Stripping and also waxing resilient floors can be a an extremely profitable type of extra-bill job-related if priced correctly, occasionally bringing in profit margins phibìc of 50%. Not only is this work very profitable, the makes regime floor maintenance easier and also can significantly improve the look at of the customer's facility. Many of united state use typical per square foot prices as soon as we submit pricing come our customers. However, understanding exactly how this price is acquired can aid us make modifications when necessary and also give us more confidence when pricing bigger or more facility jobs.

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Below is a strip and also wax pricing example given to me by Tom Wilkinson, a friend, long-time sector veteran, and also a fellow member the the upstream BSC Mastermind Group.

Cost the stripper (10,000 sq ft / 1,000 sq ft every gallon = 10 gallons x $15 = ($150) = 1.5 cents per square foot

Cost of complete (5 coats x 10,000 sq ft / 2000 sq ft every gallon = 25 gallons x $14ea = $350) = $.035 cents per square foot ($350)

Cost of pads, mops, etc. (estimate) = 1.5 cent per square foot ($150.00)

Cost of job (2 people, 2500 sq feet every day to strip and also finish, 4 total days
8 hours each(64 total hrs), $18 every hour wages, + 20% because that taxes and also insurance = $1,382) = $.14 cent per square foot **This figure could go increase or down depending upon the difficulty of the job**

Total prices to contractor = $0.20 every square foot or $2032.00 price for labor and material, not consisting of travel or moving of furniture.

50% Markup - $0.30/sf

75% Markup - $0.35/sf

100% Markup - $0.40/sf

By keeping an eye on her material and also labor prices, you have the right to keep keep a firm understand on her strip and wax costs.

In mine experience, an active approach to extra invoice sales is far an ext successful 보다 waiting because that customers to call and request services. And also the best method to rental an active approach to include sales is making use of the supervisors most closely connected to the customers. Additionally, pay commission on every add-work sold.

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At my company, we provide all our area managers the authority to market extra bill jobs to their customers. They recognize the building needs and they have regular access to the customer. Equipped with a standard price sheet and the an inspiration of acquiring sales commission, our managers are well positioned to offer extra-bill work. In the past 3 years, we have actually doubled the amount of extra bill job-related we carry out by deploying our area managers in this manner.

Know her pricing, empower her managers, and also pay them commission. This is the recipe because that extra-bill success.