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Origin: The Brown Bess was arguably the most popular rifle the the 18th century, seeing heavy use in famous problems like the American Revolution. These musket balls date back around 300 year to the late 1700"s. They to be likely actors by brother forces, and come indigenous a stash of numerous rounds found by opportunity in the early on 2000"s. All have been extensively inspected for authenticity through the history Hoard team.

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Frequently request Questions

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British General John Burgoyne surrenders to American basic Horatio entrances at Saratoga, ~ above October 17, 1777

The shoot heard roughly the world is currently yours to hold.

In the 1700"s, everyone relied on the Brown Bess—British troops, American rebels, hunters, trappers, and also pirates alike.

The Brown Bess is a nickname because that the brothers Land pattern Musket, among the an initial standard musket designs.

Back then, muskets had to it is in handmade personally by eight makers. Every one to be different, which made finding preventive parts and also munitions a challenge.

The Brown Bess changed all that, with a architecture that was adopted around the world.

These musket balls room from the era that the American Revolution, and also may an extremely well have actually been lugged by the troops fighting in this war. They helped to water level in a new era of flexibility from tyranny, both in the unified States and around the world.


The british Land pattern Rifle, better known as the "Brown Bess"


Your order will certainly include:

One 18th century musket ball, measuring about 3/4 customs acrossGlass peak leather screen boxDetail card with appropriate information around the relicCertificate that Authenticity----------

History Hoard relics space guaranteed authentic and also have a 100% money back policy. Read an ext about the background Hoard Promise. 

Lead Warning: These musket balls are actors from lead, and as together require cautious handling. Please use gloves if you intended to manage this relic. California Prop 65: Lead is well-known to the State of California to reason cancer, bear defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, walk to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

Frequently request Questions:

How do we make sure our relics are authentic?

Your Certificate of Authenticity is more than just a item of paper—it"s a promise come you.

When you buy from background Hoard, you can rest assured the each that your brand-new relics has actually been completely inspected under the mindful eyes of one antiquities specialist. Just items that room 100% particular to it is in authentic obtain sent come our customers.

Plus, us take good care to source our relics from just vetted antiquities experts, that are additionally committed to offering genuine and ethically sourced relics.

Check the end this video to view the most an easy things we look for as soon as authenticating coins:

To read much more about our promise to you, click here.

How is it possible to own historical items? need to these be in a museum?

Actually, plenty of relics room able come be owned by anyone.

Typically, museums only want to display items that are either very rare or incredibly well preserved. This leaves many items the don"t do the cut, and these room able to be own by individuals.

While the items we sell aren"t "museum grade," they still carry with castle the same amount of background and uniqueness. Every relic was still hand make by a person, hundreds or also thousands of years ago.

Are the relics damaged as soon as they are an installed in the display screen case?

One of our core values is no to damage or alter any kind of of the artifacts we sell.

History requirements to it is in preserved—after all, over there is a minimal amount the it that survives—but the is additionally something to be shared with the masses. For this reason, we placed our relics in sturdy display instances that room safe come handle, yet are responsibility that at some point the relic may need to be taken the end again.

No glue or resin hold the item in place. Instead, we"re occurred our own method for hold the relics securely in their display screens using push alone. In fact, any of our relics can be gotten rid of in your original condition by simply opening the display screen case.

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You can uncover our finish FAQ section here.

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