Alcoa wheels is to update its product portfolio v the Ultra One 22.5 x 8.25-inch wheel, which weighs in at 39 lb -- a full pound lighter 보다 the design it will certainly replace.

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Alcoa wheel is update its product portfolio v the Ultra One 22.5 x 8.25-inch wheel. Whichweighs in at 39 pounds -- a complete pound lighter 보다 the version it will certainly replace.

“This is quite probably the strongest wheel we’ve ever made, and also it additionally happens to be the lightest,” said engineering director Mike Baird. The upgrade was announced Feb. 23 at the yearly meeting that the an innovation & maintenance Council in Atlanta.

The Ultra One maintains a classic look and features hand holes that space 34% larger than vain offerings, giving easier accessibility to valve stems, the firm said.

But the product also emerges v the assist of a brand-new patent-pending Alcoa wheels Hub bore Technology. While the inside wheels on dual assemblies frequently stick top top hubs, because of the contact patch between the aluminum wheel and also the pilot, Alcoa Wheels stated this architecture reduces the amount of aluminum that actually touches the hub. It leaves just enough metal to align the wheel.

This reduce the hub-to-wheel contact area by as much as 64% when compared to other aluminum wheels on the market, leaving much less surface area for corrosion to form, the company said.

The wheels are easily accessible with high polish and also mirror polish finishes, and also Dura-Bright and Dura-Black surface ar treatments.

“It’s additionally really vital to understand what didn’t change,” Baird said. Aesthetically, it is the very same as the wheel gift replaced. “You truly deserve to mix and match this wheel if you need to.”

The new wheel comes v a five-year warranty.

Podcast Launch

Alcoa Wheels also announcedthat that is tapping right into the field of expertise of internal specialists with a new podcast title “Behind the Wheels.”

Hosted through Doug Mason, Dave Walters, and also Mike Yagley, the 30-minute talk-show layout discusses heavy-truck and also medium-duty axle ends.

Monthly installments will address brand-new topics around axle ends.

Episode 1 consist of the “Industry’s Darkest Secret,” highlighting wheel-offs, why lock occur, and also how they have the right to be prevented.

Behind the wheel is obtainable for download in ~ www.alcoawheels.com/podcast, or via iTunes, Spotify, and also Google.

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