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Pie weights space a usual baking tool offered when pre-baking a pie or tart shell. This procedure is likewise called remote baking.

Although pie weights do from ceramic are obtainable in stores, there are plenty the substitutes you have the right to use in a pinch.

What Is remote Baking?

You may want to blind bake a pie crust when the pour it until it is full cooks more quickly than the crust, an interpretation if girlfriend cooked lock together, either the crust would turn out underdone or the pour it until it is full overdone.

And climate there are details pies, prefer cream pies, custard pies, or chiffon pies the aren't small at all, for this reason the crust demands to be small by itself, then cooled and also filled.

Additionally, as soon as you"re do a fruit pie, the filling deserve to leak juices which soak right into the uncooked pie dough and cause the finished pie to have actually a soggy bottom crust. Remote baking a pie tardy will aid prevent this usual baking problem.

But girlfriend can't merely line a pie pan v crust and also bake it. If friend did that, the crust would certainly bubble, blister and also puff increase or shrink, do it impossible to use. The key to blind baking is you have to weigh the crust down with something to host it flat.

varieties of Pie Weights

The many common form of pie weights is composed of nothing an ext than a multitude of plain ceramic balls roughly 3/8 the an inch in diameter. A traditional cup (by volume) that these converts into about a pound of weight, which—distributed throughout the bottom surface ar of an unbaked pie crust—is sufficient to store it nice and also flat throughout baking.

Another type of pie load is a chain that stainless stole balls. This work precisely the exact same way, except that the balls are connected, do it much easier to add and remove them.

Finally, there's a nifty contraption built rather favor a perforated stole disc, i beg your pardon fits snugly atop the bottom of the pie crust and also holds the flat. This disc is ringed v a collar that heat-resistant silicone i beg your pardon fits over the in salt of the crust to protect against it from burning.

how to use Pie Weights

When blind baking, the pie tardy is usually lined through parchment record (or a substitute) and also the pie weights go on top of the parchment, climate the entirety thing is baked. Make sure to spread out the weights approximately so they"re evenly dispersed from the edge to the center andnot all simply piled in the center.

A single collection of weights must cover an entire standard pie or sour crust, however if several of your weights have gone absent or the looks favor your coverage is uneven, either acquisition another set or see below for alternatives in a pinch.

usual Pie Weights Substitutes

Now, even though pie weights are cheap and easy come find, that doesn't matter if you desire to blind bake a pie crust right now. If that's the case, there room a number of substitutes you deserve to use.

Uncooked bean or rice: This is most likely the most generally recommended pie weight substitute. Simply line the bottom crust through parchment, cover v uncooked beans and bake.

Note that baking the beans this way means you can't chef those bean later. The good news is you have the right to use castle over and over together pie weights. You can even tie them up in a cheesecloth bag to store them together, and also simply ar the cheesecloth bag on the parchment. Again, make sure to spread the bean around.

Steel ball bearings: If it's an ext convenient because that you come visit a hardware store or machine shop 보다 a kitchen store, you can use steel sphere bearings as pie weights. They may actually even work better than ceramic weights since the heat from the steel will help to chef the peak of the crust to an extra crispy doneness.

You could additionally use glass marbles, but make certain that castle don't crack or break (although the parchment record should market some defense from glass fragments).

Sugar: for a novel and multipurpose pie weight substitute, try filling the parchment with simple white sugar. The sugar will weigh down the crust simply as the beans or rice will, yet the cooking process imparts some caramelization come the sugar and also you can actually usage the roasted sugar afterward.

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Two pie plates: and finally, honorable point out goes to this counterintuitive solution: Lay her crust throughout the pie pan, then swarm a second pie pan on top of it, push them together, and bake the whole thing upside-down. It can be useful to spray the bottom that the 2nd pan v baking spray.