SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - SEPTEMBER 11: Joey Votto #19 the the Cincinnati Reds (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

Joey Votto will certainly not acquire the full enhance of his 2020 salary. Because that every game not played, the Cincinnati Reds very first baseman will certainly forfeit around $154,000.

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According to Spotrac, Joey Votto‘s contract will pay him $25M during the 2020 season. Votto signed a 10-year/$225M contract earlier in 2014. Votto is the Cincinnati Reds highest-paid player, however, because that every video game missed this season, the first baseman will forfeit around $154,320.

There is right now a conflict among major League Baseball and also the football player union. Follow to Yahoo! Sports, MLB is feather to reduce players salaries also further between the coronavirus pandemic. MLB is suggesting that north ballparks, most likely to it is in norm because that the 2020 season, will proceed to cut into the leagues already diminished revenue.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the league and the union had already reached one agreement back on in march 26th to reduce players earnings by 1/162nd because that every video game missed. Union head Tony Clark sees the issue of additional reductions as a closeup of the door case and is ready to move on come finding methods for players to get ago onto the diamond safely. Here’s a quote from Clark via Yahoo! Sports:

"”Players freshly reached an commitment with significant League Baseball the outlines economic terms because that resumption the play, which included far-reaching salary adjustments and also a variety of other compromises. That negotiation is over.”"

While $154,320 is a chunk of change, several of the players who signed offseason contracts are going to take a large hit together well. Gerrit Cole, who signed v the new York Yankees, is slated to lose $222,222 because that every video game missed in 2020.

Some of the Reds recent cost-free agent acquisitions will have to forfeit some significant dough as well. Mike Moustakas, that signed a four-year/$64M contract this past winter will lose $74,074 for every game not played. Nick Castellanos, whose 2020 value is slightly greater despite similar terms to Moustakas’ deal, will lose about $98,700 for every game not played.

For several of the football player on the Cincinnati Reds make the organization minimum ($563,500), they was standing to lose $3,478 because that every game not play in 2020. This includes the likes of mockery VanMeter, Nick Senzel, Tyler Mahle, Jesse Winker and Cincinnati’s ace louis Castillo.

It to be reported yesterday that many clubs throughout significant League Baseball, consisting of the Cincinnati Reds, will certainly pay their baseball ops personnel v the end of May. The said, follow to Yahoo! Sports, rob Manfred made the relocate on Monday to allow clubs to lay turn off or cut the pay of significant league and also minor league managers, coaches, trainers and scouts.

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For the services of the game and also the fans, hope Joey Votto and the reds of the Reds team is maybe to discover the field sometime in the near future. While likely to be played in prior of no fans, the was recently reported that MLB may be looking right into a three-state arrangement that would encompass Florida, Arizona and Texas.