In this section you find the complete list the allStory Missionsin grand Theft Auto IV in chronological stimulate (though some missions are unlocked at the same time).

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There is a full of 88 goals in the main storyline the GTA 4, v two feasible endings.

Clicking ~ above a GTA 4 mission brings you to its complete details, through Mission Giver,Rewards,Mission Objectives, video Walkthrough, and an ext information.

For the missions featured in the downloadable illustration of GTA IV, view the list ofMissions in The Lost and also Damned and Missions in The Ballad of happy Tony.

List of all GTA 4 Missions:


roman inn Bellic


roman inn Bellic


Niko rescues roman from the Albanian Loan Sharks, who have actually been beating him up for not paying his debts.

Little Jacob asks Niko for aid on managing some drug dealers who have been troubling him and Real Badman.

Elizabeta Torres asks Niko to keep watch over a deal involving Patrick McReary the she isn"t too comfortable with.

Dwayne build wants the money he sent out to his girlfriend when in jail back, together he finds the end she was having actually an affair.

Niko attends the funeral of one of Packie"s brother (either Francis or Derrick depending upon who the player chose).

Niko do the efforts to market the diamonds come Isaac Roth v Johnny Klebitz"s support, but is interrupted and the diamonds room stolen by luis Lopez, if the money is stolen by Klebitz.

Niko deals with some bikers native the shed MC together revenge because that Johnny stealing the money indigenous the museum deal.

Phil, Niko and Frankie Gallo attempt to offload the stolen truckload that heroin. However, the FIB have actually been watching the house and the trio it s okay ambushed.

Niko meets Gravelli alongside the ULP Contact, that ask him come distrupt a deal between Russians and Ancelottis.

Niko gets to choose the fate the Darko, his betrayer and also the person he"s been searching for because the war.

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