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Then i pulled the driver next fender-well and removed the water tap from the bottom that the reservoir. Pre-draining the return mechanism made this a easy, mess-free process. Climate to plug the return port on the reservoir i screwed a 1/4 NPT plug into it. That got around 2 easy turns and I stopped. Over there will only be revolution pressure, and it should hold just fine. To gain the return heat to dump into a bucket I propelled a piece of 1/4" fuel hose right into the return line and also used the OE clamp come clamp it there. Then the hose was quickly bent and also put into a bucket.


Then ns filled the reservoir with clean ATF. (I made decision Amsoil ATF, IMHO the best ATF one deserve to buy). Then my wife assisted me out a little. She turn the key on (engine off) and turned the wheel till i had liquid coming from the return line, so now I had actually full fluid agian. I once again ensured the reservoir was complete (about .8QT if its completely empty). Currently we started the truck every the instructions and also turned the wheel. I organized an north qt party under the water tap so ns would understand when to shut the van off prior to it ran dry, operated great. Us did this one much more time, also thou it only calls for it once. Currently I buttoned everything backup and also followed the Initial begin up procedures, omitting action 6.
POWER STEERING PUMP - early OPERATIONWARNING: THE liquid LEVEL should BE CHECKED with ENGINE turn off TO protect against INJURY from MOVINGCOMPONENTS.CAUTION: MOPART ATF+4 is to be supplied in the power steering system. No other power steering or automatictransmission liquid is come be used in the system. Damage may result to the power steering pump andsystem if any type of other liquid is used, and also do not overfill.Wipe filler lid clean, then inspect the liquid level. The dipstick should show COLD when the fluid is in ~ normaltemperature.1. Turn steering wheel every the method to the left2. Fill reservoir up to complete HOT level and crank engine until it simply starts. (DO NOT revolve STEERING WHEEL)Then turn car off. And also re inspect fluid level, to full COLD.3. Crank engine again until it just starts, (DO NOT move STEERING WHEEL) and turn car off. Recheck fluidlevel to full COLD.4. Revolve engine on again, (DO NOT relocate STEERING WHEEL) and let the car idle because that 5 minutes. If possibleapply a 20 in-Hg vacuum come the reservoir, while engine is idling.5. Rotate engine off and recheck liquid level, to full COLD.6. If the Steering equipment is replaced. For sure reservoir is at full HOT level, begin engine and also turn wheel come left. StopEngine and also recheck fluid level to full HOT. Start engine and also turn wheel to the right. Stop engine and also checkfluid level is at complete COLD.7. Fill the pump liquid reservoir to the suitable level and let the liquid settle for at the very least two (2) minutes.8. Begin the engine. V the engine idling maintain the fluid level.9. Raise the former wheels turn off the ground.10. Progressively turn the steering wheel lock-to-lock 20 times with the engine off while checking the fluid level.NOTE: for vehicles with long return lines or oil coolers turn wheel 40 times.11. Reduced the prior wheels and let the engine idle for 2 minutes.12. Revolve the steering wheel in both direction and verify power assist and also quiet procedure of the pump.If the liquid is incredibly foamy or milky looking, permit the automobile to was standing a couple of minutes and repeat the procedure.DR/DH PUMP 19 - 65CAUTION: execute not run a vehicle with foamy fluid for an extended period. This may reason pump damage.

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The only thing ns think the procedure is lacking is to pump the brakes while turning the wheels. Ns didn"t carry out this and got groaning the very first two times ns pumped the brakes. I went because that a test drive and also had to add a bit much more fluid again. I haven"t driven enough to see if over there is a difference, yet I would certainly hope there isn"t, indicating ns did the service early enough. All in all ns think ns used about 3 qts of fluid, thou ns would have actually a gallon handy. Ns will execute this organization every 50K miles.