Ovens are crucial appliance come anyone’s home. Once picking the right one for you and also your kitchen, don’t overlook the load of the oven, which will certainly be essential for moving and also installation.

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How lot does stove weigh? A conventional oven selection weighs 130-220 pounds top top average. Wall-mounted ovens generally weigh 80-160 pounds. Big commercial ovens average up come 500 pounds. And small ovens, such as toaster ovens, weigh about 25 pounds.

As you have the right to see, the form of range you pick has a substantial impact top top the quantity it will certainly weigh. Examine out the compare table listed below to get review of the weights by stove type.

Comparing range Weights

Look in ~ the table listed below to compare typical weights of various oven styles.

Types the OvensBasicSmart
Oven range (Stovetop/Oven Combo)130220
Wall Oven80120-160
Double wall surface Oven160230
Toaster Oven2525
Commercial Oven350500

As you can see native the table, stove weights have the right to REALLY vary. The extra features that come v ovens add extra weight however can additionally make your cooking experiences an ext convenient.

Now let’s destruction deeper into these oven varieties and look in ~ a few specific examples to acquire a clearer picture.

Different varieties of Ovens

1. Stove Ranges

Oven ranges are the typical stovetop/oven combinations that you discover in plenty of homes. An oven range can be one of two people gas, or electric, and they typically weigh 130-220 pounds.

Here’s a good example the a renowned gas oven range at house Depot. It weighs 194 pounds.

And here’s a great example that a popular electric oven variety at residence Depot. It weighs 158 pounds.

The most an easy oven range will usually be around 130 pounds. save in psychic this cooktop does not have any kind of smart technology. We’re talking around the many bare-bones model you can buy. 

But, together you boost the size and number of features in your oven, the load will additionally go up. On the high-end, oven ranges weigh approximately 220 pounds.

If you considering an oven that’s NOT stove range, climate it’s probably a wall surface oven.

2. Wall surface Ovens


Wall ovens room ovens that have the right to be installed into your wall at any height you favor in her kitchen. They perform not take up any type of walking an are in your kitchen and also they just weigh about 80 pounds ~ above average. 

This type of cooktop comes in a couple of different styles.

For company owners, or for very serious kitchen enthusiasts, over there are likewise commercial ovens. Which, together you may guess, are super heavy!

3. Advertisement Ovens


Commercial ovens space made to do a ton the food, therefore they are noticeably larger. This is the form of cooktop that you would usually discover at a restaurant.

The dimension of the commercial oven varies depending exactly how much food a restaurant would put out top top a common day.

These ovens room designed to be able to handle food preparation a big amount that food every single day. You also have the alternative of having a double oven in her commercial oven.

You will require a lot of of assist moving this form of oven due to the fact that they have the right to weigh as much as 500 pounds top top average!

Commercial style ovens can be discovered here at ideal Buy’s website.

4. Toaster Ovens


Finally, toaster ovens space the the smallest of the bunch, and weigh about 25 pounds ~ above average.

If you not familiar with toaster ovens, they are tiny (microwave-sized) ovens. Yet don’t referee them by their little size, toaster ovens have the right to perform a lot of of various functions in the kitchen.

It is really choose a pair of your kitchen appliances all rolled right into one. You can bake, toast, and also warm increase food in this small appliance.

You can also purchase a toaster stove that has actually a mix of various other appliances through it. For example, you can buy a toaster oven/air fryer combination, or a toaster oven/pizza range combination.

Now that you have more info on range weights, you may be wondering exactly how to relocate the stove to your desired location. As nerve-wracking as it might sound, moving around an expensive and also heavy piece of devices can be simpler than girlfriend think. Here are a few tips to assist you acquire through it.

How to relocate an Oven

Taking Measurements

No matter just how you decision to relocate your oven, the very first thing you’ll most likely need come do, is to make sure you’ve taken the crucial measurements.

You will desire to understand how big your doorways are, how big your oven is, and how big the designated spot for your stove is.

This is extremely necessary information you have to know, because if you cannot also get the cooktop through the door, climate that will certainly be a substantial problem.

Delivery and also Installation Options

Now, this is essential to consider. Many stores offer you the option of paying an extra fee for transporting the appliance to her house and even installing it.

It may seem favor an unnecessary extra expense, however this option can reduce your stress and also the risk of friend straining/injuring yourself.

Fees will typically vary depending on how much away girlfriend live native the keep you bought the from, and also how high-quality the devices is. After ~ the fee is paid, the just thing you have to do is organize the door!

Use one Appliance Dolly

If you decision to walk ahead and also move the stove yourself, then it will be immensely useful to have actually an appliance dolly.

These dollies space specifically designed because that moving heavy appliances, and they also come with straps to ensure that your appliance remains on the dolly while it is gift moved. They likewise come with rubber on the relaxing rails, in bespeak to safeguard your high value appliances from scratches and dings. 

Here’s a yes, really helpful video clip demonstrating just how to effectively use one appliance dolly come lift one oven:

You can likewise read a complete tutorial on how to safely move your appliances with an appliance dolly.

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Ask for A help Hand

Another crucial thing to carry out if you decide to move the cooktop yourself, is come ask for help!

Doing it completely by you yourself could reason extra and unnecessary stress/risk. So, carry out yourself a favor, and find a strong friend or neighbor to loan a hand.

I expect you’ve uncovered this short article helpful. If you want an ext tips ~ above home advancement and kitchen projects, examine out our blog!

And if you occur to it is in really right into learning the weights that things, then we’ve additionally done one in-depth summary of the weight of toilets.