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Write under or remember your answers and DON’T CHEAT!!!!!

1. A little girl kicks a fully-inflated football ball. It travels 10 feet and comes ago to her. How is this possible?

2. How numerous birthdays go the mean woman have?

3. Some months have 31 days; how countless have 28?

4. A 10-foot rope ladder hangs over the next of a watercraft with the bottom rung on the surface ar of the water. The rungs room one foot apart, and the birds goes up at the rate of 6 inches every hour. Exactly how long will it it is in until three rungs are submerged?

5. A guy dressed in all black color is walking down a nation lane. Suddenly, a big black automobile without any lights on comes around the corner and also screeches come a halt. Just how did the auto know he was there?

6. Is that legal because that a male in California come marry his widow’s sister?

7. A rooster laid an egg on the height of a barn roof. Which side did the egg role down?

8. If there are 3 apples and also you take far 2, how plenty of do friend have?

9. A doctor gives you 3 pills informing you to take one every half hour. How many minutes would certainly the pills last?

10. Exactly how many pets of every sex go Moses fill onto the Ark?

11. A salesman in the butcher shop is 5′ 10” tall. What does he weigh?

12. How can a man go eight days there is no sleep?

13. How countless two cent stamps are there in a dozen?

14. How deserve to you background an elephant with one hand?

15. If it take it eight guys ten hours to develop a wall, exactly how long would it take 4 men to develop it?

16. Larry’s dad has five sons named Ten, Twenty, Thirty and Forty… What would be the name of the 5th son?

17. There to be an plane crash, every solitary person on plank died, however two world survived. How is this possible?

18. A truck driver travels under a one-way street the dorn way, and passes at the very least ten police. Why is he no caught?

19. Imagine you’re in a quickly sinking row watercraft surrounded by hungry man-eating sharks. How would friend survive?

Don’t read any type of further until you’ve answered all the over questions!

 1. Ever before heard that gravity? She kicked that up right into the air and also it came earlier down.

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2. Just 1, the day she was born.

3. 12; every the months have at the very least 28 days.

4. Never. The boat and also the rope rise as the birds goes up.

5. It was day time.

6. No; because if he has a widow, then he need to be dead.

7. No side; due to the fact that when go roosters begin laying eggs?

8. Two; you take it them, remember?

9. 60; start with the 1st pill, 30 minutes later on take the 2nd, then 30 minutes because that the 3rd.

10. Zero; Moses didn’t have an Ark, boy name did!

11. Meat, a butcher weighs meat!

12. By sleeping throughout the night time.

13. There are 12 two cent stamps in a dozen.

14. Nothing worry around it, cuz you will do it never uncover an elephant v one hand.

15. No time in ~ all; the wall has already been built by the an initial eight guys.

16. Larry would certainly be the fifth son.

17. The two survivors were married, not single.

18. Since he to be walking on the sidewalk, not driving.

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19. Hey silly, protect against imagining!!!

Your evaluation:

Add her score… how did friend do?


Number Correct:

12-19 creative Genius

10-11 over Normal an innovative Thinker

7-9 typical Thinker

4-6 probably you could use a cup of coffee?

1-3 the must have been a doozy the a party critical night!

0 are there any type of next that kin girlfriend would prefer us to notify?

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