The us Mint produced plenty of coins in 1818, yet you will certainly be hard-pressed to discover even one the is much more popular among collectors 보다 the huge Cent from the year. Known as the 1818 Liberty Head big Cent, the coin is a beautiful together it is rare. The variety of these coins easily accessible for revenue is shrinking every the time, so friend had far better get your hands ~ above one in a hurry.

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On the obverse next of the Liberty Head large Cent, Lady Liberty is depicted facing leftward. Sitting upon she head is a metal band that sorts, within which friend will notification an engraving of words “Liberty.” ~ above the bottom that the reverse, there is an engraving marking the 1818 year the minting. Finally, lining the external edge of the obverse space 13 stars; representative of the 13 original nests of the united States.

The architecture of the turning back side that the 181 Liberty Head big Cent is a bit more simplistic. In the facility there is a “One Cent” inscription which clues the coin’s confront value. Surrounding this is a highly in-depth wreath that is circular. Finally, roughly the external of every one of this is an engraving which reads “United claims of America.”

Grading the 1818 Liberty Head big Cent

For collectors, the reality that the huge Cent is generally counterfeited method that certain precautions need to be taken prior to purchase. Because that one, the just coins purchased nowadays room graded. This authentic certification commonly assuages the mind of even the many stringent collector. Below exists an synopsis of the different coin grades.

Uncirculated: A big Cent the is established to be of Uncirculated great is one that never made it out onto the open market. These coins were maintained in a safe location throughout the whole of your existence, and also because the this will show up today in pristine condition.

Extremely Fine: an extremely Fine large Cent is one that could show some signs of damage, but was either circulated for a short period of time, or no at all. Even regardless of these small imperfections, the coin itself will still be in an excellent shape.

Fine: fine is the grade provided to coins that have actually been circulated for an extensive duration of time, yet are no so heavily damaged. This coins will certainly feature continuous scratching, but all of the raised imagery and also lettering should still be perfect intact.

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Good: A coin identified to it is in of great grade is one that was circulated because that an extended duration of time. These piece will present heavy indicators of wear and tear. ~ above occasion, the wear will certainly be so severe that few of the raised elements of the coin’s designs will have been compromised.

Pricing the 1818 Liberty Head large Cent

Now the you know every little thing there is to know about the 1818 large Cent, you can want come know more about that pricing; this is simple. First of all, the price of the coin is established by the scarcity. The fewer over there are, the much more expensive they are going to it is in individually. Beyond that, the price the the 1818 big Cent is figured out by that condition. The more well-preserved pieces will offer for higher prices 보다 those that have not to be so well-preserved. Below is a graph aimed at offering you a far better idea the what you might be asked to pay for an 1818 Liberty Head huge Cent provided its grade.


Large Cents

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