Harry Potter: 12 Facts about The hogwarts Castle The movie Leave out The take care of Potter movie couldn"t probably fit in every detail, due to the fact that the publications have therefore much information — definition they left a lot about Hogwarts.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts
The Harry Potter movies to be astounding and brought even more fans into the fandom. Comes in at eight movies, a complete run-time the 1,178 minutes. And also that"s no counting the Fantastic Beasts movies. Yet even if the movies had been double as long, they never might have consisted of every detail the books revealed. There were plenty the details left out of the movies, indigenous characters, to rules, to entire subplots.

Hogwarts is a complex and intimidating castle, in ~ times. Yet the movies didn"t even scratch the surface ar of what truly goes on within Hogwarts, or every one of the hidden mysteries it contains.

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and yes, every one hundred and also forty-two of castle move. These actions come in all varieties, from narrow to tall, and also everything in between. Few of the actions vanish, together students like Neville will anxiously tell girlfriend (the bad boy never did master memorizing which ones to skip).

The activity of the staircases is somewhat less predictable than the movie indicated. Which is more than likely saying something. The stairs relocate around, periodically up and sometimes down. Few of the stair will readjust their location entirely on details days of the week.

11 The Doors Are just as Tricky

The doors in ~ Hogwarts are probably nearly as challenging to navigate as the stairwells. We"re well aware of doorways to the college student dormitories. Or at least, come a couple of them. The Fat Lady calls for a password, and she"s no the just one. The entrance to the headmaster"s office will just open if you recognize the password. Granted, guessing the password when Dumbledore was in office wasn"t the most difficult of tasks.

Other doors at Hogwarts may require a riddle to it is in answered, a song to it is in sung, or a tickle in the appropriate spot. For example, the kitchens at hogwart are hidden behind a stubborn life painting of a bowl of fruit. If friend tickle the pear in the bowl, you"ll it is in granted entrance.

Ravenclaw usual room in the bother Potter game
The Fat Lady is one of 4 doors that result in the college student dormitories. The Slytherin typical rooms are hidden behind a door that shows up to be a wall, and a password is required to gain through. The Ravenclaw doorway requires the answer to a riddle. Meanwhile, the Hufflepuff door is probably one that the much more unique entryways. It"s concealed near the kitchens, in a hallway wherein you will discover a bunch of barrels inside wall up. If you tap the correct barrel to the appropriate rhythm, you"ll be permitted inside. Together for within the dormitories, we"ve seen plenty the the Gryffindor common rooms, and also hints because that the Slytherin and Ravenclaw ones. What the movies didn"t acquire a chance to display us is the the Slytherin dormitories reside partially under the lake in ~ Hogwarts. That"s the true reason for the eerie glow in ~ the rooms – every the light coming in the home windows is first filtered v the lake itself.

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The Ravenclaw dormitories room in one of the towers, just like Gryffindor. It"s the many open the the four, sporting several verandas and windows. It additionally has a big library – unsurprisingly. Meanwhile, Hufflepuff dormitories are near the kitchens, as pointed out earlier. While the is in the basement, that is explained as emotion warm and sunny, with several bright light and a welcome feel. Adorably, the typical rooms are full of potted plants.

9 Tricks and also Tracking

gryffindor typical room
There space plenty the tricks hidden within hogwarts to ensure the students behave and are safe. Because that example, walk you understand that if a boy tries to get in the girls" dormitories, the stairs will certainly turn into slides and also promptly eject the boys? The very same is no true for the reverse – girls are totally free to get in the boys" dormitories as they please.

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There are plenty of various other tricks roughly that keeps the students behaving, however we"ve however to see all of them yet.

Not numerous know the exact location that Hogwarts, and there"s a reason for it. Hogwarts has dozens ~ above dozens the spells protecting the location of the school. Some of the spells were designed v the will of protecting the students, if others were designed to save muggles away. It"s unlikely that Hogwarts will certainly ever appear on any type of map, and also interesting things would likely take place if a satellite tried to take photo of the area – though it most likely wouldn"t get the image it wanted.We do know that Hogwarts resides somewhere in Scotland, yet not lot else. It does help to store the mystery alive, not discovering the specific location the the school.

7 modern technology Won"t Work

thanks to every the security spells cast on the castle, no muggle an innovation will occupational on the college grounds. This is the factor why students don"t have actually phones or laptops, a truth that would surely be lamented in today"s day and also age – even by witches and wizards.

It does seem that simpler forms of an innovation will work, as confirmed by Colin Creevey"s old fashioned camera. But even that was likely pushing it. Miracle equivalents of an innovation are for sure though, such as the cameras and radios supplied by witches and also wizards.

This may seem extraordinary, however what is Hogwarts, if not exactly that? Hogwarts has the capacity to regenerate and also heal. Typically this reality doesn"t seem choose a significant deal, together the college doesn"t come up versus anything also destructive. Assuming of course that students don"t do mistakes when learning their spells...

Hogwarts was most notably damaged at the finish of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Throughout which the fight of hogwarts occurred. Much of the castle was damaged or damaged during this battle. However the institution did in fact repair itself, just not immediately so. We"re certain that Filch appreciated this fact!

5 There room Over 20 Ghosts

go you recognize that there"s much more than simply the 4 House Ghosts? Moaning Myrtle, practically Headless Nick and also the Bloody Baron are most likely the most notable from the movies. The various other two home Ghosts space The Grey Lady and The Fat Friar.One that the ghosts left out in reality plays a far-reaching role in hogwart student"s everyday (or probably weekly) lives. The history of magic professor, Professor Cuthbert Binns, is in truth a ghost himself. It"s joked that someday he acquired up and also went come teach, but had left his body behind.

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Another notable number that to be left out isn"t rather a ghost, but he"s close enough to be had here. Peeves the Poltergeist did no make it into the movies. A fact that many Harry Potter fans lament. Peeves was a nuisance frequently, but he played a significant role throughout Umbridge"s tyranny in Hogwarts.

The residence Elf staff was carried to Hogwarts throughout the time of the four founders. Helga Hufflepuff herself brought them top top board, which may surprise fans. However, she walk it v the intent of creating a sanctuary because that the elves.

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The elves beat a critical role for the castle. Lock clean, move the furniture approximately for students, and also prepare every one of the food. They likewise have no attention in receiving payment for your work, with the exemption of Dobby that is.

3 The school Motto

did you know that Hogwarts had a school motto? It"s difficult to believe, we know. But it"s yes, really! The institution motto is “Draco dormiens nunquam titllandu” which converts to “Never tickle a sleeping dragon.”

It sound a little silly, the end of context. However this is hogwarts we"re talk about, therefore we"re sure it make perfect sense to the founders.

The publication of Admittance and also the Quill of Acceptance are two very powerful magical artifacts. With each other they track and also write down magical students. They will certainly only include a student as soon as it is clear that they have significant magical strength – the school"s method of avoiding squibs from being placed on the roster.

Both item are hidden within among the towers in ~ Hogwarts. That is not an area the students are allowed to go. And if we"re being honest, it"s one of the few rules that Harry didn"t break during his time there.

1 hogwart is Sentient

sometimes it seems prefer Hogwarts has a mind of the own. And that"s most likely because, in a way, the does. Hogwarts is completely capable of make decisions for itself, and has happily excellent so when provided the opportunity.

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For example, once Umbridge properly ousted Dumbledore, the Headmaster"s Office sealed up and also would not open up for her. The didn"t issue what spell or command she used, as much as the school was concerned, she was no the headmaster, and thus didn"t deserve to enter.