Very often we find, both in mathematics problems and in genuine life, fraction phrases like: a half, a third or a quarter.

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They space the most famed fractions! I’m sure you’ve viewed them before.

If you desire to watch what lock are and also how to calculation them, girlfriend can examine out this link:

And if you desire more practice with fractions, continue reading and also solve some fraction problems through us. Room you ready? stop go!


Fraction problems nº 1:

At the farmer’s sector a pound of lemons expenses $4, just how much does half a lb cost?

It’s a an excellent idea to start by remembering the a single unit is the same as two halves or three thirds or four fourths.

In this case, we have actually to discover the price the a half-pound. We have the right to see that a single unit is equivalent to 2 halves. So, in stimulate to uncover out exactly how much half of a pound costs, we have to divide by two and take among these parts.

The price that a one whole pound is $4, so us divide: 4 / 2 = 2. Half that a pound prices $2

It can also be expressed as follows:

And…How lot would 2 quarters the a pound cost?

Here, we divide the solitary unit into 4 parts and also take 2 parts.

If we think around it, we deserve to see that two quarters is tantamount to a half.

So, two quarters the a lb would expense $2 together well.

It can also be expressed as such:

Fraction problems nº 2:

Mark bought 3 quarters that a lb of lemons. Exactly how much did the pay?

He bought three quarters the a pound, therefore we division the unit into four parts and take three of them.

Each lb is $4, so we divide 4 / 4 = 1 and multiply through 3. 1 x 3 = 3. He paid $3.

When he gained home, mark squeezed the lemons and also got a quarter-gallon that lemon juice. After, he added a half-gallon that water to do lemonade. How much lemonade did he make?

Let’s draw it out:

– the squeezed out a quarter-gallon of lemon juice

– He included a half-gallon of water

In bespeak to include a 4 minutes 1 to a half, we have actually to discover the typical denominator.

We should currently know that two quarters space equal come one half!

So, we add one quarter to two quarters..

And we acquire three quarters.

That method that note made three quarters of a gallon that lemonade.

Fraction problems nº 3:

Peter served 7 glasses of lemonade and also 14 glasses that water because some of his girlfriend didn’t prefer lemonade. What portion of the glasses that he served had actually lemonade?

How countless glasses did he offer in total? 21! This will be the denominator the the fraction.

How many glasses of lemonade did the serve?  7! This will certainly be the numerator.

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But, it can be simplified!

Let’s look at it this way:

How countless groups of glasses are there in total? 3

How countless of these teams have lemonade? 1

Therefore, the reduced fraction that represents the amount of glasses of lemonade served is one third.

The next time you do lemonade or any type of other kind of cooking recipes at home, take it a look at the quantities! try to discover the fraction and if you discover any type of tell us by leaving united state a comment!

Also, remember the you can log ~ above and try it for totally free if you desire to learn an ext math!