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does anyone understand how countless liters are in the forte koup gas tank? ive heard 52 however im not sure if it is right...i think its an ext like 45-50 im simply wondering

White 2010 EX SedanSolo power Cat-Back (QR/Mach) + high flow catCustom CAIRoadMagnet SpringsBroken K badgesKoup EX wheelsProjector Retrofit; 4300k lows, 3000k highs(Much more info in garage)
2010 2.4L gyeongju Red Koup SX | Yellow Fog consist of | 6000K HID lights | 3000K HID Fog lights | Vortekz Spikes | Blacked out Lights | CAI | Muffler & Reso Delete | 18" Motegis | Fog light DRLs | Quad directly Pipe Exhaust
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