We’ve all heard the reference to drink eight eight-ounce glasses (64 ounces in total) that water daily. But is this correct, or simply a commonly followed myth? how much water need to you drink a day?

Why Water Matters

Literally every system in our bodies makes use of water, which accounts for approximately 60 percent of complete body weight. As such it’s basic to know why the inquiry of how much water to drink a work is important.

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Water works to flush toxins from our bodies and transport nutrient to ours cells. A absence of water, or dehydration, have the right to have danger consequences. Areview that Water, Hydration and Healthby the national Institutes of wellness points to number of potential health pertains to related come dehydration. These encompass impaired cognitive, gastrointestinal, kidney, and heart function. Dehydration is commonly associated with headaches, and also hydration levels may impact numerous chronic diseases.

In regards to athletics, even mild dehydration have the right to negatively impact physical performance, with athletes participating in high-intensity or endurance tasks (think tennis or triathlon) being especially susceptible. Dehydration throughout exercise can manifest as boosted fatigue, boosted perceived exertion, diminished endurance, and lagging motivation.

Fluid entry is obviously important. But how much water need to you drink a day?

How lot Water A Day?

The conventional “8 x 8” referral is best up there v digging into a day-to-day apple to store the doctor away. Sure, it sounds favor a great common-sense concept. But is 64 ounces that water precise and suitable target? The price isn’t specifically a straightforward yes or no—nor is it the very same for everyone.

The many recent and also widely welcomed water consumption guidelines come from the national Academy of science (NAS). In theNAS report on diet intake, the official recommendation for just how much water to drink a work is to consume enough to fulfill your thirst. Normally, claims the NAS, most adults living in a pleasant climate will normally take in enough fluids v drinking to thirsty (in enhancement to the water contents consumed from your food) come maintain appropriate hydration.

NAS does, however, market Adequate input (AI) dietary guidelines, and that’s where we uncover the many recent liquid intake goals. According to the NAS, a general guideline because that adults periods 19 and older is for guys to consume 125 ounces of full fluids per day (3.7 liters), when women need to aim for 91 ounces (2.7 liters). It’s crucial to keep in mind that these numbers account for complete fluid intake, consisting of that from all beverages and food. Roughly 20 percent the our liquid consumption comes from our food, so the readjusted beverage guidelines space 101 ounces (3 liters) because that men and 74 ounces (2.2 liters) because that women.

Notably, both these AI pointer numbers are over the long-held 64-ounce threshold. But prior to you latch top top your new fluid goal, save in psychic that countless variables influence exactly how much water to drink a day, and also it’s feasible you’ll want to drink even more. This variables include:

If girlfriend live in a warm climate, you’ll require more fluids. Likewise, how countless ounces that water a work you require will boost at high altitude, and in indoor settings with dried heated air.

Certain common health conditions—such together fever, vomiting, and diarrhea—contribute to liquid loss, and thus require additional intake.

Pregnant and breast-feeding women require extra fluids to continue to be hydrated. The NAS bumps the AI tip for total beverage consumption up come 78 ounces because that pregnant women and also 105 ounces when breast-feeding.

If you practice hard sufficient to sweat, you require to add extra fluids to her regimen (the amount depends on just how long and also hard friend exercise and how lot you sweat).


How lot Water Is too Much?

For athletes, water alone may not be the finest option for staying hydrated. Drink too much plain water can pose a potential risk, particularly to endurance athletes, because the electrolytes lost through sweat have to be replaced. A problem calledhyponatremia, which can variety from mild to life threatening, can an outcome when blood sodium levels fall dangerously low. As such it’s crucial for endurance athletes come rehydrate with electrolyte replacement sporting activities drinks, rather than water alone.

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How much Water have to I Drink A Day?

Now that you have a far better understanding that why water and other fluids space important, you deserve to target exactly how much water a day is appropriate for you. Take stock that your personal situation and readjust your drinking behavior as needed. When in doubt as to what’s finest for her body, her environment, her individual health, and also your lifestyle, consult a registered dietician or your physician.