At just over 1 pound, 500 grams is a typical unit of measurement and comparison throughout the globe.

Learning about a few common items that weigh either close come or precisely 500 grams can assist you easily and accurately calculation the weight.

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Here are 12 typical household items that weigh approximately 500 grams.

ChinchillaLoaf that breadPackage that beefBottle of salad dressingTwo skeins the yarnTen tool eggsOne hundred nickelsSoccer ballPackage that butterHardcover bookFour bananasWomen’s shoe

9. One package of Butter

In the US, a rod of butter normally weighs one-quarter of a pound, and also most packages of butter come with four sticks.

This method that 4 sticks that butter, by themselves, sweet 1 pound, or just less 보다 500 grams. If you add in the wrapping for each stick, and also the weight of the package itself, you have the right to come very close, if no exactly, come 500 grams.

10. A Hardcover Book

How much a publication weighs relies on the materials it’s do of, the number of pages, and also the book’s length and width. However on average, most hardcover books weigh around 500 grams. These books usually have around 400 pages.

Books with much more or fewer pages or books that are much longer or more comprehensive in shape may weigh slightly much more or less than 500 grams.

Paperback publications that have actually a high web page count may also weigh close come 500 grams, also though castle don’t have a difficult cover.

If the publication has closer to 700 pages, however, it have the right to weigh virtually two pounds, or double as much as 500 grams.

11. 4 Bananas

A medium banana, measuring in between 7 and 8 customs long, weighs about 120 grams. This way that a bunch of 4 bananas weighs right around 500 grams.

The precise weight of every banana counts on a variety of factors, such as exact width and length and how ripe the fruit is, so there may be some fluctuations in the load of a team of four.

However, picturing a little bunch that bananas can assist you accurately estimate what 500 grams looks and feels like.

12. One Women’s Shoe

The specific weight of shoes varies relying on the material of the shoe, the shoe size, and also the shoe’s design.

However, in general, a pair that women’s pair of shoes weighs simply over 2 pounds.

This way that one women’s shoe weighs right roughly 500 grams.

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Some bigger children’s pair of shoes or smaller men’s pair of shoes will likewise weigh roughly 500 grams, however when estimating, a women’s shoes is regularly the many accurate way to get a feeling for the weight.