I recently simply picked up a 05 Silverado 1500. It has actually the 5.3. I desire to change the coolant, and am wondering if there is a bleeding procedure in replaceing the coolant? I understand i have to use Dexcool, other then that anything i have to look for or tips? Thanks very much.

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Posted July 5, 2010

Stay v Dex. You will certainly be much far better protected using it 보다 the green. To buy 2 gallons of the full strength. You'll should remove the reduced radiator water tap to drainpipe it. Over there is no drain on the radiator anymore. Consider replacing all your hoses. 5 year old and also depending on your mileage, they might be due.


As stated examine your manual, yet 14 qts is around right. Get at the very least 7 of the Dex in. Many world use distilled water to finish off the fill.


There is a purge procedure write-up in the Wiki.


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Posted July 6, 2010

Keep the Dexcool.... Just change it the very same as you have to your consistent Green stuff....... Each year or two. Don't stupid around and also leave that in for 5 year or 100k..... That will become toxic....


Yeah the exact same jerk that decided we did not require the drain plug ~ above the transmission pan.... He decided to take the radiator drain off toooo, and also GM believed it would be a cool IDEA....


So drop the lower hose and also make a really an excellent mess... Remember to store the animals inside...... ~ the coolant has actually be ran because that a pair heat/cool cycles it i do not care toxic...



Posted July 6, 2010

I've been a Gm technology for 25 years and I can't recall any kind of "recall" including coolant ever. Dex cool is good stuff. What that doesn't choose is communication with air. If you have a properly sealed device there is nothing better. If you have a coolant leak whereby air can acquire in the system (when the cools and would pull air in) it have the right to accelerate corrosion and also formation the a rust like material. Not uncommon on the 4.3 litres ago in the mid to so late 90's.

Posted July 6, 2010


Thanks because that the tips. The a 05 with 74k miles, so its about time to adjust the coolant. Ns will simply stick through the dexcool together well. Again, many thanks a bunch.

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Posted July 6, 2010

stay v dexcool, I provided two jugs and then mixed with distilled water.


hope all goes well, make certain to purge the device properly.




BlackOut V8

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