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The shop hands-on for the 2000 Dakota shows the 4.7L 4x4 manual having four O2 sensors yet I swear mine only has two. The 2 exhaust pipes native the engine sign up with on the appropriate side wherein the O2 sensors are located, one before and one ~ the Cat. I cannot find any kind of O2 sensors ~ above the driver"s next of the truck.I purchase the truck brand-new so I know it has not to be modified in anyway. Was there a special develop that year that only had actually the 2 O2 sensors?Thanks.
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2001 Durango SLT plus 4.7 - glowing Platinum Metalic"Factory" clean corners. 8000k 55w HID heads. 8000k 35w HID fogs. 20% tint. Monroe REFLEX shocks. Infinity bypass mod. Kenwood MP445U w Sirius Sat. 2002 Jeep TCM
my "02 only has actually two. Over there are 4 on the persons that space designed for California emissions requirements. Think about yourself lucky. I did!
The power steering move went out and prof mechanic changed it. Kept acquiring codes so he climate replacedan o2 sensor and said that can fix it. Ref me come smog shop who guessed the same sensor and also charged me 100.00 simply for analysis codes. I checked out chat rm and also decided come re examine the every steering switch. Yep soaked! Cleaned the wires and also replaced. Pulled wheel and also food obviously negative .nl 1sensor 1 additionally oily. Cleaned lines and replaced melted Bosch v Denso oem . Reset codes. Seems to operation fine however engine light back on now showing every o2 sensor.(all four gotta love can"t).

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continued not a reply....
Maybe i didn"t acquire the connector plugged in tight??? assumed i did...Or probably both relays space bad? any kind of suggestions???
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