If friend are constantly looking because that an possibility to execute something thrifty and also maybe do a fast buck, a mobile home frame could carry out a wide range of opportunities. Through a little of creativity, guidance native your other DIY-ers, and also of course, our advice, you have the right to do just around anything.

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You will need a many heavy-duty tools, time, and a small bit the know-how. The basic procedure goes choose this:

Remove/strip whatever that’s not nailed under (furniture, appliances, etc.).Strip the rest of the inner fixtures (cabinets, sinks, closets, doors, windows, etc.).Dismantle the roof.Remove the wall and ceiling panels.Strip the exterior walls.Remove all the wiring and electricals and keep lock together.The wooden structure of the walls need to be stripped, as closely as possible to save the planks in one piece.Strip the flooring then underbelly.All fastenings and also bolts native the frame must it is in stripped.Sort all products according to type. Discard items that can’t be recycled.To get an even much better rate, reduced all metal materials down right into chunks.Sell usable appliances and take the rest of the scrap to a recycling dump/scrapyard/etc.

You can uncover a an ext in-depth, easy-to-follow guide at the Hunker that covers the procedures of how to Recycle a mobile Home.

Have that demolished/scrapped through a pro

If you desire to keep the frame, this might not be an option. In many cases, building contractors like these will certainly only occupational on an all-or-nothing basis. However, you can strike the lucky. That unlikely that you will acquire much the end of that after the scrappers have taken your cut. In fact, you could still owe them some money for their labor. However, this is the fastest and most painless way to acquire it done.

0-sum salvage

Another popular method to eliminate manufactured houses is with what’s dubbed a 0-sum salvage. Using this way, you try and discover someone that will scrap your home for complimentary on the problem that lock keep any type of of the proceeds from the salvage.

However, it can prove a trouble to find someone willing if you want to save the framework as this is just one of the best money makers. Over there is likewise always the risk that you find someone unreliable that can’t complete the project or pipeline behind a chaos for you to clean up.

Thrifty points you deserve to do v a mobile house frame

Now the you’re left v a clean mobile house frame, us can lastly get to several of the amazingly thrifty methods to recycle, reuse or repurpose, the are open up to you.

Recycle her mobile residence frame

As we discussed before, the cell phone home frame is one of the most beneficial parts the the house to scrap. Mobile house chassis is composed of steel and weigh a significant amount. Depending on the size of the home it must weight in between 3,000 come 10,000 pounds. The largest homes can go over 20,000.

Right now, stole goes because that anywhere between 10-40c every pound depending upon the scrapyard and also the quality. The price you obtain will additionally depend largely on the quality of the steel. If it has actually some rust damage, for example, you deserve to expect substantially lower, if anything.

As such, you have to pay extra fist to it throughout this process. It might look like the ideal thing you have the right to do is to supply it to the scrapyard in one piece. However, the isn’t the case. If a scrapyard obtain a massive, solid piece of product like a frame, they will certainly pay the end less due to the fact that of the time and also labor required to reduced it down to size in order come melt and recast it. The ascendancy of ignorance is to reduced it down right into one cubic foot pieces using an angle grinder, cut torch or steel saw.

Another thing you should consider, particularly if you desire to keep the structure for a trailer, is even if it is or no to save the wheel axles. If you decision to build in part heavier duty axles, you deserve to remove these because that scrap.


In the case that you are working v an larger mobile home frame or a single-wide, the size should be perfect for anything native a studio to a workshop to a shed. You could even build a new home if you feeling confident enough. However, including things like pipes and complex electrical systems can exponentially increase the an obstacle of the project.

Having just the frame

Starting with just the frame, you will need to:

Build the structure for the walls: The best means is to construct H-shaped wooden frames. Usage 2/3” or 2/4” wooden joists. They need to be large enough to add some insulation (if desired).Cover the walls: you will require an exterior and also interior wall. You can start with a base layer and then add on panels on top.Get a floor installed: the a good idea to have actually an underbelly that protects the floor, climate a class of insulation, then a great of subflooring and then your actual floor.Install the roof: You can buy an entire roof kit the you simply fasten to the top or develop your own.Electrical installations: girlfriend should most likely start doing this as you build out the walls.

In the event that you plan to open up your new structure come the public, for example, in the case of a shop, you will need to acquire the proper licensing native the neighborhood authorities. Nevertheless of i m sorry DIY project you tackle, girlfriend might additionally want to obtain to grips through the ins and also outs of a mobile home. Check out our useful guide on how to develop a manufactured house on a chassis.

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Here space two wonderful projects whereby someone has controlled to turn a dilapidated old produced home structure into a store. Both civilization have been nice sufficient to share almost their whole project. These DIY jobs will give you one amazingly insightful look at just how to remodel a operation down manufactured home:

What else can you build?

We have actually seen plenty of other principles of what to perform with a mobile home frame floated roughly online. How plenty of of these tasks were actually watched through, we’ve no idea. However, we know around at least two: a brief span bridge and also a beat stage.

Manufactured master are recognized to it is in an endlessly creative bunch up for virtually any DIY challenge. Skulking approximately on appropriate forums should help you come up through a few more principles or carry out hours of entertainment at the really least.

What can you come up through for your mobile residence frame?

We hope the you have controlled to draw some inspiration from some of these ideas. If nothing else, friend might be able to make a couple of bucks off that hunk of steel lying around and taking up space. If friend come up with any kind of of her own ideas or projects, we would love to hear around them as well as have friend share it with your other readers!