Science for kids is among our favorite topics, and also this science activity is a fun one! kids will have actually fun predicting how numerous paperclips they have the right to fit in a full glass of water, and also actually do the efforts it the end for themselves. This science experiment exploring the surface ar tensionof water always seems to surprised the kids!


Welcome to an additional invitationto explore science! critical week we had fun v Dancing Raisins! This main we space going to check out the surface stress and anxiety of water. It’s an experiment that’s certain to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity in her child! (This post contains affiliate links. Give thanks to you so much for your support!)

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Science because that Kids: exploring the Surface tension of Water with Paperclips


Clear glassWater



Fill your glass of water as high together you deserve to without the spilling.Then use a dropper or pipette to add the last few drops, so it’s as full as you have the right to possibly obtain it.Have your child estimate how countless paperclips he or she thinks will certainly fit right into the glass prior to the water overflows.Begin dropping the paperclips in one at a time. Older youngsters may want to keep track the how plenty of they’ve reduce in as they go along. You could arrange her paperclips in piles of 10s to keep track easily.Keep going until the water ultimately overflows.

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Set this increase on a table that can acquire wet. There’s sure to be some spills, especially with little ones.Even toddlers can obtain in top top the action! Theo wanted to carry out what his large sister to be doing. I put some water in cup and gave him some paperclips. He had lots of fun dropping them right into the cup!


Question to Spark an ext Curiosity & crucial Thinking

How close were you to your estimate? Why perform you think so many paperclips were able come fit in the glass?

Here were part comments I caught Lucy making throughout the experiment: “Why is it no spilling?” ” i think it’s because they’re therefore tiny.” ” Look just how much paperclips room in it!” ” Why don’t the paperclips float?” ~So lot thinking going on!

What’s walking On?

Drops of water pole to every other. That’s why the surface of the water bulged and also formed a dome as soon as you added the file clips, which retained the water native spilling out. This is dubbed surface tension. Once too many paperclips were added to the cup, the surface stress and anxiety was broken, permitting the water to pour out over.


Want to go even further?

Even much more activities come inspire creative thinking and vital thinking for assorted ages.

Try this experiment making use of something various other than paperclips. Were the results comparable or what friend expected?Devise methods to quickly keep track of count the paperclips. (Ex. Tally marks, number chart etc.)Make a perform of an ext questions the you thought around as you did this science activity.Try a comparable experiment.

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Watch how countless drops of water have the right to sit ~ above the surface ar of a penny utilizing a dropper. Was it what girlfriend expected?

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