Gilmore Girls: The 5 Worst (& 5 Best) points Emily did The ever-stern matriarch of the Gilmore family, below are 5 of the worst things Emily did transparent the series, as well as the five best.

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Emily Gilmore the the matriarch that the Gilmore family and one that the most intimidating pressures in Gilmore Girls. She"s powerful, well-connected, and takes life seriously. Her duty as a mommy didn"t pan out the means she had actually hoped through Lorelai, yet she had actually a 2nd chance in ~ nurturing a young lady once her nephew Rory come around.

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Due to her controversial parenting style and how she treats those she finds beneath her, Emily isn"t constantly a sort woman. She"s done some awful things to those she loves, and even worse points to those she"s not close with.

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as a solitary mother, Lorelai to be lucky the Emily was always there for Rory. Emily could have reduced Lorelai turn off after she ran away through Rory once she to be a teenager, however she didn"t. She hung ago and waited for as soon as Lorelai needed her.

By the moment Rory remained in high school, Emily"s bond with Lorelai and also Rory grew due to their mandatory Friday night dinners. Emily longed because that those weekly dinners and also viewed Rory as one of her own. Together Rory aged, the two had a closer connection than Emily and also Lorelai had.

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as soon as Rory wanted to take it time turn off from school, Lorelai had a meeting through Emily and Richard. The couple made a promise come Lorelai to assistance her decision together Rory"s mommy to save Rory in school. But, the 2nd Rory showed up come Emily and also Richard"s prior door in tears, their promise to Lorelai went the end the window.

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The Gilmores go behind her earlier and i agree to support Rory and also let her stay with lock in your home. By supporting Rory"s have to quit school, they motivated a lazy next of Rory that they later on didn"t like.

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In "I"m a Kayak, hear Me Roar," Richard is healing from his heart attack, and also Emily is taking care of every little thing Richard usually did. The only problem is the she didn"t know exactly how to use Richard"s computer or any of the taxation verbiage that was required for their accountant. Lorelai stepped up to the plate and also showed Emily how to use the computer and also what every the forms meant.

It to be a sweet moment between the two. The reminded Emily exactly how independent her daughter was. Lorelai never depended upon a male and always took treatment of every little thing herself. It was a proud moment for her to view her daughter therefore self-sufficient.

7 Worst: She Praised Christopher

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The only guy in Lorelai"s life the Emily and also Richard were fond of to be Christopher. He come from a well-known, effective family and was Rory"s dad. The Gilmores always felt like Lorelai and also Christopher should have obtained married for the sake of your daughter.

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Even when Lorelai had actually her moments where she despised Christopher, Emily praised him. She believed Rory looked like him, she stated that Rory to be brilliant due to the fact that Christopher to be the very same way, and also she believed Christopher was a standup guy. Walk Emily forget that Christopher abandoned Lorelai and Rory and also didn"t offer and financial assist while Rory was cultivation up?

*Spoiler Alert!* In the Gilmore Girls reboot, A Year in the Life, Richard passed away and left Emily a mess. She had lost her identity. She to be married come Richard because that 50 years and also was recognized as Richard Gilmore"s wife. Who was she without him?

Emily at some point bought a house in Nantucket and sold her home in Hartford. In law this, she found herself and also a sense of freedom. It was a fresh start and also the smartest point she can have excellent for she mind.

5 Worst: just how She Treated she Maids

It was an continuous gag the Emily Gilmore could never save a maid for longer than a week. Lock were constantly doing something the bothered her. Rather of training lock or letting a few mistakes slide, Emily fired them on the spot and hired someone else. She once fired a maid for setup a 4th place at the dinner table, also though it was she mistake. She was cruel and unfair.

The ideal thing Emily walk for she mind was providing up ~ above caring what Trix assumed of her. She never got together with Richard"s mother, also though she did everything in her strength to make Trix feeling comfortable.

Trix want Richard to marry Pennilyn Lott and never authorized of Emily. Emily caught on come this and also gave up caring for this reason much. The ideal moment was as soon as Emily uncovered the letter Trix composed to Richard, begging him no to marry Emily. It was at that moment that Emily allow go.

3 Worst: her Actions On her Vow Renewal

when Richard and Emily to be planning your vow renewal, Emily realized exactly how close Lorelai and Luke were. The only trouble was that she didn"t want Lorelai and also Luke to get serious; she want Lorelai and Christopher to end up together.

Emily confirmed up in ~ Christopher"s unannounced to invite him come the renewal and also to warning him about Lorelai and Luke. She said him the if he want a chance with Lorelai, he was running the end of time. Christopher ended up going to the renewal, got too drunk, and acted favor a fool. He damaged up Lorelai and Luke, and also it was all thanks to Emily.

Emily wasn"t constantly able to give Lorelai love and affection, but she was able to sell her money. Lorelai didn"t ask for much after she relocated out of she family"s grasp, but, when it pertained to Rory"s education, she knew her parents would have actually wanted to help. Many thanks to Emily"s love the Rory, she and also Richard paid for Rory"s high school and also college tuition. They likewise bought she a car and also offered to help with residence repairs as soon as Lorelai necessary it.

1 Worst: She Never welcomed Lorelai"s Future

Emily and Richard had a hard time raising Lorelai because she to be independent and loathed everything they stood for. They virtually lost Lorelai when she ran far from their residence with a one-year-old Rory.

However, every little thing turned out well for Lorelai. She came to be a successful service owner, a homeowner, and also a wonderful mother. Rather of concentrating on the remarkable life Lorelai created for herself, Emily constantly brought up her mistakes and the time she messed up.

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