Modern vehicles space designed to last for many years, but keeping them running, such as brand-new requires a strict regime of consistent maintenance and also upkeep. Many people think the all you have to do to store a auto running is to have actually the oil readjusted every 3,000 miles. Not just is over there a bit an ext to it than that, 3,000 miles is actually far an ext than is necessary for oil changes. Most modern-day vehicles room designed to operation for at least six months or as much as 7,000 miles or an ext between oil changes.

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If you live in Middletown, Odessa, or Dover and are steering a 2017 Ford Focus, here"s a quick guide to how regularly you should have your vehicle serviced to save it running in factory condition for many years to come.

Regular Oil Changes and also Service

Approximately every 6,000 mile or every year, you should have your engine oil changed, and also having your oil filter replaced. Your blend will usage up to six quarts the oil. Additionally at these intervals, you should have your tires inspected and rotated, have your exhaust system and also head shields checked, and get a lube task for your steering linkage, suspension, and ball joints, journey shafts and also half-shafts, and also u-joints.

Your brakes must be offered a thorough inspection, including your parking brake and brake lines. Your cooling system and also hoses need to be inspected, and also your auto should have actually an overall thorough multi-point inspection.

Additional organization Intervals

Besides these continuous services, you have to have extr services performed as follows:

20,000 miles:
 You should have your cabin air filter replaced.30,000 miles: Replace your engine air filter.40,000 miles: Cabin wait filter must be replaced.60,000 miles: Cabin and also engine wait filters need to both be replaced.80,000 miles: friend should have your cabin air filter replaced.90,000 miles: Replace her engine air filter.100,000 miles: Replace spark plugs, cabin air filter, orange coolant, and also inspect your drive belt.120,000 miles: Cabin and also engine air filters require replacing, and also inspect the journey belt.140,000 miles: Cabin air filter need to be replaced, and also inspect journey belt when more.150,000 miles: change coolant, replace drive belt if you haven"t already, engine waiting filter, and readjust transmission fluid.

Essentially, your cabin wait filter needs to be readjusted every 20,000 miles, her engine air filter demands to be adjusted every 30,000 miles, her spark plugs are good for 100,000 miles, and also your drive belt deserve to last all over from 100,000 to 150,000 miles. Your coolant is great for the first 100,000 miles of ownership, but should then be readjusted every 50,000 mile thereafter.

Ford combination Maintenance Schedule in ~ Winner Ford

If friend live in the Dover, Odessa, or Middletown area and also are control a brand-new Ford Focus, there"s no far better place to have actually it serviced than at a regional dealership. In ~ Winner Ford, us can resolve your 2017 Ford fusion maintenance schedule with expertise, advanced technology facilities, and genuine factory OEM parts.

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We"re committed to helping you keep your Ford running like it simply drove off the showroom floor because that years to come. Schedule your next automotive service with us today! For assist or an ext information, give us a call at 888-659-2004.