Trying to calculation how large your warehouse demands to be? try our warehouse an are calculator. If you know how numerous pallets you should store and also you are in search of a calculator to discover how big your warehouse demands to be, use it to uncover your warehouse size.

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You will require a small information to obtain started. Gather the complying with information:The pallet dimensions you are looking to store,Number the pallets,Number of dock doorsHow plenty of levels in the racking the you want to storeThe length of the pallet rack beamThe broad of the column

How to use our Warehouse space Calculator

We have consisted of dummy data to help you obtain started.
With this sample data, the calculator has estimated about 12,000 square feet to keep 1,000 pallets in a structure with 10 dock doors.Enter the your very own data listed below in the boxes significant input.

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INPUTINCHESFEETUNIT     DiviserInchesFeet Beam length (racking)ft Pallets per beam  2 Column broad (racking)ft     1              Pallet (Load) Widthft  Square feet for every intersecting aisle  Pallet (Load) LengthftFeet every pallet storedsq ft   FlueftWidth of warehouse Unitft         Length of storage Unitft  Clear Aisle Square clip of storage Unit sq ft                Place anIntersecting Aisle everyft                     Total variety of pallets storedpallets      Or for every # of pallets  # Pallets (Levels) Highpallets      Intersecting Aisle every palletsq ft             Number the Dock Doorsdocks          Depth the dock/staging areaft     Intersecting Aisle Width          Intersecting Aisle Depth  Warehouse storage Spacerequiredsq ft     Square feet the Intersecting Aisle  Total Square Feet of storage Area consisting of intersecting aislesq ft          Total Square Feet of storage Area including Dock/Staging Areasq ft     Length of dock area           Square footage because that Dock area   Total feet every pallet storedsq ft     Number the Pallets on a Beam   


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