A dare. A local curiosity. A southerly specialty. These are enticements you heeded in her intro to Louisiana oysters. However, the mysticism of oysters might actually scare some residence cooks away.

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The Louisiana Seafood plank brings girlfriend a handy overview to selecting and preparing oysters, so you can serve this delicacy fearlessly.What carry out Oysters look at Like?Oyster meats are cream to light brown with ruffled edges and also a silky texture. Protect against fluffy white oysters as they"re filled with water. Oysters should not it is in floating, but packed closely-with no much more than 10 percent liquid.Oysters are obtainable in pints or quarts. The containers need to be clean. Check for government- required information: best-if-used-by date, federal government shellfish allow #, weight, nutrition facts, and also country of origin. How Do Oysters Smell?Oysters have a clean ocean smell. Never buy oysters with an odor. How Much Is One Serving?Louisiana oysters are easily accessible year-round and also vary in size from season come season. Thin oysters come as many as 30 come the pint. Tool or fat oysters come 16 to 18 per pint. Either way, a pint is approximately three servings. What do Oysters Taste Like?American oysters, east oysters, Gulf that Mexico oysters, or Louisiana oysters-they space actually all the same animal. In fact, there is just one oyster that is aboriginal to the Gulf and Atlantic coasts. However, prefer fine wines, oysters have actually subtle nuances in flavor-depending on where they"re cultivated. In a blind taste test by an independent researcher, consumers made decision Louisiana oysters end others sold in the U.S. 85 percent of the time.Try this longtime Louisiana oyster favorite.Traditional Louisiana Oyster Stew4 servings11/2 pints medium Louisiana oysters 1/2 cup shallots, diced 1 pint milk2 Tbsp. ButterSalt & pepper come tasteOver a high heat, sauté shallots in butter. Stir in milk. Carry to boiling point, then reduced heat. Ease in oysters. Simmer till oyster edges furl (3-5 minutes). Add salt & pepper. Serve through crackers.

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