Smaller Roster (9 or 10 players) Advantages

As stated in the vault section, among the main goals for players top top a travel softball team is to it is in on the field. They desire to showcase your abilities, help their team win, and also perhaps be checked out by college scouts.

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So if play time is what every player wants, wouldn’t it make sense to lug a smaller sized roster of 9 or 10 players?

There are definitely teams the take this strategy as clearly the main advantage is the it leader to much more playing time than through a larger roster. It likewise leads to more improvement from her players. I think we deserve to all agree that seeing the kids improve is very valuable, and the easiest method to accomplish that is by offering them with an ext game experience.

Smaller Roster Disadvantages

Everything so far sounds an excellent for a smaller roster – much more playing time, and an ext opportunity which outcomes in far better players.

However, there space some items the you must be aware of prior to keeping your roster to 9 or 10 players.

Players need to be committed

This shouldn’t be a large surprise, yet when delivering a little roster, teams need to be prepared because that absences such together sickness, vacation, and other activities. It would certainly be quite if all players could commit to every game, but that is very unlikely.

If you carry a tiny roster of travel players, girlfriend should have actually some spares that deserve to be referred to as up once needed. Together you have the right to probably tell, careful planning is forced when having smaller rosters together with the capability to change when the unanticipated happens. The last thing you want is to need to forfeit a game because of lack of players!

Players should be versatile approximately the field

For the most part, when carrying a little roster, players should be flexible and also be able come play multiple positions roughly the field. The last point you want is come put more strain and dependency on your players to constantly play at details positions. If your team lacks depth, you are basically rolling the dice game in and game out. Imagine shedding your catcher and not having anyone to change them with?

This has pitching together well! You absolutely don’t want your pitcher throwing the ball video game after game. This is especially true in tournaments where you might be supposed to pat multiple games in a single day.

Therefore, when structure a little team you need to ensure the you are picking players who can play many positions and pitch as soon as required.

Example Lineup map for 10-player teams

Here is an instance table showing a lineup of 10-players in a game.

As you can see there room a couple of different points that stand out:7 various players need to sit ~ above the bench because that one inning, when 3 play the entire gameFlexibility is quite necessary specifically when switching positions and keeping confusion to a minimumCatcher and also pitcher are an ext than most likely your toughest positions to relocate around

The case for larger Roster size (12+ players)

So far we have concentrated on once smaller dimension rosters can and also can’t occupational well for travel teams. I want to likewise look at the the contrary scenario whereby you lug a large team that 12 or more girls. This is in reality quite common once a player reaches the high school level, but at a younger level an ext benefit would certainly be establish by younger players acquiring onto the field and having at bats.

As you have the right to guess, plenty of of the benefits for smaller sized roster sizes come to be disadvantages with larger rosters and also vice versa. Because that example, here are few of the bigger team dimension advantages:

Players don’t call for the exact same level the commitment as there room a adequate amount the backups to be able to playVacations, sickness, and other tasks don’t cause as much strain top top a teamLess versatility is required – players deserve to specialize more at a specific positionPlayers who desire to pitch more are able as they will certainly receive more restMore friendships could build with much more players ~ above the roster

As because that disadvantages, plenty of larger teams experience the following:

Less playing time which leader to less game experience specifically if you room not among the optimal players top top the rosterFewer at-batsFrequent lineup changes in the in any kind of inning you can have 3 or much more switches to those playing on the fieldIncreased potential for feuding amongst teammates

Example Lineup map for 12-player teams

As we provided earlier, below is a various lineup card whereby you bring a 12-player roster. This is a very basic example and also in fact the “Bench” would certainly be spread out much more than what i have outlined to account because that positions football player excel at.

As you can see there room a couple of different points that was standing out:No one theatre the entire gameAll yet 3 players sit for 2 innings assuming the you keep an even circulation on her teamIt is less complicated to relocate players approximately into assorted positions

Conclusion and My Thoughts

As you can see over there is a lot of to think about when determining the roster dimension for your travel team or for when you room joining an currently team. As a player ages and they become more ingrained and committed to softball, they will be part of larger teams.

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However in ~ a young age, my opinion is that a roster size of 11 to 12 players represents the perfect balance the providing enough playing time while still bookkeeping for absences and team depth.