There are so many kind of various rules when you first begin watching or playing a brand-new sport, it have the right to be pretty overwhelming. If you’re brand-new to volleyround, it’s pretty common to watch a coach acquire very upset with their team and not be clear around why.

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In volleysphere, carry out you have to hit the round 3 times prior to hitting it to the other side? No, your team is enabled to hit it approximately 3 times, but it’s perfectly legal to hit it over with simply 1 or 2 hits.

So you’re probably wondering, then why does my coach make a huge deal around utilizing all 3 hits? Why does it look prefer a team hit it even more than 3 times sometimes?


Nearly eextremely volleyball game I watch, it will certainly take place at least as soon as, there will be an intense play wbelow the blocker touches the sphere however it comes over, the team plays it in 3 and then some upcollection fan gets all iprice that they provided 4 hits.

Due to the fact that the blocker’s touch doesn’t count as a hit, your team still has all 3 touches to use once the round keeps coming. Whether the fans understand also it or not, the referee knows the rules and you have the right to take your time and also setup an assault via your consistent 3 touches.

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Can The Same Player Hit The Ball Twice In A Row?

The only time it’s okay for a player to hit the round twice in a row is once they block the round and then hit it aobtain best after. Otherwise, consecutive hits are against the rules and you will be referred to as for it.

When a blocker is blocking the ball, it might go up in the air or simply drop near them and also they are permitted to play it aobtain. If 2 blockers all at once touch the sphere, either one is allowed to make the following hit.

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What Are The 3 Hits In Volleyball?

When world think about the 3 kinds of hits in volleyround, they’re thinking about the bump, the volley, and the spike. In even more modern terms, you will certainly hear players say “pass, set, kill.”

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Can You Block or Spike The Serve?

This is a very prevalent question bereason when players are serving very aggressively and store the sphere incredibly close to the net, it really is feasible to strike the serve prior to it’s really also on your side of the net. The quick answer is no, you are not permitted to block or spike the serve.

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