Are you trying to find a yellow Chain weight Calculator? read through for mean weight of yellow necklace in grams. The article contains the median weight that mens gold chain. Girlfriend will also explore the 14k gold chain weight calculator in the post.

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Anyone that is looking come buy a gold chain would favor to know just how much it weighs. Not only does load of the gold necklace issue but also the in its entirety length of the yellow Chain is crucial factor which should be considered prior to buying any kind of Gold Chain. If friend are in search of a yellow Chain weight Calculator or simply want come know about it climate you space at the right place.

Astute shoppers of yellow chains, such as figaro, curb, rope or other varieties of necklaces, recognize that the intrinsic value of the precious metals used identify its actual industry value. Find out how to price gold chains from any type of jewelry retailer and to obtain the absolute finest value possible.

gold necklace in grams

Gold Chain load Calculator



1Look for the gram weight.The first step of analyzing whether a gold chain necklace is priced accurately, is to check the yellow chain because that the detailed “gram weight” of the chain. The lot of grams in a chain is the measure of the gold contents in the item.<1>Knowing the gram weight of a chain will allow you to compare the quantity of yellow in the chain with various other items from various other stores, offering you the perfect tool to “comparison shop”.If you space shopping native a classic jeweler, lock should have a jeweler’s scale and be may be to attain the weight of the item for you, best then and also there.If you are shopping online, the gram weight need to be listed in the necklace’s description, i.e. “This chain weighs approx. 34.0 grams”.3Obtain the existing market price of gold in ounces.You deserve to do therefore from a gold site, such together example, as of the composing of this article, the spot price because that gold is approx. $1,200 per ounce. Using, the below straightforward formula, girlfriend will require to convert ounces of gold to grams of gold (since yellow jewelry is often provided in grams, no ounces. Grams are much more manageable when dealing with the typical weight of many gold jewel items)<3>:Price of gold per ounce / 31.1 / 24 x KARAT of her item = basic price that gold content per gram that gold.In the listed below example, plug $1,200 per oz (today’s gold price) into the formula for determining the base price every gram the a 14K yellow chain. Various other numbers in the formula stand for 31.1 grams per ounce of gold. 24 represents 24K which is pure gold and also what the gold sector value uses, because they space representing the worth of 24K gold every ounce.Example: $1,200 / 31.1 / 24 X 14 = $22.50 every gram. What does this call you? that each 1 gram the 14k yellow is precious $22.50 as much as the life precious metals of gold room concerned. Still following? go to the last step to find out how it all comes together.

Scrap yellow jewelry is how people refer come items that are sent out to gold refineries to be melted down so the the valuable metal have the right to be extracted from the jewelry. If you space going to offer your necklace together scrap gold, you have to know exactly how much the pure gold in it weighs.AdvertisementAdvertisement

To calculation the weight of the yellow in a scrap gold necklace, very first you require to number out what its yellow purity is, and also then you can find out exactly how much pure yellow you need to value the at current prices.


average load of gold necklace in grams

The term “purity” when provided in recommendation to yellow jewelry denotes the proportion of pure gold the it has relative to the quantity of other steels in the yellow alloy.

Apart native gold, together alloys save one or more additional metals such together zinc, silver, copper, and also nickel, which make the product harder and an ext durable.

To uncover out the purity of a scrap yellow necklace, very first look carefully at it, and also see if you deserve to spot anykarat marks, such together 10K, 14K, 18K, or 20K.

If you can not see any kind of karat stamps, friend will need to have the necklacetested because that purity. Most jewelers have the right to do the for you.

You can additionally test your scrap yellow necklace for karats at house – you will just need come buy agold testing kit. (Click right here to browse with a an option of gold experimentation kits.)

After you’ve established the karat variety of the yellow necklace, girlfriend can transform that value to apercentage. Simplydivide the karats by24and main point the an outcome by 100.BLACK FRIDAY:25% turn off on engagement rings and also diamond jewelryfrom James Allen!

For example, a 20-karat yellow chain contains 83.3% pure yellow (calculated as 20/24 x 100).

If the clues on the chain space not the standard 2-digit numbers but instead have 3 digits, climate its purity is most likely expressed asparts per thousand. To convert such a number to a percentage, simplydivide through 10.(Text continues listed below ad.)AdvertisementAdvertisement

Thus, a note that reads “833” method that the chain contains 83.3% gold. The most common parts-per-thousand numbers you are likely to watch are417,583,750,833, and917.


average weight of mens gold chain

After friend have figured out the percentage of gold content in her necklace, girlfriend can uncover out exactly how much pure yellow it contains in grams or ounces. Every you must do is weigh the necklace on a precise scale.

Be certain to remove any kind of parts that are not gold so that you don’t incorporate their weight, e.g. Pendants do of another material or gemstones.

When you recognize theweightof the scrap gold necklace, simplymultiplythat number by thepurityof the yellow alloy.

As one example, let’s assume the you have actually a necklace that weighs 10 grams, and also you have identified that that is 18 karats pure.

We understand that 18 karats equates to 75% yellow content, for this reason we have the right to calculate that the end of the 10 grams gold alloy the necklace is make of, 7.5 grams is pure gold.

Gold dealers frequently usetroy ouncesandpennyweightsinstead of grams to measure up gold. Right here is howgramsare convert to this units:

1 gramis equal to approximately0.0322 trojan ounces.

1 gramis same to approximately0.643 pennyweights (dwt).

1 troy ounceis same to20 pennyweights (dwt).

Determining the worth of a Scrap gold Necklace

Now that you know exactly how much pure yellow there is in her necklace, you have the right to estimate the value.

Dealers the buy scrap gold will quote friend a price every gram or ounce, and also you have the right to look up theirquoteson few of their websites to calculate exactly how much you can get for her gold.

Alternatively, you can estimate the worth of her scrap gold necklace based on currentgold industry prices.

You deserve to assume the a gold dealer will certainly pay a price per gram of pure gold that will certainly be about80% of the pricethe metal sells because that on commodity exchanges.

Where come Buy a gold Chain?

If you’re looking come buy a gold chain, we recommend the you check outthe great selection that chains available at Amazon.

We also recommendBlue NileandRoss-Simons.

As jewelry Shopping guide editors, we write about things that us love and also we think you’ll choose too. We frequently have affiliate partnerships and also may generate some revenue indigenous these links at no price to you.

A gold chain is just one of the most common ways the gold is used in jewelry. However, most human being make the wrong of reasoning that a gold chain is a basic one-choice item.

Not quite.

Gold chain come in a selection of styles and lengths, and also it deserve to be quite a an obstacle to choose one. Whether it is offered to hold a pendant or to it is in worn together a an easy chain approximately your neck, here are 8 essential things come remember once you are on the hunt because that the perfect gold chain.

Tip #1: understand what you room looking for

There are different types of chain that occupational for various purposes and also personalities. Some chains have actually a masculine look at whereas rather are quite feminine. Some room able come withstand daily wear and others are far better to host pendants. Knowing why you’re buying the chain will aid you zero in top top the ideal type.

Here are the many common types of yellow chains available:

Bead or round Chain – This range of chains have little round beads of steel that are either spaced with some street or linked closely along with just a tiny space to enable movement. This are very popular specifically with dog tags for men. Girlfriend can choose the thickness the the bead which usually varies in between 1mm to 2mm thickness.ball chain goldBall/Bead chain. Check out it here.

Box Chain – This kind of chain has square “box” web links that space usually worn together a necklace because that pendants and around the wrist with watches. The quite thing around this chain is that it is much easier to repair than other types of chains. If a “box” breaks, the link can be replaced or the broken chain reattached with the staying links. Box chains room popular among women and variety in size from 0.5 mm come 1.5mm.Gold box chainBox chain. View it here.

Cable Chain – This is more than likely the simplest form of gold chain and also looks lot like a tiny variation of a usual iron chain. Straightforward but elegant, it has identical, uniformly interlocked ovals. This chain is popular for both men and also women, and ranges in thickness to fit all styles.Yellow gold cable chainCable chain. Watch it here.

Figaro – This is another gender-neutral chain, but a tad fancier than cable chains. Originating indigenous Italy, Figaro is composed of an alternating pattern that flattened links varying in size. Typically the pattern is 2 or 3 shorter links adhered to by a longer link. Figaro chain are commonly chosen for necklaces as well as bracelets.Yellow gold figaro chainFigaro chain. See it here.

Anchor or Mariner Chain – This chain is created of interlocking ovals through a bar that runs throughout the center of every oval. Anchor or mariner chain come in a range of widths, with thicker sizes common amongst men. There is a modern version referred to as the puffed mariner which is also really popular these days.Yellow gold mariner chainMariner/Anchor chain. Watch it here.

Rope Chain – This works prefer a “supporting” chain in the it is intricately designed to look prefer a genuine rope. This are more popular worn with a pendant i beg your pardon is the actual focal point.Yellow gold rope chainRope chain. Check out it here.

Snake Chain – created of small rings, either plates or bands, line chains room knit very closely together to type a continuous tube-like appearance that resembles that of a snake’s skin. This are an extremely delicate but really flexible and also would match a pendant well.Yellow gold snake chainSnake chain. Check out it here.

Spiga or Wheat Chain – Spiga, meaning wheat, is formed by delicately woven strands of twisted oval links. The chain looks choose a soft golden braid. This necklace is really popular through women since of its detailed pattern. It has actually a delicate, stylish look and can be worn by chin or v a pendant.Yellow gold spiga chainSpiga/Wheat chain. Watch it here.

Singapore Chain – This is one of the most delicate-looking and also beautifully designed types of chains. Do of yarn that space braided and twisted together, this is a standard chain recognized for the durability and strength.Yellow yellow singapore chainSingapore Chain. See it here.

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Tip# 2: recognize the chain strengths

If your key purpose for a chain is everyday wear, the number one question would be:

What is the strongest chain?

Out of every the varieties of chain we discussed above, the the strongest ones are those made of LINKS, such as cable, figaro and also anchor. These space the strongest for the complying with reasons:

The web links are soldered individuallyThey have the right to be make thicker (and more durable) and also still maintain that versatility of a rope chainWith the over said, they perform not have actually a bending point – which means they will certainly not break and can resist any form of task like bending, twisting, urgently or knotting.In the rare occasion that a attach breaks, the chain have the right to be repaired by replacing the link or reattaching the staying links.You need to remember though the this will certainly only apply to high quality metal. Any jewelry made the end of substandard product will deteriorate in time regardless the the design.

But just how to sort the actual deal native the not-so-great ones?

Tip #3 understand the material: solid chain vs. Hole gold chain

There space three species of material that a yellow chain deserve to be make of: solid gold, yellow filled and also gold plated.

What room these, friend ask?

For a comprehensive insight, inspect out our substantial guide to gold. Below is simply a brief outline:

Solid ChainsSolid yellow – Solid yellow doesn’t necessarily typical that the chain is made of 100% pure gold (24 karats). It deserve to be 22K, 18K, 14K or 10K. The these, 18 and 14 karat gold have the best combination of beauty and strength. Greater gold karatage results in a weaker chain while lower karatage results in chains that don’t have actually the finest gold color.

Gold fill – also called rolled gold, this kind of metal is made by bonding sheets of gold onto a base metal, generally silver. Rolled yellow is much less an useful than a solid yellow chain, but much better than gold plate.

Gold Plated – yellow plate is excellent by submerging the non-gold alloy into molten gold to produce the gold coating. This is among the inferior develops of golden chains in the feeling that the only gold product you can discover is on the coating of the basic metal. The is much less costly yet it is an ext temperamental due to the fact that it demands so lot care and maintenance to do its beauty last longer.Hollow gold ChainsHollow gold chains have actually a hollow an are inside, somewhat choose a tube. The reason for this is to minimize the quantity of gold offered in the chain.

For example, a hollow 14K yellow chain will certainly still be a gold chain, but with much much less gold than in a hard chain. Hollow gold chains are much less expensive and also lighter yet they are lot weaker. They have the right to dent, kink or break easily.

If you have actually the choice, go for a solid chain together it will last friend a very long time and also will never shed its value. However if you’re on a budget, a hollow chain gold chain still has more resale worth than a solid yellow plated or gold filled piece.

Tip #4 Is a hole gold chain fake?

This counts on the quantity of gold in the chain.

Not all hollow gold chains are fake. Hollow chains express to just how the chains are built not what kind of product they are made of. As stated above, hole gold chains deserve to still it is in made out of pure, 24-karat yellow or the other valuable gold alloys. And of course, they deserve to be gold plated.

But space hollow yellow chains the finest type? relying on what you usage it for, hole chains space either worth for money or a wasted investment.

Hollow gold chains are better worn every now and then and do not perform well for everyday wear.

Tip #5 advice the top quality of your gold

Because gold is a very in-demand metal, there will constantly be people who will try to fob you off v a fake. The an essential to outsmarting lock is to understand your information and also not autumn for these traps! here are 5 easy methods to identify whether a yellow chain is genuine or fake:

Hallmark – A hallmark is a small engraving ~ above the surface ar of an object of gold jewelry, usually discovered in really inconspicuous parts. This shows the purity and also material the the gold chain. Any reputable yellow chain manufacturer will incorporate a hallmark on your work.Porcelain test – one of the easiest ways to initially recognize if the product is fake or not is by rubbing it versus an unglazed porcelain tile. Inspect the shade the chain has actually left ~ above the tile. If the is actual gold, girlfriend should be able to see a gold yellow stain. If that is a fake (usually of pyrite), it would certainly leave a black streak.Magnet – one more easy initial test would be to check if the product is magnetic. Over there is no such thing as magnetic gold. If her chain is attracted to magnet, climate it way that it has some stole or also nickel in it. When this is a great test, mental that some scammers usage non-magnetic steels such together copper, aluminum and lead.Acid check – You can do this v nitric acid, hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid. Granted, it isn’t always easy to acquire your hands on these chemicals. But assuming that you do, all you have to do is to drop a very tiny amount of acid on the human body (not the clasps because some scammers would go therefore far regarding make the clasps real simply to trick you). If over there is no reaction, there is a an excellent chance the you have actually the genuine deal. If there is, climate you’ve got either a fake, a gold-plated item, or an item with a very little percentage of gold (and not specifically what the karat hallmark says).Appraisal – This is the sure-fire means to recognize the authenticity of your gold chain. The is rather costly to pay for an appraiser and this is finest if friend are managing high hazard purchases.

Tip# 6 Chain thickness: know which is for what

The thickness the a yellow chain doesn’t just serve aesthetic purposes. It also has useful uses. Yellow chains are produced thick or thin according to how they are used.

If you room going to use the chain to organize a pendant, take into consideration the dimension of the pendant. Make sure the chain is thick sufficient to be able to hold the weight.

anchor pendant goldChoose a chain through strength and also style for your pendant. View this here.

Some human being consider having long hair a significant issue when wearing gold chains. This is since smaller, diluent chains deserve to tangle easily, acquisition your hair with them. To avoid this, it is recipient to undertake a chain of medium thickness.

For guys who use the chain as a independent accessory, personality is key. If you are an ext of a flashy, boisterous type, a more thickness chain is good for you. For less complicated silent types, a slim chain functions well.

Tip# 7 pick the length of your chain

It may sound prefer a dirty joke, yet size does matter. Friend don’t want to it is in choked to fatality by your very own jewelry due to the fact that it’s too brief nor address a mess of tangles because it’s as well long. Chains varying from 14 to 22 inches are the most typical for continual wear.

Shorter chain are good for day and also night use, and are more comfortable if you arrangement to wear the chain while you sleep. As an aside, it is not advisable come wear your gold chain once you sleep because it can reason sleep marks on her skin and also there is the possibility of damaging the yellow by bending or denting it. An additional thing you need to avoid with quick chains is acquiring choked. Do room for part movement.

Longer chain are ideal for out wear and/or parties. They obtain in the method more than brief chains do and therefore are finest for unique occasions or when you space heading out.

Tip # 8 understand your style

You need to know your layout in bespeak to pick your chain.

If you like classy and also elegant designs, go for a thin, delicate chain. Choose a simple pendant to go v it because that a casual, stylishly minimalist look. Because that a much more outgoing human who likes to do a statement, one eye-catching bigger chain will occupational wonders. You can pull that off, therefore why hold back!

If you would choose to know much more about gold, examine out our an extensive guide ~ above gold.

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If you looking to buy a gold chain, Amazon has actually an unbeatable variety that suits every budgets. You’ll surely you your appropriate chain here.