With the production of the last episodes the the final season the Supernatural still on hiatus, for the moment being, fans space eagerly awaiting that return so it have the right to have a proper send-off.

The hit show has been about for 15 seasons, making it the longest-running CW show in history, and also there is therefore much about it the fans love. Dean and also Sam Winchester have literally been to hell and back to bring us one of the most complicated shows ~ above television.

yet this entirety time only among the Winchester brothers has actually been making bank, if the other has actually been lagging behind. Jensen Ackles and also Jared Padalecki space equally part of every the activity in the show, therefore why is among them making an ext money 보다 the other?

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The pay Gap in between Ackles and also Padalecki Is pretty Big

Dean and also Sam have actually driven Supernatural every these years. Without the other, over there is no Supernatural. The brothers have spurred pan into producing some truly interesting fan theories, memes, and also even fanfiction. They have actually made us laugh, cry, and also appreciate brotherhood.

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however apparently lock aren"t equal when it concerns their paychecks. Ackles provides a totality $50 thousand more than Padalecki per episode, through Ackles make $175 thousand and also Padalecki make $125 thousand.

one of The best Reasons because that The Pay gap Is due to the fact that Of Ackles"s Love because that Directing

There has actually been part speculation top top why over there is this pay gap, yet the greatest reason probably originates from the reality that Ackles has actually taken come directing some Supernatural episodes over the year (he isn"t the just CW star who has turned to directing as Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries has also gone behind the camera).

Ackles has actually directed six episodes the Supernatural. He started all the way back in 2010 in season 6 and directed one illustration a season after that until his last time in season 15 last year.

since season 15 will certainly be the critical season, Ackles wanted to walk behind the scenes when more. His concepts for the last episode he directed, "Atomic Monsters," turned out to it is in something like a full-scale activity movie. Therefore the show"s creator had actually to call him come dial it back a little to make it more television-friendly.

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So, who knows possibly Ackles will have the ability to make really awesome activity films as soon as his time ~ above Supernatural is up.

Whether Their character Plays A Bigger function In A Season might Be A Factor

Sometimes, native season come season, either among the brothers could play a bigger component than the other, and act together the "savior." probably this is what reasons the pay gap?

There are a lot of of examples of just how each brother has actually been the savior in past seasons. Because that instance, there was the season wherein Sam allows Lucifer possess him to carry him come the cage. Then there was also the season where Dean goes come purgatory to death the Leviathan.

While it is an amazing theory, it"s no really probable that the payroll would fluctuate so often like that. The payroll hasn"t seemed to readjust over the year either.

Their net Worth"s Are comparable Despite The salary Gap

also though Ackles makes an ext than Padalecki every episode, over there is not lot of a gap in between each of their net worths. Through Ackles precious $14 million, Padalecki come up just a million quick at $13 million.

If Ackles makes an ext money per illustration why isn"t his net worth bigger than $14 million?

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Ackles has been working because 1996 and started top top soap operas. The landed functions on Days of our Lives and also entered right into the CW (then the WB) when he was cast on Dawson"s Creek and also Smallville.

in addition to his tv work, he has starred in a pair of movies over the years, consisting of My Bloody Valentine, and has actually lent his voice for a pair of video games.

He also owns his own brewery through his family, referred to as Family company Brewing Co, and is in a band called Radio Company, who simply dropped their very first album.

Padalecki on the other hand has been working due to the fact that 1999. Coincidentally he play Dean on another WB show, Gilmore Girls until he was actors as Sam in Supernatural. Yet he has likewise worked top top some smaller movies, favor House the Wax, during his time top top Supernatural as well.

Padalecki was arrested last year for assault at a bar he owns in Texas, dubbed Stereotype. No doubt he had actually to pay part hefty fines as a result.

other than that, he likewise has a winery and also a organization with Ackles as well (like an additional CW brother duo, Paul Wesley and also Ian Somerhalder, who own their very own bourbon).

While the is sad the Supernatural is comes to an finish after so countless years, the pair of actors deserve to now relocate on to various other projects they could not have acquired time to perform while on the show.

critical year Padalecki was cast in one more CW show, a reboot the Walker, Texas Ranger, where he will also be the executive producer. It"s set to wait in 2021 after Padalecki"s Supernatural function has come to an end.

together of appropriate now, Ackles doesn"t have actually anything lined up after Supernatural, however he"ll probably pick other up eventually or just delve more into the directing world.

At least we know one thing for sure, the Winchester brothers will still it is in brothers in real life. Give thanks to god the pay space didn"t kind a genuine gap between them.

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