I have 2. 2 gallon tanks, and was wonder if I might keep guppies in those safely and if so, just how many?I"m kinda stupid in all this & could use some great advice.

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The dominance of thumb is 1 customs of fish per gallon. The said, in tanks under 10 gal. I think the is a small crowded.
so I deserve to have a two inch fish in a 2 gallon tank?So would certainly that mean i deserve to put 2 guppies in each tank??I really think I"m still very confused,
NO, the one customs per gallon rule means absolutely nothing.It was meant for neon tetras in the early to mid 1900"s and has for sure no an interpretation whatsoever to existing day aquaria. It is not intended as a basic guideline. It was not meant to aid beginners. It method nothing, not a thing. Not also close to any type of sort that stocking ascendancy of any kind. There are so numerous variables it is impossible to do one rule, and regardless over there isn"t a stocking dominion for tanks under 5 gallons since you simply can not store fish in tanks under 5 gallons.Forget whatever anyone has told you about the 1" every gallon rule. It method nothing, throw it all the end of her head completely. I can not emphasize sufficient how meaningless and also harmful the 1" every gallon dominion is to new aquarists. I"m not kidding, forget you ever before heard it. That is much better to start off researching the individual needs of a specific fish and also the limit of your tank and equipment fairly than begin with a solid dominance in her head. Research, research, research. There space no shortcuts.You can keep nothing in a 2 gallon tank. Not even a betta. There is no fish that deserve to live in a tank that size. I agree with shrimp, the is pretty lot the just thing that can work.Those cute small two gallon tanks are provided by manufacturers to make a rapid buck from world who have actually no idea what they space doing, no offense. There is no a fish ~ above the earth you deserve to keep in a tank the size. I recognize you room receiving conflicting reports, but really, think here. No competent aquarist would ever before recommend a fish like that in a tank choose yours. You deserve to search every reliable site, book, thesis and also magazine. Guppies deserve to not walk in that tank, period. 5 gallons is the complete and also absolute minimum come keep any kind that fish. And also I median complete. Really you should have actually a 10 or 15 gallon because that guppies. Beginners have to not get into anything smaller than a 10 gallon, as smaller bodies the water are less stable.I should make myself completely clear on this. Remember-1" every gallon means nothingNo fish of any type of kind deserve to go in a tank under 5 gallons, you can not save guppies in her tank.
Answer: Zero. And also until you are talking about 5-6+ gallons thats the case. Nick is dead ~ above here. And also he is inputting up a storm now :Dthumbs2:
Answer: Zero. And also until you are talking around 5-6+ gallons thats the case. Nick is dead on here. And he is typing up a storm now :Dthumbs2:LOL, many thanks Turk!I figure now the it is much better to offer a low amount of high top quality answers than a high amount of low top quality answers. It generally takes more than a few sentences to get a point throughout anyways. That is what I will certainly be focusing more on from now on.Not to cite I can form like the wind now. All this exercise is great! Here"s hoping i don"t get carpal tunnel.
I am in total agree with WT and also Nik. The 1 inch per gallon dominance is clumsy and really hard to put right into play, considering how numerous fish space out in the market. And no fish is really the same.As because that fish because that a 2 gallon IMO 00000 fish. None at all. The tank is means to small. Inverts can be okay, but really IMO it would certainly be cruel to keep fish in that size tank.I would indicate a 5 gallon or even far better a 10 gallon. 10 gallon tanks room cheap and also easy come find, and very an excellent because you can keep a nice selection of simple to treatment for fish in it.mac
Ok , So i guess I recognize now, I"ll have to rethink things then, perhaps look into obtaining a enlarge tank, on another noteMy daughter has actually a blue betta fighting fish she has actually been maintaining in a 2.5 gallon fish tank for a long time now and also he appears to love it there, as soon as she first was givin that he came in among these small betta bowls, I need to admit he looked miserable in that tiny place, therefore she gained the 2.5 gallon and also put a bubble maker, filter & heater in with him, He"s been doing an excellent and seems completely happy now, unlike before, yet I intend he should have actually a bigger key too, She offers the betta plus bowl conditioner every water adjust and is constantly security the ammonia,nitrate and also ph levels, which constantly seem to it is in good.Thanks to anyone on the lesson around bowl sizes,
Actually, Chicklet, that sounds OK because that a Betta. :ssmile: many say 5gal. Minimum, yet I"ve preserved happy Bettas in smaller than 5 gallons.
Bettas are energetic fish. In a 2 gal the won"t be able to show its natural behaviour, which typically leads to it sitting at the bottom the the tank or in ~ the surface, law nothing, since there"s nothing to explore or do.If you desire what"s best for the fish, you need a bigger tank.
Thanks Sharon for the imput, i think he"s doing good there too, Everytime I examine on the he"s always energetic and has all his fins flared out, the got much more colorful after ~ going in his 2.5 gallon tank too. You put your finger up to the glass and he"s appropriate there, put your finger in the tank, he"s constantly right there exploring what your doing, placed your arm in and also gets every excited appears to really like that, He likewise really loves his bubbles, that plays with them lots, The just times i really experienced him inactive is if you turn the bubble an equipment off, that misses it and also acts depressed, SoO we save it walk constantly, that is really active, Don"t really recall ever before seeing him collection on the bottom the 2.5 gallon tank hes in now.
Bettas have actually individual personalities. I"ve had them in both 5gal. And also smaller tanks. Part Bettas space lazier 보다 others, and also will be lazy in a 5gal. Some are perky, and all over the place, in a 2gal....I execute think that a 2gal. Tank through heat and also proper filtration is fine because that a solitary Betta.
And just how do you understand which ones will certainly be happy in a 2 festival tank? you don"t. Therefore you can end up with one that would be happier in a enlarge tank, and also so will become miserable and also just sit there every day being boring out of its mind and also being boring for the owner.What"s with this obsession some world have come cram fish into the smallest tank possible? just go because that the bigger tank and also do it properly, far better for the fish, an ext interesting for the owner, together they have the right to then see the fish"s organic behaviour. If they desire a fish the can"t move, gain a painting.

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And just how do you know which ones will certainly be happy in a 2 gal tank? friend don"t. For this reason you might end up with one that would be more happiness in a enlarge tank, and so will come to be miserable and just sitting there every day being bored out of its psychic and also being boring because that the owner.What"s v this obsession some human being have come cram fish into the the smallest tank possible? just go because that the enlarge tank and also do it properly, much better for the fish, an ext interesting for the owner, together they deserve to then check out the fish"s natural behaviour. If they desire a fish the can"t move, acquire a painting.I completely agree through you. Spend that large ectra and also have happy healthy energetic fish.mac
I have to agree through Sharon here. And also she would understand as she has actually plenty of bettas and also is reproduction them as well (right?):hmm3grin2orange: ""And just how do you know which ones will certainly be happy in a 2 gal tank? girlfriend don"t.""Look? :hmm3grin2orange: do a habit of observing your fish and also their habits for tells. I have actually kept a betta in a 2.5 and he was fine, however some wouldnt be. It relies on the personality the the fish, and also a bunch of other factors, favor whether or not the tank is planted, etc. 2-2.5 is ok because that bettas, just its the bare minimum, and also as constantly bigger is better. Mine neons will certainly do much better in a 100gallon tank 보다 a ten....but it doesnt typical they need it. 2.5 through a filter and heater is a heavenly fate contrasted to what happens to most, whether bought through a client or left in the store.