Gravel type - (Pea Gravel)Gravel kind - (Regular Gravel)Gravel form - (Dolomite Gravel)

One the the first things you will have to consider when setup up a brand-new fish tank is exactly how much gravel friend will have to add. The lot of gravel you will require depends ~ above the look at you are trying to achieve, and the type of fish and plants you arrangement on adding to her tank. If you desire to know just how much gravel girlfriend will require for her tank, use the fish tank gravel calculator located over to discover the answer.

For most purposes, a gravel depth that 2 inch is sufficient for most fish tank setups. If friend don’t plan on putting live plants in your tank girlfriend can gain away with 1 customs of gravel or also less in some situations.


Planted Tanks


Planted tanks need a minimum of 2 customs of gravel in order for the tree to build a healthy and balanced root system. Larger plants with more extensive root equipment will require much more substrate 보다 smaller less deeply rooted species.

The form of gravel you pick for a planted tank is also another suggest to consider. Smaller sized gravel prefer pea gravel is more suitable because that a planted tank due to the fact that it provides the plants roots an ext area to colonize. Bigger gravel, on the various other hand, won’t give the plants sufficient surface area because that its root to host onto, which deserve to lead to negative nutrient absorption and also sick poorly rooted plants.

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If you plan on including deep-rooted plants favor sword plants climate it is advisable to have a tank through a gravel depth of at the very least 4 inches. Larger heavy feeding tree may likewise require an added nutrient basic under the gravel prefer fluorite aquarium substrate to with their full potential. Any extr nutritive substrate should be taken into account when calculating the quantity of gravel girlfriend will should fill your tank.

Some plants like anacharis have small to no source system because they pull your nutrients straight from the water, therefore they only really require the gravel to hold them in place. For plants v minimal root systems, every you will should do is sink their crowns deep sufficient in the gravel so they don’t float away.



Unplanted Tanks


The minimum recommended gravel depth for an unplanted tank is 1 inch. The quantity and form of gravel you add to an unplanted tank yes, really comes down to how you desire the fish tank to look when it is fully decorated. In some unplanted fish tanks, gravel might not also be vital or wanted like in a breeder tank, or in a tank whereby you desire to save the debris and gathered waste come a minimum.

The just time one unplanted tank will require to have actually a depth gravel bed is if you setup on using an undergravel filter. In the case, her tank will require to have actually a gravel depth that at least 2 inches because that the under gravel filter to work-related properly. The factor for this is that the gravel acts as the filter media when you usage an undergravel filter in her tank. In order to eliminate ammonia, nitrites, and also debris native the tank you need to have much more gravel to boost the lot of surface area because that the bacteria to colonize and also for the debris to get trapped in.


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If friend don’t arrangement on making use of an undergravel filter climate the depth the the gravel in her fish tank is only dependent top top your personal preference. Some world like the watch of one aquarium with a deep substrate also in an unplanted tank. If others choose to include just enough gravel come cover the bottom of the tank so it is just deep sufficient that over there is no glass or acrylic showing.

Most decorations will work-related well on a shallow substrate since they usually have smooth level bases that won’t damage a tank. Large rocks, ~ above the other hand, can have spicy edges that deserve to crack or scratch a tank. If you setup on adding big rocks to her tank then having a depth aquarium substrate can assist protect the bottom of her tank native inadvertent scratches or cracks.

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Aquarium Gravel DepthHow much Substrate because that a 20 Gallon Tank



How lot Gravel because that a 10 Gallon Tank

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DimensionsGravel: 1 in.Gravel: 2 in.
20 in l x 10 in W13 lbs26 lbs

Choosing the right amount of gravel because that a 10 gallon tank is relatively easy when you recognize the tanks dimensions. Many ten gallon rectangular tanks are 20 inch long and also 10 inches wide. Which method the surface area the the bottom the a ten-gallon tank is 200 square inches.

In order to cover 200 square inches v one customs of gravel, you will need a minimum of 13 pounds that gravel. If you prefer to have a two-inch gravel great in a 10-gallon tank then you will need 26 lbs of gravel.

A ten-gallon tank is a fairly small tank, therefore, you could want to stick v one inch of gravel. This will permit your fish come have much more room to swim approximately in, and also it will rise the volume of water girlfriend can add to the tank. If ~ above the other hand, you plan on adding live plants v a deep source system, climate you must go v 2 customs of gravel also if it takes away a small tank space.



How much Gravel for a 75 Gallon Aquarium

photo by: Jessa CC BY-ND 2.0
DimensionsGravel: 1 in.Gravel: 2 in.
48 in l x 18 in W56 lbs112 lbs

There is a many ground come cover in a 75-gallon aquarium once it comes time to include the gravel. Most 75 gallon aquariums space 48 customs long and 18 inch wide. V a full surface area on the bottom of the tank the 864 square inches.

To sheathe 864 square inches through one inch of gravel you will need at least 56 pounds of gravel to perform the job. If you want to have actually a 2-inch layer of gravel you will need a minimum the 112 pounds of gravel to gain a layer the thick.

In many cases, a 2-inch great of gravel will certainly look quite thin in a 75-gallon tank. Most people with huge tanks prefer to have actually a substrate layer that is 3-4 customs deep come fill out the tank. Which method you might need upwards the 224 pounds the gravel to acquire the look girlfriend desire in a 75 gallon aquarium.



How much Substrate because that a 20 Gallon Tank


One of the most usual aquariums in the fish maintaining hobby is the 20 gallon tank. Because it is together a popular tank volume it comes in both long and also high configurations. The long and high 20 gallon tanks have different dimensions, so us will resolve them independently so girlfriend can acquire a better idea of just how much substrate they every need.


20 Gallon long Tank


DimensionsGravel: 1 in.Gravel: 2 in.
30 in together x 12 in W23 lbs47 lbs

The 20 gallon lengthy aquarium bring away up much more floor an are which method it will require an ext gravel than a 20 gallon high tank. A 20 gallon lengthy tank procedures in at 30 customs long and also 12 customs wide. Therefore a 20 gallon long tank has a surface area the 360 square inches on the bottom the the tank.

If you desire to sheathe 360 square inches v one inch of substrate girlfriend will need 23 pounds that gravel. To add a 2 customs layer that substrate girlfriend will need 47 pounds of gravel to accomplish that depth.


20 Gallon High Tank

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DimensionsGravel: 1 in.Gravel: 2 in.
24 in l x 12 in W19 lbs37 lbs

The 20 gallon high aquarium has actually a smaller in its entirety footprint, and also for that factor it is the much more economical tank come buy gravel for. The most common size of a 20 gallon high tank is 24 inches long and also 12 customs wide. That way the surface area at the bottom that the tank is 288 square inches, i beg your pardon is 72 square inches much less than a 20 gallon lengthy tank.

To covering 288 square inches through one customs of gravel you will require 19 pounds of gravel. In order to have a 2 customs substrate layer, girlfriend will need 37 pounds the gravel. As you can see you can acquire away through a lot much less gravel in a 20 gallon high tank matches a 20 gallon lengthy tank for any kind of given depth of gravel you might require.



How lot Gravel because that a 55 Gallon Tank

Travis Lee CC through 2.0
DimensionsGravel: 1 in.Gravel: 2 in.
48 in together x 12 in W37 lbs74 lbs

A 55 gallon tank is just one of the an ext popular entry-level large aquariums ~ above the market because it provides a large volume without taking up a the majority of floor space. A 55 gallon tank usually steps in in ~ 48 inch long and 12 inches wide. Therefore the bottom of a 55 gallon tank has a surface ar area the 576 square inches.

If you want to covering 576 square inches with 1 inch of gravel girlfriend will require 37 pounds that gravel. Come cover that very same area v 2 inch of gravel you will require 74 pounds that gravel in bespeak to fully cover that exact same amount of space.

Like many other big aquariums a 55 gallon tank may require a depth gravel bed to have a filled the end look. Additionally if you setup on adding large live plants to a 55 gallon aquarium then you could want to add 3-4 customs of gravel to ensure your plants thrive in her tank. If you arrangement on including a 4 inch bed of gravel simply be aware it will certainly take 150 pounds of gravel to attain that gravel depth.



How much Gravel because that a 5 Gallon Tank

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DimensionsGravel: 1 in.Gravel: 2 in.
16 in l x 8 in W8 lbs17 lbs

A 5 gallon tank is a tiny tank the won’t require much gravel as soon as it comes time to gain it up and running. Most 5 gallon tanks on the sector measure in in ~ 16 inches long and also 8 customs wide. Which means they have actually a fairly small footprint the 128 square inches.

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In order come cover 128 square inches v 1 customs of gravel, you will only need 8 pounds of gravel. If you choose to have actually a gravel depth that 2 inches then you will require 17 pounds the gravel.