Liposuction in Colombia is a body-sculpting procedure to remove fat the is unresponsive come dieting and also exercising. Liposuction is a renowned procedure in both men and also women. Liposuction slims and also reshapes details areas the the body by removing overabundance fat deposits, improving your human body contours and proportion, and ultimately, enhancing your self-image.

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More and much more men and also women are picking liposuction in Colombia. Approximately the human being it is just one of the most famous cosmetic procedures. At Premium treatment Plastic surgical procedure – serving greater Cartagena, Barranquilla, central and south America, the unified States, Canada, and also Europe – liposuction is supplied to aid patients get rid of unwanted fat from numerous parts of the body:


In part cases, liposuction in Colombia is carry out alone, in other situations it is provided in mix with other plastic surgery measures such as a facelift, chest reduction, or a ship tuck.

Contouring because that Men and also Women

Advanced liposuction in Colombia techniques enable our plastic operated doctor to substantially improve the shape of the body, removing unwanted fat and also accentuating wanted curves. Guys often select liposuction to remove their ‘love handles,’ or localized fat on your chest, stomach or neck. Numerous women desire to remove excess fat from your hips, thighs, abdomen, knees, ankles, or neck. Liposuction is also a popular procedure for females to incorporate in a Mommy Makeover to reverse the visible impacts of childbirth and breastfeeding.
Not every new an approach is appropriate for every patient. Her surgeon will evaluate her candidacy because that these liposuction techniques during your confidential consultation.

What You have to Know around Liposuction in Colombia

There room some crucial concepts that can help you understand liposuction and also prepare friend for your consultation. Right here are a couple of things to save in mind:
● There space several various techniques because that liposuction in Colombia. Her surgeon will describe your choices and introduce the many appropriate an approach for you.● Candidates because that liposuction in Colombia have to be at or near their target load with small fat shop that will certainly not respond come diet or exercise● You have the right to expect come miss around a week of work.● once performed by a standard plastic surgeon, liposuction is safe.
Those are simply some the the basics. Check out this section of our website to discover more.
We hear every kinds of reasons why put off cosmetics improvement. Some mothers are worried about taking time away from your hectic schedule to experience a operation procedure. While time is a priceless commodity for all of us this days, stop and think about how lot your beauty and health are worth to you. Would certainly you have the ability to accomplish much more at home and at work-related with a new perspective and also younger feel? For plenty of of our Colombian patients. As well as our global patients the price is, “Absolutely!”

“I simply wanted to feel good about me again.”

“I would have actually done the years back if ns would have actually known how I to be going to look.”

Other women room worried about focusing top top themselves, quite than your families. Plenty of of our patients find that it’s vital to carry out both: identify that how you feel as a mother is integral come the strength of your family. The is simply not self-centered or vain to take treatment of yourself or to want to feel youthful, sexy and self-confident. Having a optimistic self-image certainly benefits you, however it also can boost your interactions through loved ones. You may be a mommy, however at Premium treatment we never forget the you are still your very own woman.
Trust the physicians at Premium treatment Plastic surgical treatment to provide you v a wide array the cosmetic surgery options, consisting of breast lift, human body sculpting v liposuction, and tummy tuck in Cartagena. Our physicians are also all experts in face plastic surgery, and also offer facelift, eyelid surgery, brow lift and also rhinoplasty. Our surgeons personalize your treatment using modern techniques to minimize pain and also recovery time so the you get great results and also can conveniently return to her family and your life.
For plastic surgery after childbirth, females from Colombia and also patients from overseas trust the plastic operated doctor at Premium care Plastic Surgery. Patients can pick from a full an option of mommy makeover procedures, every performed in modern surgical facilities and also luxurious setting at Premium Care.
Did you recognize that we market cosmetic plastic surgical procedure financing? We have actually a whole group the partners consisting of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Card. Every offer complete financing up front with a payment schedule to satisfy your needs. Ask one of our staff for assistance.

Liposuction in Colombia videos

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Before and also After
about Liposuction in Colombia

Liposuction in Colombia can help men and women accomplish a much more ideal human body contour, also if diet and exercise have actually failed. Several recent procedural breakthroughs in liposuction have enabled the surgeons at Premium care Plastic surgery to beautify the human being body with better precision (and safety) than ever before before. Liposuction is just one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedure operations in Colombia and also worldwide.

OUR SURGEONS do THE many POPULAR, advanced LIPOSUCTION TECHNIQUES:Tumescent LiposuctionPower helped LiposuctionUltrasonic Liposuction (VASER)Laser Assister Liposuction (LASER)

Through tiny incisions in the skin, surgeons usage surgical tools known as cannulas to rest up and also remove overabundance pockets that fat. During liposuction procedures, fat is selectively removed because it is an ext loosely attached to the body. Blood vessels, nerves and also skin room left intact and also the skin then contracts (to some degree) around the patient’s newly-contoured figure. With modern techniques, swelling and also bruising during the recovery period can it is in minimized

Advanced medical and also surgical understanding are necessary to operate safely. Artistic vision and skilled hand are important to sculpt beautifully. Ours plastic surgeons incorporate the art and also science that liposuction to attain consistently beautiful outcomes in a caring, compassionate atmosphere. With a central focus on patience safety, our surgical planning and elegant techniques are able to attain predictable outcomes. The figure enhancements are often quite dramatic.


With the tumescent technique, large volumes that saline solution, neighborhood anesthesia, and adrenaline room infused into details the fatty areas being treated. This permits your operated doctor to maneuver a small instrument dubbed a cannula, linked to a vacuum machine, come suction away excess fat and improve body contour.

The tumescent method is used throughout most liposuction procedures performed by ours surgeons because that patients in Cartagena. Tumescent liposuction can attend to distinct locations of localized fat that room disproportionate to the rest of your body. The many frequent locations treated by this cosmetic surgery procedure in Cartagena differ by gender. For men, treatment areas often include the “love handles,” chest, abdomen and also neckline. In women they include: thighs, hips, back, arms stomach, knees, reduced leg, cheeks, and twin chins.

This procedure can be perfect in just a few hours at our outpatient surgical procedure suite in Cartagena. After ~ surgery, girlfriend will need to wear a snug elastic dressing, girdle, or body stocking end the treated area for numerous weeks. You will certainly go house after the procedure and rest because that at the very least 24 hours, after which friend may slowly increase your task as tolerated. 2 or three days after your procedure you may resume non-strenuous activities.

For the best patient, liposuction deserve to yield satisfying results and your candidacy will certainly be reviewed carefully. Our surgeons have actually experience performing human body contouring making use of a range of techniques and also will have the ability to recommend a personalized treatment setup for you after a thorough examination.


Power-assisted liposuction is fantastic technique for removing fat. We’ve uncovered that using PAL (power-assisted liposuction) allows us to achieve the great results and also a fast recovery for our Cartagena, Colombia liposuction patients. Power-assisted liposuction (PAL) is vital technology because that body sculpting. It is an excellent method because that permanently removing undesirable fatty bulges and also creating more attractive body contours.

Power-assisted liposuction was presented in the late 1990’s as a much safer and an ext efficient method for removed fat. The power-assisted mechanism relies ~ above a vibrating cannula pointer that gently shakes fat loose and suctions it far in one step. The cannula vibrates at simply the right frequency come maximize the efficient removal that fat. The vibration additionally helps the cannula come glide through the fatty layers with a minimal lot of force.

Power-assisted liposuction gives us an ext control and precision, permitting us to focus on sculpting a an ext beautiful number for the patient. It additionally helps to minimization a patient’s recovery due to the fact that there’s much less trauma come the body. Due to the fact that PAL is an ext efficient, the size of time for each procedure has actually been reduced. Much shorter operations are safer. Since the low energy, vibrating guideline does not harm surrounding tissue, patients have less bruising and swelling. This results in a much faster recovery native surgery.

The far-reaching improvements in safety and also precision are making lipoplasty even much more attractive for patients considering human body sculpting. PAL has several important advantages over older techniques. These benefits incorporate increased safety, lessened anesthesia time, much less bruising, quicker recovery, boosted efficacy, and also greater precision. Ours plastic operated doctor at Premium treatment have viewed firsthand that power-assisted liposuction is an effective and also safer way to eliminate unwanted store of fat.

This procedure deserve to be perfect in simply a few hours in ~ our outpatient surgical procedure suite. After ~ surgery, you will have to wear a snug elastic dressing, girdle, or human body stocking over the cure area for several weeks. You will certainly go home after the procedure and also rest for at least 24 hours, after ~ which you may slowly increase your task as tolerated. Two or three days after her procedure you may resume non-strenuous activities.

For the ideal patient, liposuction deserve to yield to solve results but your candidacy will certainly be reviewed carefully. Our surgeons have actually experience properly performing human body contouring utilizing a variety of techniques and also will have the ability to recommend a personalized treatment setup for you after an examination during your consultation


Liposuction outcomes are permanent. After ~ puberty, we perform not create brand-new fat cells. When you get weight, you broaden the fat cells the you already have. All varieties of liposuction in Colombia permanently eliminate fat cells to enhance your body’s contour. With advanced techniques our surgeons at Premium care Plastic Surgery space able to develop a shapely silhouette.

Should you obtain weight after ~ liposuction, it goes come the fat cells that remain in your body. The localized fatty deposits the existed prior to liposuction deserve to no much longer balloon up the end of proportion come the bordering areas. Liposuction in Cartagena is not a therapy for cellulite, although plenty of patients do notice an development in the figure of cellulite ~ the fat cells are removed. Dimples, ripples, stretch marks, and other skin imperfections may remain unchanged adhering to liposuction.

LIPOSUCTION OF specific AREASPROBLEM areas THAT can BE ADDRESSED with LIPOSUCTION:Chin and NecklineUpper ArmsChestBreastBackStomach and WaistlineHipsThighs and also KneesCHIN and also NECKLINE:

Chin and also neckline liposuction, also called submental liposuction, have the right to remove unwanted fat native under the chin and also jawline. This can help to enhance your appearance by banishing your double chin and also refine her jawline because that a an ext youthful appearance. That can adjust the look of her face, and also others will certainly be no one the wiser, regularly leaving them thinking you have simply shed a couple of pounds. A tiny area is being treated and a small amount of fat (usually just a couple of ounces) is removed.

Sometimes chin augmentation have the right to be performed in conjunction through facial liposuction to develop or gain back facial harmony. Neck / chin liposuction can also be done in conjunction through buccal fat pad extraction if you room bothered through chubby cheeks.

The surgeon will certainly make a small incision in ~ the angle of your reduced jaw and/or simply beneath her chin. Her surgeon climate inserts a thin pipe (cannula) right into the area to rest up and remove the excess fat.

Arms: Many women are very displeased v excess fat in their arms. There is a tendency just come look at the back of your arms, or the part that hangs down once their arms are organized straight out to the sides. However it is likewise important come look in ~ the bulge to the political parties of the arms that are noted when the eight are retained straight under at their sides. This can provide the illustration of higher width to the body, and treating this is component of producing an aesthetic arm.

The position and also size that the deltoid, triceps, and biceps every are crucial to take right into account so that the muscle is exposed simply the appropriate amount. But many women v sun-damaged, thin, and also even loose skin asking to have actually liposuction of your arms. Few of these ladies will require an “arm lift” procedure in order to remove the lax skin. This involves significant scarring, and also unless the problem is an extremely severe many women would not desire to perform this. It is just necessary to understand that the arms are an area in which over there is a propensity to develop lax skin, and also when this wake up liposuction alone is often not a satisfactory treatment.

Male chest: Treatment of masculine breasts – gynecomastia – is one of the fastest growing plastic surgical treatment procedures. Two species of tissue consist of gynecomastia: fatty tissue and glandular tissue. The glandular organization is firm and rubbery. It can not be eliminated with liposuction, but rather needs to it is in excised. Fatty tissue deserve to be eliminated with liposuction. In some cases liposuction alone is the right treatment for gynecomastia, in rather excision of glandular organization alone. And in numerous both approaches are necessary.

Female breast: The so-called “scarless breast reduction” is chest reduction by liposuction. With simply two little incisions under the breasts, fat deserve to be removed from the breasts and also the breasts do smaller and also lighter. The does not lift the breasts and the amount of weight eliminated is limited by exactly how much of the chest is comprised of fat as opposed to glandular tissue.

Upper external breast: Many females complain that a tiny bulge that fat just in former of the optimal of their armpit which creates a bulge simply to the next of the bra. In severe situations this is as result of an abnormal build up that glandular chest tissue. However when the is just fat, the area deserve to be diminished with liposuction. This is frequently done at the time of a chest augmentation.

Upper and also lower back: Many patient who have actually liposuction of other parts of the body come in requesting liposuction of over and also around their shoulder blades. The is probably because if numerous other fat stores room removed, the untouched fat cell in this area deserve to swell. But many rather who have not had actually liposuction excellent elsewhere, have the right to still have actually excess fat here. The skin quality is commonly excellent and contracts well.

Tummy: The tummy is just one of the most frequently requested locations for liposuction. It is additionally one the the locations that most frequently has contour irregularities following liposuction. That is because there is usually much less fat below than most world imagine. For many their love handles/hip rolls contribute much an ext to your girth than excess fat ~ above the stomach. Stomach skin additionally doesn’t have the same capacity come snap back and maintain elasticity as many other parts of the body do.

After weight loss or pregnancy, this skin have the right to be a little bit loose, developing the impression of much more excess fat than there really is. And this skin often establishes a little bit of cellulite in the ideal of cases, and also there is a hazard that this can be worsened v liposuction that the stomach. But when the fat class is thick and the skin top quality is good, liposuction that the abdomen deserve to yield a remarkable improvement.

Love handles/hip rolls: This is unquestionably the finest area because that liposuction. A lot of fat deserve to be covert here, the skin quality is good, and also usually a lot deserve to be eliminated with no readjust in the high quality of the skin. Reshaping this area deserve to make a large difference in someone’s overall contour, making the buttock look much better and the whole body look lot smaller. Plenty of of our patient in Colombia also include fat grafting of the buttocks to enhance those feminine curves.

Buttock: Liposuction of the buttocks is uncommonly done because the buttock skin does not contract well and also often look at droopy. This is only done in restricted amounts in someone who buttocks clearly has an overly inflated look. In fact, buttock fat grafting is often an unified with liposuction of the hips and thighs to maximize feminine curve in this an ar and is really popular through our patient in Cartagena.

Outer thighs: Outer thighs are an essential area because that liposuction. Many very thin women have excess fat in this area that creates a disproportionate shape. The vital to this area is deciding exactly how much have to be removed because it is simple to have too much removed, which makes the area look at flat and also androgynous. The is really important the it is done technically an extremely sound, as dimpling and also surface irregularities space possible.

Inner thighs: If someone has a bulge high increase on the inside thighs, it deserve to be diminished well with liposuction. However if who does not have a bulge, however is just full from the peak of the thigh to the knee in one directly line, the is difficult to carry out liposuction to thin the whole area the end uniformly and evenly. The is specifically important to assess the skin top quality of the top inner thigh as well. That skin can get thin and also dimpled in some patients, and also if it is lax enough, a thigh lift may be necessary.

Also that is vital to acknowledge that only in extreme situations is liposuction of the inside thighs clearly shows to people other 보다 you. Indeed, it is hard to show even a far-reaching three-dimensional development in the within thighs top top a constant two-dimensional photograph. What is best about inner thigh liposuction is the you will not feel your thighs poignant as much, and by reduce the thickness of your thighs; pants will certainly fit looser on the outer thighs and generally allow pants come fall far better on you.

Knees: Many women have a bulge in their inner knee. If this bulge is decreased even a little bit, the leg can look much much longer and an ext slender. Periodically a bulge just over the knee can additionally be eliminated by liposuction. Yet if the skin over the knee is thin, climate liposuction over the knee is no a great idea since the little gain in fat reduction by functioning on the area is often offset through the increase in wrinkling that the skin.

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Calves/ankles: Liposuction of the calves and also ankles can give some that the ideal results in liposuction, yet the restore is longer and also the ede takes more time to solve than most other areas of liposuction. Most world realize how much ede can occur in the feet and ankles ~ a long day at work-related or also an airplane flight. For those same reasons, swelling in this area persists because that months after ~ calf/ankle liposuction. Yet for patients ready to undertake compressive stockings because that months after surgical treatment the results deserve to be dramatic. Patients who were unable to wear boots before can find themselves able come wear boots, or feel much more confident put on shorts or a skirt.