★ Eighth Beef (Great an initial time sampler pack)An Eighth Beef is a great method for first timers to shot out our delicious grassfed beef. It contains all the common cuts you want to enjoy choose steaks and roasts, and plenty of soil beef. When the package load is different for every animal, end the last variety of years the average final packaged dimension of one eighth has been 40-60 pounds of beef. The average hanging weight is 65 to 90 pounds yet again, this varies animal to animal and also the hanging weight have the right to vary, as much as 10 pounds one of two people way. And also an 1/8 fits in your constant kitchen refr./freezer through room to spare, so girlfriend can shot us out without having to very own a different freezer.

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Recommended because that smaller families with 1-2 adults, 1 childWill take as much as 75% that a standard-sized height freezer or a 25% little chest freezerEach cut is personal wrapped, except some of the steaks which generally come 2 every packIncludes typically 2-3 new York steaks, 2-3 Rib Steaks, 2 Tenderloin/Filets, 2 Sirloin Steaks or 2 sirloin reminder steaks, 2-3 roasts, either arm, top, bottom, round and/or chuck, and also 1 lb. Packages of paris B Bar Ranch Grassfed floor Beef. Please note that the packages may vary slightly, as the butcher does whatever they can to maximize the value for you, but if they perform we add an ext of another cut to consist of for it.20-25% Steaks25-35% Roasts and also misc. Cuts choose stew meat and short ribs40-50% floor Beef, depending upon the dimension of the animalOn typical 1/8s room $350 -450 because that the beef cost and also with butcher fees lock average between $425 and also $500 complete final cost. Yet again, animal weights differ so it deserve to be an ext or less than this.There is a $100 deposit required to to make reservation an 1/8 beefPick up in ~ ranch just for 1/8 orders.you will have some an option in terms of size of your 1/8 depending on availability

★ 4 minutes 1 Beef
The quarter Beef contains a few more species of cuts 보다 an 1/8 favor flank steak or brisket and stew meat and also short ribs. That is a good value that gives you every the beef standards choose steaks, roasts and also our good burger but also gives you some of the finest kept mystery cuts like flank steaks, brisket and also short ribs. Wait till you shot the brief ribs or beef shanks in the crock pot! Awesome! while the hanging load is different for every animal, end the last number of years the hanging weights have remained in the 120-180 lb range, with final packaged weights averaging around 90 – 100 pounds.

Recommended for family members with 1-2 adults and also a boy or twoWill take up half of a little chest freezer or 25% of small upright freezer Each reduced is individually wrapped, except steaks which typically come 2 every packIncludes new York steaks, Rib Steaks, Tenderloin/Filets, Sirloin Steaks, a range of 2-3 lb. Roasts, arm, top, bottom and/or chuck, flank steak and/or brisket, beef shanks, stew meat, brief ribs and 1 lb. Packages of flying B Bar Ranch Grassfed floor Beef25% Steaks35% Roasts and misc. Cuts favor stew meat and short ribs40% soil BeefBeef expenses average just north that $800 commonly with every in prices including butchers fee roughly $950. This different of course with the size of the animal, yet you always get what you salary for!There is a $200 deposit forced to reserve your 1/4 beefPick up in ~ ranch just for 1/4 orders.At pickup girlfriend will have actually some selection on the dimension of the 1/4 select, depending on avaiability

★ half Beef
Half and whole beef client at paris B reap the finest value and greatest ability to customize your order, like just how thick you want your steaks, what cuts you want, what roasts you want or which you desire ground into burger packages. And fifty percent and totality customers obtain all the bones and organ meat if they select them once we occupational with you on her cutting instructions. Us will aid walk you v the procedure of doing her cutting instructions, its less complicated than girlfriend think! If you’re thinking about a 4 minutes 1 beef, maybe obtain a friend to go in v you and also get a half! if the package load is various for every animal, end the last number of years the average final packaged load of a fifty percent has been roughly 175 pounds the beef. The mean hanging weight is 250 pounds however again, this varies animal to animal and the hanging weight can vary as much as 50 pounds one of two people way.

Recommended for big families through 2 adults and also hungry kidsWill take up to 50% of a large upright freezer Custom reduced to your specifications. Us will help you v this! Its straightforward with ours help!Beef prices because that a half average $1600 however can be more with bigger animals and also with the butcher fees the average total cost is between $1800 and also $2000. This can vary the course with a larger or smaller sized than median animal. We ask during your cut instruction procedure if you have a preference for a dimension of animal and do every little thing we have the right to to carry out that because that you.Half beef orders call for a $400 deposit come reserve your spotPick up in ~ ranch only for 1/2 beef orders

★ totality Beef
If beef is what’s for dinner at your house then this is because that you! numerous of ours customers select a totality beef every year, even if it is its every for them, prefer we do in ours family, or castle are dividing it with one more family, the totality beef is your an extremely best value. That our shortest price per lb package and also it gives you finish control end what you desire in your beef package. Choose our fifty percent beef you get custom cutting automatically included with your beef package. And just choose with the half beef we work with friend hand in hand to help you decide what cuts you want and how you desire them packaged. If the weight varies by animal, over the last variety of years the average last packaged load of a entirety has been about 350 come 400 pounds that beef. The mean hanging weight has actually been about 600 pounds but again, this varies animal to animal and also the hanging weight deserve to vary as lot as 120 pounds one of two people way.

Twice what is in a half, the course. Recommended for huge families with 2 adults and hungry kids, one of whom is plainly bound for expert sportsWill take up almost all of a huge upright freezer (20 cu.ft.)Custom reduced to her specificationsWhole beef prices are around $3300 and with butchers fees the full cost is around $3900Whole beef orders require an $800 deposit to secure your order.Pick up in ~ ranch only for entirety Beef orders

An Eighth Beef deserve to fit in the optimal freezer that a typical refrigerator/freezer through room left over. A 4 minutes 1 of beef needs around 4 cubic feet. We use 1 deep shelf, and both the the two bins at the bottom that the fridge, in addition to some of the warehouse on the door for a quarter. We have typically an ext than fifty percent of the fridge room left. The dominion of ignorance is one cubic foot that freezer room for every 35 – 40 pounds that packaged meat. A 4 minutes 1 of beef will quickly fit right into a 5 -7 cubic foot chest freezer.

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A half beef needs around 8 cubic feet.You should setup for at least 16-17 cu.ft. Freezer room for a entirety beef.This will also vary a tiny bit through the freezer design.Needed freezer an are varies v the choice of cuts and also packaged weights also.