Hands down one of Ford's most popular SUVs, the traveler hit the market means back in 1991.

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That's right. The Ford explorer is officially 30 year old.

And in countless ways, it's come a long way since the limited-edition Eddie Bauer days of yesteryear. And in others, the Ford Explorer continues to regime as the sturdy, rugged and reliable sporting activities utility vehicle that chauffeurs have grown come know and also trust transparent the previous three decades.

These days, the Ford traveler – now in its 6th generation – comes in five different trim variants: the Limited, the XLT, the ST, the Platinum and – new to the 2021 lineup – the King Ranch edition.

Also new among the 2021 family of Explorers is the beefy special-edition Timberline, which sit a couple of inches higher off the floor and also comes with limited-slip differentials and all-terrain tires, making it more apt for off-roading compared to that is siblings right out the the box.


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How expensive is a supplied Ford Explorer?

Prices because that a new Ford Explorer selection from the short $30,000s to the short $50,000s, which is slightly greater than other similar SUVs. The 2021 explorer base version starts in ~ $32,675, adhered to by the XLT at $34,825, the restricted at $45,005, the ST at $48,750, the King Ranch in ~ $52,350 and the Platinum in ~ $52,480.

But relying on age, usage and details trim package, offered Ford Explorers often tend to average about $10,000-$20,000 less than a brand-new model, falling in ~ the variety of $20,000 come $30,000.

As far as features go, the lone significant difference is between a brand-new Explorer and also those manufactured prior to 2020 is the drivetrain. Historically, Explorers have always been designed through front-wheel drive. However in 2020, simply shy the the SUV's 30th birthday, Ford moved the Explorer's drivetrain from the front to the rear. In general, RWD makes for far better handling and improved balance ~ above SUVs regardless of the make and model, which means the auto is less likely to tip over and also roll.

The FWD-to-RWD swap came as a major move because that Ford, setting the traveler apart from most other midsize SUVs in its class like the Honda Pilot and the Mazda CX-9, many of which space front-wheel drive.

All-wheel journey comes conventional on the explorer Platinum and optional on the King Ranch, too.

Aside from the drivetrain, the just other significant difference to store in psychic between brand-new and supplied Ford Explorers is an to update infotainment system that's standard on 2017 and also newer models and also equipped through Apple CarPlay and also Android Auto, whereas larger models lack these features.

How much does a Ford traveler weigh?

Over the years, together the trend with vehicles in general often tends come be, the Ford explorer has grown in length, width and weight, too. Brand-new Explorers sweet in between 4,345 come 4,727 pounds depending on the details trim level, i beg your pardon is in reality on par through all 21st century version years that the Explorer and other brands of midsize SUVs these days for that matter, too. Yet prior come the new millenium, from 1991 come 2000, first and second generation Explorers weighed approximately 1,000 pounds much less than their modern-day counterparts.

Despite the extra pounds it's placed on over the years, the Ford explorer is still recognized to pack an impressive punch on the road. Relying on the trim, the explorer is equipment with various engine choices whose horsepower different from 300 to 400.

Under the hoods of the basic model and the XLT comes a turbocharged four-cylinder, 300-horsepower engine that travels 21 mpg top top city roads and 28 mpg ~ above the freeway. The limited runs top top a 3.3-liter hybrid engine that's additionally capable of 21 mpg in the city and 28 mpg top top the freeway, while the ST, King Ranch and Platinum execution come with the V-6 that clocks 18 mpg in the city and 26 mpg top top the freeway.

How lot weight can a Ford explorer tow?

More strength under the hood equates to an ext weight that can be hitched to the rear, and for the Ford explorer that equates to 5,300-5,600 pounds of full towing capacity.

The limited claims bragging civil liberties for being the just hybrid auto in its course of midsize SUVs that deserve to tow approximately 5,000 pounds and go totally off-road (albeit no necessarily in ~ the very same time).

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The Explorer additionally sports an ample internal cargo space, which way with the seats folded down, there's plenty of room to fill in the earlier of the cab, too.