Mike Jerrick Biography

Mike Jerrick is an American Emmy Award-Winning journalist that is Co-host of great Day Philadelphia top top FOX 29. That re-joined the station as co-host of “Good day Philadelphia” in July 2009. Long-time viewers will remember Jerrick as a show co-host indigenous 1999 come 2002.

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Jerrick is a ten-time Emmy compensation winner, that earned his Bachelor that Science degree in journalism from the william Allen White school of Journalism at the university of Kansas.

Mike Jerrick Career

Before his go back to Philadelphia, Jerrick to be co-host that “The Morning show with Mike and Juliet,” which aired on FOX tv stations about the country.

Before that, he appeared as a recurring guest co-anchor because that the WNYW-FOX 5 morning program, “Good Day brand-new York,” and co-host the “DaySide,” Fox News Channel’s daily live audience daytime talk show. After leaving “Good job Philadelphia” in October 2002, he join FOX News Channel as weekend co-host of “FOX and Friends.”

Prior to coming to FOX 29, the was regulating editor and also anchor top top “America Afterhours,” a live, national newsmaker and celebrity interview routine on CNBC. He as well hosted “What’s News” for the national cable tv network America’s Talking. Iniatialy in his career, Jerrick hosted “Sci-Fi Buzz” top top USA Network’s Sci-Fi Channel indigenous 1991 to 1997. He as well hosted and produced HBO’s “World entertainment Report” indigenous 1991 to 1994. Jerrick reported and also produced for KCAL-TV and also for “Evening Magazine” ~ above KPIX-TV (CBS) in mountain Francisco and also Los Angeles.

Mike Jerrick FOX 29

Jerrick is right now working in ~ FOX 29 whereby he works alongside other famous FOX 29 anchors and reporters including;

Karen HeppBill RohrerJason MartinezKristen RodgersChris O’ConnellLauren JohnsonScott WilliamsSue SerioTom Sredenschek

Mike Jerrick

Mike Jerrick Age

Jerrick is 70 year old as of 2020. He was born top top July 3, 1950, in Wichita, Kansas, unified States. He celebrates his birthday on the 3rd of July every year.

Mike Jerrick Family

Jerrick has regulated to keep his personal life far from the limelight hence he has not disclosed any information about his parents. That is also not well-known if Jerrick has any siblings.

Mike Jerrick Wife

Jerrick and also his ex wife joy are blessed through two beautiful daughters: Jill and Jessica Jerrick.

After his divorce through ex wife Joy, he made decision to give love one more chance. Jerrick declared dating his beautiful lady friend Shelda and also got involved on 16 December 2014. However news that wedding has actually not yet been disclosed.

Mike Jerrick network Worth

Jerrick has actually an estimated net worth of $2 million i m sorry he has earned through his career together a journalist.

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Mike Jerrick Salary

Information around how lot Jerrick receives is right now under review and will be updated as shortly as the details is available.