunderstorm.


Instead the placing her mattress on one old box spring or less sturdy foundation or frame, we recommend the next part of the huge Fig sleep system, the Foundation. We believe this foundation is so important to sustaining the big Fig Mattress the we encompass it at no charge!

We have produced a structure made with just the highest qualities of spruce, pine and fir woods that have the right to support five times the load of your common foundation. It has 18 slats (each 2.5 inches wide), two center rails (rather than the market standard one) and also 32 side support blocks. This offers the mattress maximum support while permitting channels for breathability. Assembling the foundation at house is easy and requires no tools.


Quite honestly, we recognize of no other foundation on the market that can compare. You deserve to place your huge Fig Mattress on peak of any kind of bed, crate spring or other surface that you choose, yet we don’t recommend it unless you’ve discovered one the is guaranteed to support at least 1,250 pounds. Like a poorly made bed frame, any foundation or crate spring with much less support can impact the comfort and durability that your huge Fig. Mattress.

Big Fig Mattress

Finally, on height of the bed frame and foundation, we place the piece de resistance: the huge Fig mattress. Our mattress is the first and just bed designed because that plus size sleepers’ best comfort. Every mattress has a long-lasting, hybrid building and construction that stays clear of sagging and also is hand-tufted come prevent inner shifting the components.


ThermoGel Cooling technology and perforated, gel-infused foam tag-team to store you cool at night when you’re sustained by 1,600 individually-wrapped, deluxe steel spring coils.We’re so encouraged you’ll love resting on it, that we market a 120-night totally free trial and a 20-year warranty come boot.

With appropriate support and also the exactly sleep system, the huge Fig Mattress can conveniently hold your weight or the weight of you and also your companion for years to come. Ours mattress is the first of its type designed to provide bodies of every shapes and also sizes with large Sleep in ~ night so they can live larger in the morning.

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Questions? Get in touch through us and we can assist you recognize if your current foundation and/or structure will assistance our mattress.