Mayfield dairy product took part lumps for its 56 oz. Selects package, yet the processor was only complying with a cultivation ice cream packaging trend.

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Scotty Mayfield knew some an adverse feedback might an outcome when he announced in January that Mayfield select ice cream would switch to a downsized variation of its half-gallon carton. “Nobody is in donate of getting less and also being charged the same,” the chairman of Athens, Tenn.-based Mayfield Dairy farms notes. Still, the storm swamped the teacup.

“Some ice cream buyers get short end of scoop,” check out the headline in the Feb. 6 execution of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. One market wag termed the move “sneaky” due to the fact that the new package no proclaim, “Now, 20% less.” In fact, the switch to a 56 oz. Carton represents a 12.5% volume reduction, but the allude was made.

Mayfield Select’s package mirrors two trends: smaller sizes because that premium ice cream creams, and a shift toward the so-called scround, a hybrid in between a square and a round ice cream cream carton.

Other local brands are complying with Mayfield’s lead, including Smith Dairy assets Co., i beg your pardon rolled out a 56 oz. Version of that Ruggles premium heat in March. Both Smith and also Mayfield are adhering to a tendency that began in 2000. Unilever’s great Humor-Breyer’s department introduced ice Cream Partners line in 56 oz. Scrounds that year, if Dreyer’s cool Ice Cream Inc. Rolled the end Dreyer’s Parlor in 48 oz. Oval packages. Much more recently, Dreyer’s switched come 56 oz. Containers. Castle are among the an initial dairies to take benefit of the lifting of commonwealth regulations that prohibited packaging ice cream cream in units inconsistent v English volume measures.

Keeping the price of Mayfield Select below $5 was one reason for Mayfield’s switch. One more was recognition of America’s shrinking household sizes. About fifty percent the consumer in Mayfield focus groups stated they toss out the last couple of scoops in a half-gallon anyway, therefore the eight lacking ounces would certainly hardly be missed.

Downsized packaging is nothing new: coffee companies presented the 13 oz. Lb years ago, and also candy bars and bleach are amongst the many assets that have actually converted to much more diminutive sizes. Regardless of the downsizing furor, Mayfield expects to sell the same number of 56 oz. Devices this year as it marketed 64 oz. Cartons last year.

The dairyman is sanguine about the newspaper flap. “We wish they would have provided us credit for gift forthright, however it’s no that negative of one article,” he says. Top top the upside, Mayfield appeared in news reports on TV stations throughout his distribution area. Any type of pub, together they say, is good pub.


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