Hi Guys,I"m rebuilding mine old pressure washer. I was may be to discover a components kit and also what type of oil come use, however don"t know exactly how much oil that needs. Once I opened it, it was complete of waterIt"s a vertical column wobble key pump. (Husky 1750)
Should ns fill that up v oil? Or just enough to obtain oil top top the plungers?Thanks for your help!

If ns remember effectively on mine Honda w/Comet pump the engine oil fills almost to the optimal of the plug when the pump has actually a vision glass that lets you recognize if over there is enough fluid. Few of the others that are more knowledgeable around pressure washers than me will probably want to know what brand the is.

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I don"t understand hardly anything around electric press washers, do you recognize what brand the pump it has? I"d think there would certainly be a sign on that somewhere.
From the manual.....5.3 LUBRICATIONThe press washer is designed v a irreversible lubrication system. Conventional oil check and also oil transforms are no necessary.NOTE: IN situation OF OIL LEAKAGE, call THE HD POWERWASHER client SERVICEDEPARTMENT worrying REPAIR. A tiny AMOUNT that OIL LEAKAGE IS NORMAL.husky power washer/manual/1750english.pdfI think you may be in trouble if her pump was complete of water
Must be the season for push washers.Mine is a popular music Karcher that"s to be nothing but trouble from day one.Guy up the street has actually a one that simply died.Another customer has one more one simply not precious fixing because the pump failed.This is all within a few days.I make the efforts to acquire everyone to pay because that a part of the money for a actual commercial unit which would certainly be around $200.00 more then a home owners unit.No takers.Which is fine.Going to pay because that it"s self in three jobs.
Darn, I believed this to be a "DIY" forum, no a "thow it away and also buy a brand-new one forum"! :NO NO NO:I"m a retired industrial maintenance mechanic. I"m provided to repairing stuff once it breaks. Water in the crankcase means the bottom seals are worn out. No damage done, merely time for new ones. Rebuild kit are less than $30.Unfortunately, I"m not really familiar v wobble plate and also swash bowl pumps. I don"t recognize where the oil level is claimed to be, and was hoping someone below would know.
Listening come this discussion, it seems to me the the "crankcase" is actually a water press chamber, and also it"s supposed to it is in filled v water as soon as the Washer is in use; drained when stored away.The Washer is propelled by an electrical 1750 RPM Motor, right ?I should have actually said something yesterday.

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You may have to call Husky to discover out exactly how much oil come install.I just purchased an cheap Italian make Innovi pump to replace a Comet pump on a 5 hp Honda and had study why the instructions claimed to replace a hard oil plug through a vented one had in the little parts bag and also there wasn"t one.Turns out the instructions were generic and also the pump was sealed and also came pre-filled with oil.I did uncover out my pump holds 2 ounces the oil but you need to either store looking or call Husky to uncover this out.

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