By: D. Gopalakrishnan & K.G. MythiliSardar Vallabhbhai Patel academy of Textile Management, 1483, Avinashi road, Peelamedu, Coimbatore � 641 004Department the Textile technology, PSG college of Technology,Peelamedu, Coimbatore � 641 004

Nanotechnology is all around making commodities from very small constituents, materials or subsystems to gain greatly intensified material properties and also functionality. One area where creation is proceeding at a very fast pace is miniaturization. High level of miniaturization is completed by the emerging field the nano modern technology ability to work in the molecular level atom by atom, to develop a big structures through fundamentally new properties and functionalities, with nano finishing. The distinct and new properties that nano material have attracted not just scientists and researchers but additionally businesses, because of their substantial economical potential. Nanotechnology also has real commercial potential for the textile industry. The usage of nanotechnology in the textile industry has actually increased rapidly due to its distinctive and valuable properties. The future of technology at time becomes less complicated to predict. Computer system will Compute faster, materials will end up being stronger, the technology that functions on the nanometer scale. The molecules and atoms will be large part that this future, allowing the textile field of person presence. It is elevating wave in textile to get a product which is having high quality and precision. Nanotechnology is much discussed these days together an emerging frontier �a real in which devices operate in ~ a scale of billionths the a meter. It is a multitude that rapidly emerging technologies, based ~ above the scaling down of existing innovations to the next level the precision and also miniaturization. Nano finishing is involved with positive control and also processing technologies in the sub nano meter variety and so must play vital role in the fabrication that extremely an accurate and good parts. The Nano technology has set its imprints in all the areas of science and engineering. The current status that nanotechnology usage in textiles is reviewed, with an emphasis on improving various nature of textiles.1.IntroductionNanotechnology is identified as �The an exact manipulation of separation, personal, instance atoms and molecules to develop layer�. One nanometer is one billionth that a meter. Nanotechnology according to the national Nanotechnology to plan (NNI) is defined as utilization of structures with at least one dimension of nanometer dimension for the construction of nano materials, gadgets or solution with novel or considerably improved properties because of their nano size. Nano finishing way any technology done on a nanometer or (10‾9) meter scale. The main aim that the nano finishing is �the specific manipulation the an separation, personal, instance atoms and molecules to develop a structure. This technology was launched 40 years back by Richard Feynmanand. Then following milestone was accomplished by posting K. Eric Drexler�s definite book around nanotechnology. The nano an innovation was adjusted to textile in 1998 by Dr. David Soane. That is applicable in developing nanofibres, shade changeable cloths, anti-stain, anti-wrinkle and some various other finishing procedures and also in filter fabrics. The advance of ultra good fibers, sensible finishes and also smart textiles based on the nano an innovation has end less properties and also their sensible properties are much more superior than the conventional procedure due to their greater surface area come volume ratio with your nano finishing. NANO is no a solitary technology, however a million various things. And also its unique feature is that there is part thing small about it with its finishing .It would be suitable to say the �The Next big Thing Is yes, really small�. Together Nano an innovation as a whole is tho in relatively early stage of development, that is attracting numerous research work and it would not it is in hyperbole to state �Tiny particles room going to shape our future through its next generation finishing prefer (nano �care , nano-pel , nano- touch , nano-dry, nano-sphere)

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5. Yeo, S.Y., Lee, H.J., and Jeong, S.H., preparation of nanocomposite yarn for irreversible antibacterial effect, journal of products Science, 2003. 38: p. 2143-2147.6. Draper D., Very tiny to it, people Sports Activewear, 2003. 19: p. 16-17.7. Mills Andrew & Lee Soo-Keun, J - (Photochem Photobiol Chemistry), 2002.8. Holme I, - (Textile Finishing), 20039. Derek Heywood - (Society that Dyers and Colourists, England) 2003. the author:K.G. Mythili - room of Textile technology, PSG university of Technology, Peelamedu, Coimbatore � 641 004.

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