Not all safes are developed equal.

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Door and wall surface steel thickness identify a safe’s capability to protect. The more steel, the higher protection. Please testimonial the following graph.

product Thickness material Thickness Decimal Steel weight by S.F. Lbs. 14-gauge (.075) 12-gauge (.106) 11-gauge (.120) 10-gauge (.135) 3/16" (.188) 1/4" (.250) 3/8" (.375) 1/2" (.500)
14-gauge 0.075 3.125 2.86x 4.15x 5.9x 15.9x 37.5x 126.5x 299.9x
12-gauge 0.106 4.375 .35x 1.45x 2.06x 5.59x 13.12x 44.3x 105.0x
11-gauge 0.120 5.00 .24x .69x 1.42x 3.85x 9.04x 30.5x 72.3x
10-gauge 0.135 5.625 .17x .48x .70x 2.7x 6.35x 20.25x 49.9x
3/16" 0.188 7.66 .06x .18x .26x .39x 2.35x 7.04x 18.8x
1/4" 0.250 10.21 .03x .08x .11x .16x .43x 3.38x 8.0x
3/8" 0.375 15.32 .01x .02x .03x .05x .13x .30x 2.37x
1/2" 0.500 20.42 .003x .01x .015x .02x .05x .12x .42x

The graph illustrates a general rule of steel strength. The bending toughness of steel rises by about the square of its thickness. 

12-gauge (.106) steel is 2.86 times stronger than 14-gauge (.075), even though that is just .031 thicker.A safe created of 3/16” (.188) steel is around 5.6 times more powerful than one constructed from 12-gauge (.106) steel.A for sure door made from 1/4” stole is 13.12 times stronger than one make from 12-gauge.

Thicker steel makes a huge difference in the protective capacity of a safe. Steel is heavy and expensive however it is also the structure of any kind of quality safe.


STEEL — A Safe’s an initial Line the Defense

A safe’s an initial line of defense is its door and wall surface construction. The quantity of stole in a safe’s door and five wall surfaces determines that strength. The more steel used, the greater its safety ability.

The advantage of extra steel thickness is occasionally not fully understood or appreciated. A general rule of steel strength is that it increases by the square that its thickness. If you double the thickness the a piece of steel, that is not simply twice as solid but surprisingly approximately eight times together strong.

A safe door made from 1/4″ (.250) stole is end nine times more powerful than one made from 11-gauge (.120) steel. A door make from 10-gauge (.135) steel is over double as strong as one do from 12-gauge (.106) steel even though that is only .029 thicker (see Steel stamin Chart). More thickness steel deserve to make a large difference in the protective ability of a safe.

When considering a safe, look in ~ the lot of steel offered in that construction. Exactly how thick is the steel provided in that body? go it have a stole reinforced door casement? A high quality safe will have a stole reinforcement about the door opening.

Door building and construction is especially crucial since it is usually the first point of attack. Is the door developed from thin steel bent to look thick? just how thick is the external door steel? walk the door contain a full 2nd piece of inside door steel?

Most of safe Guard’s competitors utilize doors built from one great of thin metal (12-gauge or less) created to look at thick. Door sheet thicknesses that one to two inches room common. These stole deficient hollow doors are occasionally filled v sheetrock or partial piece of inside door steel. Many of these doors space visibly impressive however lack the steel to provide foundational rigidity. Nothing be fooled by thick appearing hollow doors also if they carry impressive nationwide brands. Put a well known brand top top a stole deficient safe does not improve its security.

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When it pertains to providing security, there is no substitute because that steel. The an ext steel used, the higher the security.