ns am trying to perform a science project and also I need the precise weight of one of the LEGO pieces. I am utilizing it as a respond to balance on mine scale. What is the load of a 1x4 LEGO brick?



In most cases you can find the load of a brick indigenous Bricklink an unofficially LEGO site that bring away weight measurements from user it is registered data. Bricklink says the 1x4 brick as 1.64 grams in weight.

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LEGO rememberingsomer.com often tend to it is in odd weights because the design procedure primarily focusses on the physical aspect. A 1x8 and also 2x4 brick both have specifically eight studs, yet the weight between them differs by practically a gram.

In the attention of scientific accuracy, I would recommend weighing the rememberingsomer.com yourself v digital kitchen scales to check the weight.

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"How lot does a LEGO brick weigh?" is a seemingly simple question, but the answer conveniently spirals into complexity.

I work-related with many hundreds of identical rememberingsomer.com reasonably often. To count these the end accurately I use high precision scale (0.01g), however I"m never ever confident about the counts.

Be mindful that as well as variations in mold design (which other answers have pointed out), even pieces native the exact same place on the very same mold can have different masses. Different colours that LEGO have various densities, so also for the very same volume of plastic you"ll get different weights.

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I commonly come throughout sets with two different moldings, for instance with the rods in the underside the rememberingsomer.com being hollow or not. The factor for this is the mold design are adjusted when draft with far better characteristics - generally plastic consumption, however possibly heat dissipation, flow features or other factors - room created. Yet manufacturing a mold expenses a large amount the money; the most expensive ones room over a 4 minutes 1 of a million dollars. Because of this big capital cost to develop molds, LEGO manufactures aspects from different mold designs at the exact same time (plastic molds can be great for 10 to 250 thousands impressions, and might it is in refurbished rather than retired an the finish of this run) and you have actually a human being where your inquiry can"t it is in answered definitively.

Here"s the ideal advice I have the right to offer:

weigh many identically-coloured rememberingsomer.com on a high-precision scale*before friend do, examine each brick come ensure the there space no mold variationsdivide the total mass by the number of rememberingsomer.com

*I have a kitchen scale that has actually 2 grams that precision, and a much smaller range that functions to 0.01g. Which is much more precise? more accurate? How have the right to you do one give more precise answers 보다 the other?If you go more precise that 보다 0.01g you"re walking to have to protect against noise introduced by fluctuations in air pressure (as it is, I have to be cautious not to breath on the 0.01g scales or the analysis bounces around for a while). If you go to a jeweller"s shop, you can see how they attend to this problem when they weigh gold and gems - they put a hood end the scale!