Those that say "Nothing runs choose a Chevy" probably haven"t had actually the satisfied of control a Toyota because that a prolonged period that time. But those who have taken a Toyota over the 100k or 200k mark recognize that they"re just getting damaged in. Want proof? check out these 5 high-mileage Toyotas that will certainly make girlfriend a believer in the brand:

1. 2003 Toyota Tundra, 424k miles


"Her love is as solid as the work I got her!" states the owner of this 2003 Tundra, who is only identified as Wayne. En course to 424k miles, Wayne says his Tundra has actually pulled trailers, hauled materials, towed campers, and trucked spray equipments without any major incident. The inside might be a little worn and there may be some dents, yet it all adds to the legend the this hard Tundra.

2. 2001 Toyota Avalon, 500k mile


Michael Lipperman resides in Greensboro, NC. He"s thrust up to and also back brand-new York 100 times and also taken trips to new Orleans and Florida, every in his Toyota Avalon. And that"s in addition to his almost 120-mile round-trip commute that takes every day.

currently at the 500k mile mark, it"s for sure to to speak his $33k invest was a sound one. Following on his list? 700k miles. V the initial engine and also transmission tho going strong, the wouldn"t be how amazing if he obtained there.

3. 1971 Toyota Corolla, 610k miles


Vic Pike, theowner of this 1971 Corolla, stated he originally purchased it new for a meager $2,135. And 610k mile later, it have the right to still cruise down the highway at 70 mph. That"s no to say there weren"t any bumps in the road - the behind axle was changed at 182k miles, and a crate engine was placed in at 115k miles. Still, it"s fairly an success to do it that far. Pike features three rules to automotive longevity:

Warm-up your vehicle for one minute in the summer, 2 in the winter. store RPMs between 2500 and also 4000 readjust the oil and filter every 3000 miles on the period

sound easy, right?

4. Toyota Prius, 621k mile


Manfred Dvorak"s second-generation Prius has eclipsed the 621k mile note on the initial battery. If that"s not impressive, take into consideration that the Austrian hybrid is a taxi. That way it"s been driven almost every day approximately various roads. When Dvorak"s Prius is currently in usage as a roadside help vehicle, the fact that it"s tho in business speaks volumes.

5. 2007 Toyota Tundra, One Million miles


Victor Sheppard says he logged an median of 125,000 miles a year in his Tundra, making continual work trips native his residence in brand-new Orleans to places such as Virginia, north Dakota, and also Wyoming. On his way to the 1,000,000 mile mark, Sheppard had actually his Tundra serviced a stunning 117 times over nine years and surpassed the milestone ~ above the original engine and transmission. If that"s not a testimony to Toyotas and regular maintenance, we don"t know what is.

~ passing the million-mile mark, Toyota swapped the end Sheppard"s Tundra for a brand-new 2016 model. No a negative trade-in if you ask us!

What carry out all these vehicles have in common? Well, they"re all Toyotas of food - but they likewise have diligent owners who preserved up ~ above maintenance.

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And also when they required a replacement, they stuck with real OEM Toyota If you"re spring to gain a the majority of miles the end of your Toyota, we suggest you do the same.