The former skilled boxer, George Foreman, known as two-time human being heavyweight champion, to be a ladies" man, indeed. He has been married to five different women. The boxer had actually an on and off married relationships.

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George Foreman"s ex-wives room Adrienne Calhoun, Cynthia Lewis, Sharon Goodson, and Andrea Skeete. That is married to his now-wife, Mary Joan Martelly. You"d it is in surprised to know the boxer has a full of 12 children.

Many of you might not know George"s ex-wives and also his existing wife like you know the champion boxer. So, without any type of further ado, let"s get straight right into the article.

George Foreman and His an initial Ex-Wife, Adrienne Calhoun 

According to Star Tribune, the 2 met top top a blind date on Aug 29, 1970. One of Adrienne"s man friend had introduced right here to the previous boxer. The ex-couple date each various other for 18 months and married in 1971.

They also had two youngsters named Michi Foreman and also a kid whose name starts through George only. Since Adrienne had actually come indigenous a divorce home, she thought she was going to be married forever. However George, top top the other hand, want to it is in a people champion and just wanted to gain out there and play.

So, George and Adrienne divorced each various other in 1974. However then three years later, Foreman asked come marry her again. She knew he"d have divorced her yet, so she stated no. Nevertheless, George and Adrienne are good friends, and she has a great second marital relationship with Ben Jones since she claimed he is introverted than her and very laid back.

Cynthia Lewis Foreman Is an Author

Cynthia Lewis is George Foreman"s 2nd wife, who he married in 1977. She is one author and has released a couple of books as well. "You deserve to Run... But You Can"t Hide: The secret Diary of mine Life with George Foreman" is one of her publications you can discover in an excellent Reads.

Similarly, "Bruised yet Not Broken: The Cynthia Foreman Story" is an unpublished book that tells a woman"s restore from traumatic experiences beforehand in life. Her marital relationship with George was short and unhappy together they be separate in 1979.

Also, in 2002, George had dealt with the claims of Jasmine Christina Foreman, who said she to be his daughter. It had actually stemmed native his marital relationship with Cynthia. Yet the blood test proved that that was no her father.

George Foreman and also Sharon Goodson"s marital relationship Lasted much less Than A Year

George Foreman"s marital relationship with ex-wife, Sharon Goodson, is the shortest of every one of his marriages. Lock tied the marriage knot in 1981, but it failure to last a year.

Some sources proclaimed that the ex-couple were married because that over seven months and had divorce in 1982. They also did not have any kind of children together. Sharon is a secret in the limelight also.

Andrea Skeete and also George Foreman"s Daughter, Freeda Foreman passed away Of Suicide

The ex-married couple, George Foreman and Andrea Skeete, wedded in 1982. They additionally became parents to their 2 children, Freeda Foreman, and also George Foreman III. However their marriage pertained to an finish in 1985 after three years.

Suddenly, the sad news of Freeda Foreman"s death hit the household hard together she passed far on Mar 9, 2019, in Houston, Texas. Andrea and her family members were devasted.


Andrea additionally came close to the media and also opened up around her daughter"s death. The pain might be plainly seen on her confront as she talked around Freeda Foreman.

Andrea is the grandmother of the late boxer, Freeda Foreman"s two daughters through her husband, Eric Carr. Andrea is also the great-grandmother of 3 adorable children.

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Three decades Of marital relationship With Wife, mar Joan Martelly

It says third time is the charm, however in the legend boxer"s case, the 5th time was the charm. George Foreman and also his wife, mary Joan Martelly, married each various other in 1985 just after his divorce to Andrea Skeete.