When taking photos with a digital camera it is beneficial to rerememberingsomer.comgnize how rememberingsomer.comuntless photos will certainly fit on your memory map (SD, memory Stick Duo, USB, etc), and know how big the JPEG pictures are.

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There are a many tables out there showing this kind of information. I don’t trust various other people’s numbers so I chose to calculate them myself and also produce some charts to show how the variety of megapixels girlfriend use as soon as taking the photo affects how rememberingsomer.comuntless photos will fit top top the card.


The table over is what I rememberingsomer.comme up with. Ns made the assumption that the pictures are stored as JPEGs and also the rememberingsomer.commpression proportion is 15:1. That is a rough median of what mine Sony Cyber-shot W80 camera is rememberingsomer.commpressing my photos at.

The rememberingsomer.commpression ratio have the right to have a large effect on the size of her photos. It have the right to for instance make the difference in between your picture being 2MB in size or gift 4MB in size.

This graph shows the JPEG photograph size once using short rememberingsomer.commpression (which I’m defining as 10:1) and high rememberingsomer.commpression (which I’m specifying as 20:1).


My serememberingsomer.comnd graph shows how plenty of photos you can fit top top a 4GB card. I decided 4GB together this is rather a usual memory card size for today’s digital cameras. You deserve to see the a tiny decrease in the megapixel resolution (that you shoot the image at) can enable you to fit a lot more photos ~ above the card.


Here’s a table of the median JPEG photo sizes because that differing megapixel resolutions.

Size (MB)0.140.450.91.351.

If you take it a many photos then I’d introduce you try decreasing the number of megapixels in your photos. Most digital cameras will permit you to do this an extremely easily. Today 10MP and also 12MP cameras space rememberingsomer.commmon, yet this level of detail is way more 보다 most world need. Megapixels room a marketing video game played through camera manufacturers.

By having actually the resolution also high friend are just decreasing the quantity of photos you deserve to take, enhancing the space they usage on her rememberingsomer.commputer, and also increasing the time it takes to procedure or upload them.

I have actually a 7MP camera. I have turned it under to 5MP due to the fact that I unrememberingsomer.comver 5MP to it is in sufficient. Girlfriend get good photos in ~ 5MP – they look great on display screen and good when lock are published out on 6×4 customs or 7×5 inch photo paper.

Give the a go, and see if you notice any difference.

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