Perfect...thanks!! We had a an excellent event and the margarita maker was a substantial hit! I appreciate your (and your husband"s) patience v the odor … review more
Perfect...thanks!! We had actually a good event and also the margarita an equipment was a large hit! I appreciate your (and her husband"s) patience with the flavor exchange! us will definitely recommend your service to friends for future events!

How plenty of machines and also how much mix execute I need?

Answer: watch our recommendations in the table below. Part crowds have the right to consume past our estimates and may require extr machines. The bottom line is that every maker has a volume limit and also our High capacity machines can freeze apx 60-75 drinks per hour under common weather conditions.

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The two Bowl Granita equipments are slower. The nature of the event, weather, and also the variety of other drink options can impact how much freezing capacity you"ll need. 

Recommended Rentals
 GranitaHigh Capacity 
0-251 Machine1 Machine1-2
501 Machine1 Machine2-3
75Contact Us1 Machine3-5
100 1-2 Machines4-6
125 2 Machines5-7
150 2 Machines6-8
175 2 Machines7-9
200 2-3 Machines9-12
200+ Contact Us 

Do I need to pay for mixes that ns don"t use?

Answer: Nope. We carry you an ext than we think you will certainly need and you pay only for what friend open! The variety of mixes we bring will be finalized once we call you to confirm the order. Just return any unopened mix to the driver and we will just charge you for what was used. Each Mix is $30 plus tax


How numerous drinks does one batch yield?

Answer: One bottle of classic Margarita Mix concentration or batch returns 3.75 gallons the beverages when mixed v water. This is equivalent to 53 9-oz drinks. If you include Tequila and also Triple Sec, it makes 4.5 gallons the beverage. This is identical to 64 9-oz drinks.All various other flavors like Strawberry, Pina Colada and also Mai Tai yield 3 gallons that beverage when combined with water. This is 43 9-oz drinks. If you add liquor, it renders 3.5 gallons the beverage. This is tantamount to 50 9 oz drinks.All of our gourmet frozen mixes room guaranteed to be delicious and also only our product is guaranteed to slush correctly in our machines. 

How much liquor execute I must purchase if the drinks space for adults?

Answer: One party of traditional Margarita Mix concentrate would need 3 liters the Tequila (this is one and a fifty percent bottles the the 1.75L take care of jug) and one liter of triple sec.

All various other flavor mix concentrates, we imply 2 Liters (Tequila, Rum, or Vodka). One 1.75L party works just fine.

NOTE: traditional grade liquors work-related fine in ours mix due to the fact that the subtle flavors of ultra-premium brands might not be detected when mixed.


How long does the an initial batch take?

Answer: High-Capacity makers require around 40 minutes if the weather is cool and also up to 1 hour at 85+ degrees. The shade helps a little.

Two-bowl Granita makers freeze in 2 hrs under cool conditions and also up come 3 hrs when warm. They room not recommended because that outdoor use over 85 degrees.

Freezing is a function of ambient waiting temperature, assuming adequate power (see below). Over there is no waiting between batches through our high volume machines because you include to the reservoir together you go, preferably before machines mix-low light comes on.


Are the devices easy come use?

Answer: yes indeed! we mix your first batch for you and show you exactly how to operate the machine. We room on contact during your occasion if friend have any type of questions. You must call us if over there is a problem. NO ice IS NEEDED.


Our Most well-known Question:

A typical Margarita guy order in four Easy Steps

Answer:Step 1: You ar an order online with the reservation page, after which point you will obtain an automatically confirmation email. We will call you by email within 2-3 days come answer questions and finalize details.Step 2: We will email friend 24-48 hours prior to your event day to confirm the an equipment type, mix selection, and your one hour window of when the machine will arrive.Step 3: Your device arrives! The driver will certainly wheel the an equipment to the suitable place for her event. We will take the mix jug we provide, and fill it through 3.25 gallons of water. Then us will add one bottle of classic Margarita Mix Concentrate. If this is a virgin batch, avoid here and also continue to action Four. If you are including liquor us will add 3 Liters of Tequila you carry out to the mix jug (or one and fifty percent bottles the the 1.75Liter handle Jug).NOTE: If friend were using Strawberry or any type of other flavors, We would certainly fill the mix jug through 2.5 gallons the water. Include the flavored Mix Concentrate, and then add 1.75 Liter that your selection of alcohol.Step 4: We will certainly slosh it around and then to water it into the machine. Rotate the device to the "ON" position. Frozen drinks on your way!

What room the most typical issues?

Insufficient power (see following question) because of a maxed the end circuit from various other appliances, GFI"s on the end outlets, or unapproved expansion cords.Turning strength switch to "clean mode" instead of "power-on mode."Object close to air vents deflecting hot air earlier into the machine.Very warm weather.Pouring an ext drinks than the an equipment can freeze.Not mixing liquid well before pouring it into the machine.

Start the an equipment early if possible and contact us instantly if the machine is not frozen within the mentioned time (see above). Most problems are easily corrected with a rapid phone call and we"re much more than happy to help! 

How much electrical power is required?

Answer: The most common problem us encounter is poor power. Our equipments require a full circuit the power, a traditional 110-115 volt 15 amp outlet dedicated to the usage of each machine. Running various other appliances top top the same circuit will certainly take power from the maker and probably melt inner wiring. Just use our expansion cords since other cords may shed too lot power. Contact us if the an equipment does not freeze in ~ the common amount the time. GFI"s (safety buttons located on part outdoor plugs) may also cause problems.


How carry out I clean it?

Answer: friend don"t, we do! as soon as you room finished with your party, just turn the off. Pour out any mix you great to save. We"ll choose it up and clean it. It"s all contained in the rental price. Aaah, one much less thing to problem about!

Are other kinds of drinks available?

Answer: Absolutely! In enhancement to our ideal selling Lime Margarita, we market Strawberry Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Hurricane, Goombay Smash, Mojito, Rum Runner, roof Tai, difficult Lemonade, Peach Bellini, tropic TKO, Sangria and Go Mango, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry Bomb, Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Watermelon, Punch, Razzmatazzberry, sour Apple and Go Mango. Every flavors can be mixed with or there is no alcohol.

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How long can I keep the machine?

Answer: we drop it off the day of her party and also pick it the next day. If you need it longer, you re welcome let us recognize when you make your reservation and we will certainly quote you prolonged rental rate. Exact same day and also evening pick-up is easily accessible for an extra fees of $45. 

How far in advancement should ns reserve mine machine?

Answer: us recommend two weeks but you can publication as early on as friend like. Holidays may book sooner.