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walk 1 bag tuna = 1 can...... For recipe purposes? (better, dishes, sandwich)
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Gonna make some tuna helper. Didn"t see an answer on google however they seem about equal as soon as making a sandwich.
There are various sized pouches the tuna. The smaller sized one is 2.6 oz. Larger one is 6.4 oz.I don"t recognize the weights that either when drained that water. Probably not much different with pouches, lock seem lot "drier" than the crate tuna.Regular size can of tuna is 5 oz. Drained the water load is 4 oz. Larger can of tuna is 12 oz., drained the water is 9 oz.
For tuna helper the precise amount that tuna isn"t really the important. You include the tuna according to friend taste, IMHO.
For tuna helper the exact amount the tuna isn"t really the important. You include the tuna according to friend taste, IMHO.

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I was simply going to agree through the others who said you can"t yes, really mess up with a dish prefer this. Any kind of amount the tuna would be okay. For me, I"d like to put a good amount as you did, OP. Two pouches are better than one.
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