The precise weight of her living room will depend on its size, contents, and the quantity of furniture you will be relocating. As soon as hiring professional rememberingsomer.com, you may want to effort to calculate the weight of your residence to obtain an idea the what your move will cost. Additionally, if you are renting a truck and also transporting your own goods, you will require to recognize the cubic clip of your possessions to know what dimension trailer you will certainly need. The complying with table list some usual items discovered in a living room, your weight, and also size in cubic feet so girlfriend can far better determine the volume of the thing you will be carrying for your move.

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ItemWeight (in pounds)Cubic feet
Flat display screen TV (small)355
Flat display TV (medium)568
Flat display screen TV (large)14020
Entertainment center (small)21030
Entertainment center (large)42060
TV Stand17525
Three-seat sofa28741
Four-seat sofa35050
Sectional sofa (4-piece)1050150
Sectional sofa (5-piece)1295185
Coffee table (small)7010
Coffee table (large)10515
End table10515
Cabinet (small)7010
Cabinet (medium)14020
Cabinet (large)24535
Cabinet (curio)7010
Glass cabinet14020
Desk (small)15422
Desk (large)24535
Bookcase (per section)14020
Bookshelf (small)7010
Speakers (standard)355
Speakers (large)7010
Area rug (small)355
Area rug (large)7010
Grandfather clock14020
Floor lamp213
Table lamp142
Mirror (small)213
Mirror (large)497
Painting (small)213
Painting (large)497
Room divider7010
Window AC unit404
Box of books142
Box the CDs142
Box of DVDs142

Packing your living room

Packing the sofa

First, remove the cushions from the sofa to wrap separately.Wrap the whole sofa with furniture blankets, taping it securely through packing tape. Never let the ice come in direct call with the sofa. Make sure to cover any type of finished hardwood (such as the legs) as well. Stand the sofa on its end to make sure the entire piece is sheathe securely.Alternatively, you can wrap the entire sofa in microfoam or record pads, taping whatever tightly simply as friend would do with furniture blankets. Then cover the sofa through shrinkwrap. Psychic to never ever use shrinkwrap straight on the surface of the sofa--it have the right to trap condensation and also cause unsightly water damage. That can also cause detrimental damage to a animal leather sofa if the melts and also sticks to the leather. Constantly use microfoam or paper pads (or both) together a obstacle between her sofa and also the plastic shrinkwrap.

Packing lamps

Separate the shade from the lamp. Eliminate the harp (the metal structure that surrounding the bulb) from the shade.Prepare your lamp shade box by pour it until it is full the bottom through crumpled pieces of packing document for cushioning.If you have several lamp shades that can fit into each other, you can stack them within the box.Place the lamp shade(s) within the box and also surround with an ext packing file until that is snug. This will store the shades stationary during transit. Seal the box with tape.Wrap the harp by lie it near the finish of a paper of packing record and rolling the forward until it is fully wrapped.Wrap the body of the lamp through corrugated record or document pads. Lie it on the sheet of a sheet v the cord away from the lamp. Pave the lamp till it is fully covered, and then tuck the cord inside the package and continue wrapping. This will save the cord separate from the lamp"s surface and prevent any kind of scratching. Ice the record in place.Pack the lamp inside a box simply slightly bigger than the lamp. Fill the box with crumpled packing paper for cushioning, making certain there is no extra an are for the desk lamp to rattle around. Tape the box securely and also mark that "Fragile" with arrows indicating which direction the box need to be lugged and collection down.

Packing CDs and DVDs

Pack CDs and also DVDs in small (two-cubic-foot) cartons. If you fill them in bigger boxes, they will be too hefty to carry and also could collapse through the bottom.Stack them in rows at the bottom that the box, as you would on a shelf. Place a paper of packing paper over the stacks and also begin one more row ~ above top.Stack extra DVDs and also CDs flat on the optimal to usage up extra space.Lie one critical sheet of paper over the top prior to sealing the box securely with tape. Mark the box through its contents and destination.

Packing electronics

Remove any kind of disks from the within of CD and DVD football player or computers. Turn the items off and remove the wires. Brand them through the item they belong to and also bundle them through tape.Electronics need to be packed in their initial packaging if possible--if not, use a box just slightly bigger than the items to keep it stationary.Wrap the article with document pads and tape that securely. Prepare the bottom of the box with crumpled packing record for cushioning. Set the wrapped electronic item within the box, and fill the sides and also the peak with an ext paper. When it is snug and also unable to shift inside that the box, tape that securely and mark "Fragile".

Packing pictures and mirrors

Lie your snapshot or winter face-down top top a stack of pack paper. Pave the frame completely, and also tape securely.If especially delicate, you may opt to wrap it again through bubble wrap.For optimum protection, you should purchase a mirror box to transport your pictures and also mirrors. A winter box is a specialty carton that comes in 2 pieces i beg your pardon fit about the framework of a mirror, painting, or print.Prepare the winter box by pour it until it is full the bottom the one half with some crumpled document for cushioning. On slide your structure inside, proceeding to insert file around the corners and also frame for protection.Take the second component of the box and slide it end the height of the frame, fitting it into the bottom fifty percent of the box snugly. Ice cream the 2 pieces of the box together securely through packing tape. Label the box "Fragile".

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Packing books

Pack books in little (two-cubic-foot) cartons. If you load them in larger boxes, they will certainly be too hefty to carry and could collapse v the bottom. Ice the bottom of the box for reinforcement.You deserve to pack publications inside the box one of three ways: was standing up, spines up, or stack flat. If you fill them was standing up, save the open component of the publication facing the wall surface of the box, maintaining the publications spine-to-spine.Wrap any kind of books that room especially valuable or sentimental in packing document before placing them within the box.Extra publications can it is in laid level on height of the rows if room allows. To fill in any kind of additional space with crumpled packing file to certain the books remain stationary throughout transit.Tape your crate securely and also label it with the contents and also destination.Photo by: Photostock (Freedigitalphotos.net)