Keen to recognize what the best mileage you can expect indigenous a 5.7 Hemi? space these engines great for 300K? What are some of the well-known issues commonly found on these engines? IF you are in the market for a provided high mileage 5.7 hem or you own a high purpose of use 5.7 Hemi and would choose to recognize what to expect then this write-up could help you.

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5.7 hemi engines are great for 250-300000 mile and more if appropriately cared for and also regular maintenance is brought out. At an early stage models experienced from valve seat problems which to be rectified ~ 2008.

It’s not uncommon to uncover high usage 5.7 hem trucks running about today. Doing a rapid online search will reveal there are countless happy owners with well end 200k and also 300k mile on your vehicles. These lamb trucks room often compared to the Chevy and also Ford juggernauts, i m sorry all have a very solid and faithful following.

Unfortunately, together is the instance with many vehicles, the 5.7 lump has actually its very own Achilles Heel. Let’s look a little bit deeper right into what kind of company you have the right to expect and the potential difficulties they provide once mileages get the other side the 100k miles.

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How many Miles can You placed On A 5.7 Hemi?Maintenance Tips

How plenty of Miles deserve to You placed On A 5.7 Hemi?

Yes, the hem engine has actually proven chin to be a robust, reliable and durable one. This heavy engine, in most cases, outlasts the remainder of the truck and usually the the very least problematic of every its merged parts. Over there are plenty of RAM owners that swear through the hemi engine, boasting about their usage racking increase well into the numerous thousands that miles.

Still no convinced?

Then let’s have a look at what part Hemi owners have to say.

Owner Feedback

The ram was developed with hard labor and fleet owners in mind so you have the right to expect her truck to provide you minimum the 250000 mile of an excellent service.

Below are simply a few examples of owner who’ve racked increase mileage in overfill of 200k miles.

Owner Feedback #1

I’ve obtained 229k on mine 07 ram with minimal occupational done come the hemi. Ac blend door and also I’m ~ above my 3rd fuel pump. Initial went at 228k lol the replacement pump failed and also then that replacement the sending out unit is walking . Ns chalk it up to bad batch that parts reason I’ve had same shop/guys workin on it due to the fact that 35k. No motor work and no suspension occupational other than one tie rod . Took family on 7 hr trip and also hauled a riding lawn mower ago no issues. Taken care of those electric motors they critical . I would certainly hesitate to buy the truck without the 5.7 in it. Solid solid engine in mine book.


Owner Feedback #2

I’ve obtained 230K on mine 2011 Hemi and it still works choose a top. It damaged a valve feather last summer, which took some time come diagnose, yet it was an easy fix and also was extended under my 3rd party warranty. Various other than the hiccup, that still chugs along great, and has much more than sufficient power to rotate my 35’s. They are a really reliable motor.


Owner Feedback #3

I paid 2800 because that an 03 dodge 1500 1 original owner. Swear to god look at brand spanking new inside, whatever works and also paint watch great, plugged in scanner. No codes, no emissions problems, overcome smog, no oil leaks, no drama and it has actually 259k miles! Still to run strong!!!!


Owner Feedback #4

I have actually a 2009 Dodge lamb 1500 and I have actually over 198,000 miles and I still tow 4 jet skis, journey to occupational every job RT approx 30 miles. Ski in the winter so I execute drive the in the snow. The only worry I have is the damper because that the heater and air conditioner, i have had to fix the actuator in the air and heating mechanism which was cheap come do, yet it just last about 2 years and the heater side division again. The part cost less than $20. And I had actually a recall resolved on my axel in which evade paid $2300 to resolve with no problem.


Hemi 5.7 common Issues

Hemi TickWater and Sludge buildup in the oilWater pump failure in higher milers

Maintenance Tips

Any engine, yet reliable lock are, depend 100% on constant maintenance to produce the finest results over a long period. There are a few additional things you can do to your hem engine to get the many out that it.

Carry the end the booked oil transforms on timeUse just the top quality oils and lubricants availableUse a decent oil filter (Do no cheap-out here)Replace the wait filter regularlyRegularly inspect the brake pads and also replace timeouslyCheck and also replace transmission fluids timeouslyReplace axle fluids timeously

5.7 hemi Potential Problems

The at an early stage model hem engines ranging in between 03 and also 08 where prone to valve issues. This was resulted in by the interference fit being too low and also valve seat falling out. The aluminum head architecture was later readjusted which shows up to have solved the problem. A less common problem report is roller lifters locking up and eating camshafts.

Other non-engine related difficulties that pester the lamb Trucks space rust and also dashboards cracking.

5.7 hemi at 200k Miles

Once your hem engine reaches 200k miles and over there space a couple of additional components that will need your attention. You desire to inspect your water pump for leaks, for sure you height up all diff and transmission oils.You’ll likewise want to pay one-of-a-kind attention come the valve seat to make certain they’re still seated correctly.

Things to look out for in ~ 200k and also over:

Water PumpDiff and Transmission fluidsValve Seats

As pointed out previously, certain pre-08 hemi engines experienced from intake valve seats that becomes dislodged. Unfortunately, over there isn’t constantly a prior warning and also this fail can take place under regular operation. A company bulletin was ultimately released i beg your pardon advised, every the valve seats requirements replacement. This can be fairly a i have lot of money exercise if the car is out of warranty, i m sorry most most likely is the instance at this high mileage.

The valve seat failure is report to happen once the engine is warm and also then started again after being pushed a while.

Description that valve chair failure:

Sounds metallicClattering like loosened nuts and also boltsNot continuous with overheatingLow revsNo former warning

Once this occurs, it is strongly recommend to replace the heads prior to it causes catastrophic damages to the block and also related components.

5.7 hem at 300k Miles

Once you with 300k miles over there are extr components the will call for attention. Pay fist to every the items listed under 200k and also the following:

Torque convertersvalve stem seals

There is no real issue with the converters except that they room a bit undersized for the sheer size and weight and HP of the Hemi and also usually tend to critical no more than 150 miles.

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Other components to inspect are:

Inspect the wait cleaner crate for oil punch byFuel PumpInjectorsTransmissionDiffs


Bluetooth OBDII Scanner and also clear inspect ENGINE error

5.7 hemi Injectors

High power Aluminum Fuel Rail

5.7 hemi Performance air Intake Kit

Valve Springs and also Seals hem 5.7 Kit


The hem 5.7 in the Ram has proven chin to be a an extremely dependable long lasting truck, also with some of the provided issued above. With suitable care and maintenance the hemi 5.7 might outlast the remainder of the truck. High purpose of use 5.7’s space a typical occurrence currently with countless well end 300k quiet running initial engines, transmissions and drive-trains. These vehicles transmissions and also drive-trains are developed to last and also if you’re act the usual maintenance as needed, her Hemi will go the distance.