What is Jerome Bettis" network worth?

Jerome Bettis is a previous football running earlier who play in the NFL because that 13 seasons. Jerome Bettis has actually a network worth the $14 million. Throughout his career Jerome earned around $35 million in NFL salaries. Beginning out with the Los Angeles Rams in 1993, he was traded after three seasons to the Pittsburgh Steelers, whereby he spent the rest of his playing career. A six-time agree Bowler and a two-time First-Team All-Pro, Bettis aided the Steelers win Super key XL in 2006.

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Early Life and College Career

Jerome Bettis was born in 1972 in Detroit, Michigan, the eldest that three children of parents Gladys and Johnnie. As a youth, his major athletic passion was bowling. To make ends meet, he and his brother sold crack cocaine in Detroit. It was at Mackenzie High school where Bettis an initial became seriously connected in football. Playing as a running ago and linebacker, he was rated the optimal player in the state through the Detroit free Press in his senior year.

For college, Bettis enrolled in ~ the college of Notre Dame. In his sophomore year, he set a school document with 20 touchdowns in a solitary season. Every in all, Bettis finished his collegiate play career through 337 rushing attempts for 1,912 yards. That forwent his an elderly year to go into the NFL draft in 1993. Later on on, Bettis returned to Notre Dame come take assorted courses for credits.

Los Angeles Rams

In the breeze in 1993, Bettis was picked in the very first round by the Los Angeles Rams. He was a good success together a rookie, rushing for 1,429 yards throughout his first season. Additionally, he videotaped an NFL-best 79 rushing an initial downs and also 38 operation of 10 or much more yards. Consequently, Bettis was called a First-Team All-Pro. Because that both that his an initial two periods with the Rams, that was also selected for the NFC"s pro Bowl team.

After the Rams moved to St. Louis and also acquired a new coach in 1995, Bettis proficient a drop-off from his previous totals. The made the decision to be traded when the season concluded.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Bettis to be traded come the Pittsburgh Steelers with a third-round pick in 1996. In his an initial season because that the team, the rushed because that a career-high 1,431 yards and 11 touchdowns, and was again named to the First-Team All-Pro Team. Moreover, Bettis winner the NFL Comeback Player the the Year Award, and was voted the MVP of the team. His success through the Steelers ongoing throughout the following years. In each of his very first six seasons, Bettis rushed because that over 1,000 yards, including three campaigns of over 1,300 yards. In 1997, that rushed because that a career-high 1,665 yards in the team"s first 15 games. The exact same year, he collection a then-NFL record with 2 overtime touchdowns.

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In 2001, Bettis led the organization with 1,072 rushing yards before he suffered a significant hip and also groin injury, bring about him to miss out on the remainder of the constant season. Injuries likewise cost him components of the 2002 season, if in 2003, he to be a backup to Amos Zereoué. Bettis bounced earlier in 2004, as soon as he landing the 6th Pro-Bowl berth of his career. However, in beforehand 2005, the Steelers lost the AFC Championship game to the brand-new England Patriots.


Jerome Bettis

Net Worth:$14 Million
Date the Birth:Feb 16, 1972 (49 years old)
Height:5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Profession:American soccer player, football Analyst, Presenter, Athlete
Nationality:United claims of America