The power intake of refrigerators is 400-1,000 kWh every year (this applies to models in the 21-25 cubic-foot range). The mean energy consumption of contemporary refrigerators is 400-600 kWh every year. This equates to 33 kWh-50 kWh per month, or an mean wattage of 46 come 69 watt (this amounts to an median hourly power consumption of 46 come 69 Wh).

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Unsurprisingly, bigger refrigerators consume much more energy (with part exceptions), and this is since the volume of wait (and food) that has to be cooled is greater. Below, the energy usage data is arranged by refrigerator size. Because that now, the power usage data ~ above this page is that of modern-day refrigerators until more notice.

Power consumption Calculator has actually a power consumption calculator the you deserve to use to calculation the energy intake of refrigerators and numerous other appliances. That will certainly calculate the energy consumption of her refrigerator every month, and you have the right to input your power rate come calculate exactly how much her refrigerator prices to run per month.

A Whirlpool frozen fridge label v details such together amperage, refrigerant, and also the forced refrigerant charge.

The label over is that of a Whirlpool 25 cubic foot refrigerator, and also it gives a few basic details about it, such as electrical ratings, refrigerant, among other things.

5.00 oz R134a‘: This means that it must be charged v 5 ounces that the refrigerant dubbed ‘R134a’, this is relevant only if you are doing a repair that entails replacing the refrigerant, otherwise you deserve to ignore it.

115VAC/60HZ‘: This method that this refrigerator should be plugged right into a 120 Volt AC (AC method alternating current) strength outlet i m sorry is 60Hz. Ask one expert about the frequency that the network in your area.

AMPS 7.10‘: This method that this frozen fridge can draw up come 7.10 amps of present under common circumstances. This is valuable if you’re identify a circuit’s forced ampacity (current capacity). Electricians might need this details if installation a circuit for her kitchen.

If you main point the 115 VAC by 7.10, you’ll acquire a wattage of 816 Watts. Your refrigerator is no going to consume this much power all the time, together the defrost heater (usually numerous hundred watts) switches on indigenous time to time come thaw ice buildup come facilitate airflow through the evaporator.

The operating wattage the most household refrigerators is in the 100-200 Watt range, with 120 watt being specifically common.

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Power consumption Of 18 Cubic-Foot come 19 Cubic-Foot Refrigerators

The power usage of 18 cubic-foot refrigerators (up come 19 cubic feet consisted of in this section) varieties from 404 kWh come 553 kWh per year. That is worth her time to look for the yellow energy Guide label (usually within the refrigerators at the store, occasionally in their drawers) and only purchase refrigerators under 500 kWh/year. Go for less than 450 kWh if friend can! Those models space common.

The height freezer models ranged indigenous 404 come 472 kWh per year. The mean power consumption of 18 cu-ft refrigerators is 458 kWh/year. This walk not include freezer-only or fridge-only models like the Frigidaire pro upright series.

Annual operating cost of 18 cubic-foot come 19 cubic-foot refrigerators (electricity cost):

$48 come $66.

$48 come $56 per year for optimal freezer models.

Power consumption Of 21 Cubic-Foot Refrigerators (594L)

The power intake of 21 cubic-foot refrigerators averages 570 kWh/year. This includes models the the top-freezer, bottom-freezer, and also side-by-side configurations, therefore, the averages are broken down further below.

The energy usage of the top-freezer models averaged 491 kWh/year.

The energy consumption of the bottom-freezer models trailed behind in ~ 539 kWh per year, and the side-by-side models fared worst at 637 kWh/year. If a side-by-side isn’t an absolute must, you can save a lot of of energy by purchase a top-freezer or bottom-drawer frozen fridge instead.

In general, for this capacity, ns would shot to purchase refrigerators v a power consumption below 550 kWh/year. Lock are relatively easy to find.

Annual Operating price Of 21 Cubic-Foot Refrigerators (electricity cost):


$58.92 because that top-freezer models.

$64.66 for bottom-freezer models.

$76.44 for side-by-side models.

Please keep in mind that no 4-door models were provided in this calculation. Part 4-door models tend to consume an ext energy 보다 those through bottom-freezer and top freezer configurations.

Here space some instances of newer models on the market:

BrandModelClassConfigCubic FeetUsage (kWh/year)
Kenmore61212Top Freezer21393
Kenmore61219Top Freezer21608
Kenmore71212Top Freezer21472
LGLFC21776STCounter-DepthBottom Freezer21400
SamsungRF220NCTASRBottom Freezer21.8630
LGLFC22770STCounter DepthBottom Freezer21.8587
Kenmore71322EliteBottom Freezer21.8587
SamsungRF220NCTASG/AABottom Freezer21.8630

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Power consumption Of 22-24 Cubic-Foot Refrigerators (623-679L)

The power usage of 22-24 cubic-foot refrigerators (a very common size) arrays from 584 kWh/year for a 22.1 cu-ft model with a bottom-mounted freezer to 683 kWh/year because that a 23.7 cu-ft version (also through a bottom mounted freezer). Only the 23.7 cu-ft model had a through-the-door ice cream dispenser.

One counter-depth bottom-drawer freezer model (23.7 cubic feet) was found, and also its power intake is estimated to be 683 kWh/year.

Annual operating expense of refrigerators (electricity cost, with 22-24 cubic feet of capacity):

$70 to $81

Here’s a table through the power consumption of 22 cubic-foot refrigerators:

22 Cubic Foot Refrigerators - power Consumption

BrandModelClassConfigCubic FeetUsage (kWh/year)
LGLMXC23746DBottom Freezer22.7665
Kenmore12822Chest Freezer22383
Kenmore79023EliteBottom Freezer22.1589
SamsungRF23J9011SRCounter-Depth4-Door Flex22.5679
SamsungRF23HCEDBSR/AABottom Freezer22.5699
SamsungRF22KREDBSR/AACounter DepthBottom Freezer22.4663
Kenmore79343Bottom Freezer22.1584
Kenmore79022EliteBottom Freezer22.1589
LGLMXC23796DInstaViewBottom Freezer22.5697
SamsungRF23HCEDBWW/AABottom Freezer22.5699
The power usage of 22 cubic-foot refrigerators.

Power intake Of 24-28 Cubic-Foot Refrigerators (679-793L)

The power consumption of the huge kitchen refrigerators surveyed in the 24-28 cubic foot variety starts at 688 kWh/year for 24.2 cubic feet come 722 kWh for 28.1 cubic feet models (not inverter models).

It’s worth noting that some bottom-drawer freezer models are an ext energy-efficient 보다 their side-by-side counterparts of the same/almost the very same size. A Kenmore 25.6 cubic foot bottom-drawer freezer design in the inspection was rated in ~ 681 kWh/year, if a 24.5 cubic foot Kenmore side-by-side model was rated at 701 kWh/year.

Bottom drawer freezers (if the bottom that the drawer is completely enclosed) can minimize the amount of cold air that falls out once you open up the drawer, together opposed to letting it fall right out favor a side-by-side design would.

Annual operating expense of 24-28 cubic foot refrigerators (electricity cost):

$82 to $86

Power consumption Of 28 Cubic-Foot Refrigerators

The energy intake of modern-day 28 cubic-foot refrigerators averages 739 kWh per year. The four-door French door models (with twin bottom-drawer freezers) fared finest with an median power consumption of 722 kWh per year, followed by two-door solitary bottom-drawer freezer models v an yearly power intake of 732 kWh per year.

Four-door (with no drawers) and also two-door side-by-side refrigerators fared worst v a power consumption of 780 kWh and 739 kWh/per year respectively.

Annual Energy expense Of 28 Cubic-Foot Refrigerators:


Energy expense Of Four-Door French Door Models: $86.64.

Two-Door, single Bottom-Drawer Freezer Models: $87.84.

Side-By-Side Models: $88.68.

Four-Door (No Drawers): $93.60.

No top-freezer models were had in this calculation. Top-freezer details will be added as it is discovered. Although, top-freezer models do tend come be more energy-efficient than their side-by-side and also bottom-freezer counterparts.

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Power usage Of Mini Fridges And small Dorm Refrigerators

How lot Does It expense To operation A Mini Fridge?

The power consumption of mini fridges is typically under 400 kWh. Mini fridges consume 207-345 kWh every year. Please keep in mind that not all mini fridges have freezers constructed in. This will affect refrigerator power usage as well. The power usage of freezers is higher than the of refrigerators.

Additional Energy usage Data because that Mini Fridges (these figures vary with model)

The following are instances taken from modern-day (individual) refrigerators’ energy Guide labels and also are estimated.

Midea. 1.6 cubic feet: 207 kWh/year – $25/year (these figures are electrical energy costs, not overall costs).

Haier. 2.7 cubic feet: 238 kWh/year – $29/year.

Midea. 3.1 cubic feet: 270 kWh/year – $32/year.

Igloo. 3.2 cubic feet: 219 kWh/year – $27/year.

Danby Designer. 4.4 cubic feet: 226 kWh/year $27/year.

As is displayed by the data above, some models are built to a higher efficiency standard than others, which is why some smaller sized models consume much more energy than other larger ones.

It’s essential to keep in mind that mini fridges are sometimes thermoelectric, i beg your pardon may an outcome in greater energy usage. Compressor-powered refrigerators room significantly more energy-efficient 보다 thermoelectric fridges.

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Power intake Of Inverter Refrigerators Vs conventional Models

Inverter refrigerators use approximately 46.9% less power than their conventional counterparts. Inverter refrigerators differ from conventional refrigerators in the they differ the rate of your compressors making use of inverter technology. Standard refrigerators usage single-speed compressors that revolve on at complete speed to cool under your refrigerator, and also then close up door off as soon as they’re done.

Inverter appliances often tend to come in at a greater price suggest than non-inverter appliances, but in countless cases, a return on investment is achievable. This is dependency on usage.

How Inverter Refrigerators Work

Inverter refrigerators run by adjusting the rate of their compressors in conjunction v cooling demand. The warmer the frozen refrigerator cabin is, the more it will turn up the compressor come ensure that it cools down.

Refrigerators are superb at preserving low temperatures because of thorough insulation and airtight door seals, for this reason inverter compressors room able to operate at a low speed, bring about quieter operation and reasonably low energy usage.

Energy performance Tips: how To reduce Refrigerator energy Usage

Refrigerator power consumption can be diminished substantially via the following practices:

Don’t leaving the refrigerator door open up too long: opened the door causes a comprehensive amount that cold air to autumn out, and it will be replaced by the warmth air from her kitchen. That provides the fridge compressor much more work to do, as it needs to switch ago on and also cool it off.

Ensure your defroster is in an excellent working order: If your refrigerator’s evaporator or wait vents are blocked with ice, this will have a profound impact on it’s performance, together it won’t have the ability to circulate the air with the evaporator.

This outcomes in raised power consumption since the compressor needs to stay on much longer to compensate for that performance reduction. It additionally causes food spoilage. Clearing frost buildup is just one of the most efficient ways to minimize refrigerator strength consumption.

Airflow Check: Another an excellent way to mitigate refrigerator power consumption is to clean her condenser (if it is obstructed with dirt). Her condenser doesn’t need to be squeaky clean, together it can acquire dusty really quickly. However, air demands to pass through it freely, otherwise the fridge will consume excessive amounts of electricity.

A clogged condenser can reason overheating, and also in general, a hot condenser outcomes in abnormally high refrigerant pressures. Abnormally high pressures choose these rise compressor power usage substantially.

Installation: If your refrigerator is mounted with its ago too close come the wall, that have the right to obstruct airflow v the condenser, leading to overheating and greater power consumption. This is dependency on the model, as part refrigerators have both air vents at the front.

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If your refrigerator has air vents in ~ the back, check the hand-operated for clearance requirements. Part kitchens have vents built into your refrigerator compartments to facilitate airflow.

Buying A new Refrigerator: If her refrigerator is an ext than twenty years old, you might be able to recuperate the expense of a new one via energy savings. Just don’t purchase a bigger design than you used to have! (unless friend really carry out need much more space)