It has been questioned numerous times by world who perform not have scale, measuring cups or spoons in their kitchen, just how how to measure flour and also butter or various other baking ingredients there is no a scale. Using right amount of food ingredient is really important in countless recipes. How many times you ruined something when trying a new recipe and were can not to weigh the flour or sugar? here are part cups to g, ounces and pounds dimensions for flour, butter and sugar.

This is what your kitchen scale would present if friend would use it. Either you like “flat” weighing or scooping up, shower a cup and also filling up “as much as it have the right to fit in”, right here is how much flour, sugar and butter weight in cups. It has actually been supplied by countless of the common civilization who love cooking and baking.

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1 cup125 g4.41 oz0.28 lbs
¾ cup90 g3.17 oz0.20 lbs
½ cup62.5 g2.20 oz0.14 lbs
⅓ cup40 g1.41 oz0.09 lbs
¼ cup30 g1.06 oz0.07 lbs
⅛ cup15 g0.53 oz0.03 lbs

1 cup220 g7.76 oz½ lbs
¾ cup165 g5.28 oz0.36 lbs
½ cup105 g3.70 oz0.23 lbs
⅓ cup70 g2.47 oz0.15 lbs
¼ cup50 g1.76 oz0.11 lbs
⅛ cup25 g0.88 oz0.06 lbs


Cup dimensions in g for all butter are:

1 pole of butter – 8 tbsp

Cups come g, ounces and also pounds for butter

1 cup225 g7.94 oz½ lbs
¾ cup170 g6 oz0.37 lbs
⅔ cup150 g5.30 oz⅓ lbs
½ cup115 g4 oz¼ lbs
⅓ cup75 g2.65 oz0.17 lbs
¼ cup55 g1.94 oz0.12 lbs
⅛ cup30 g1.06 oz0.07 lbs

1 cup220 g7.76 oz0.49 lbs
¾ cup150 g5.3 oz⅓ lbs
⅔ cup134 g4.73 oz0.3 lbs
½ cup100 g3.52 oz0.22 lbs
⅓ cup67 g2.36 oz0.15 lbs
¼ cup50 g1.76 oz0.11 lbs
⅛ cup25 g0.88 oz0.06 lbs

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1 cup254 g8.96 oz0.56 lbs
¾ cup190 g6.7 oz0.42 lbs
⅔ cup167 g5.9 oz0.37 lbs
½ cup127 g4.5 oz0.27 lbs
⅓ cup84 g2.36 oz0.15 lbs
¼ cup63 g2.22 oz0.14 lbs
⅛ cup32 g1.13 oz0.07 lbs